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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120115,39116 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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What's Everybody Up To?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
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Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN – Thoughts \\I am thinking.//

AN – Mental communication *Who are you?*

Xander floated around the school in a daze for the rest of the day. The twin shocks of the identity of Aura’s FWB and that Giles was going to suggest that Willow’s parents move her away from Sunnydale had him just a bit off kilter.

Though he agreed, intellectually, with Giles’ plan, his heart, he believed he still had one despite being a ghost, still ached over the loss of his oldest friend. Granted, she’d still be alive. Just not where he could be near and look out for her. Of course his discovery that Whistler had been telling him the truth about Willow’s growing resentment of Buffy for his death, along with other actions she’d taken, had him wondering how he had missed seeing her possessive and darker sides. He hoped she would eventually be alright.

He still felt guilty for wanting Willow to leave Sunnydale, but Aura was his responsibility and he couldn’t let anyone endanger her beyond what being a Slayer would entail. He’d even do his best to ensure even that situation was as safe for her as possible.

As he continued to drift above near the ceiling of the hall, he heard something from a classroom up ahead that sounds like something fell on the floor. Being bored, he decided to see what might be going on.

Upon entering, he found it’s the Music Room and no one was around. Figuring that something might be amiss, he took a closer look and found nothing out of the ordinary.

There’s an old time phonograph with several old style records near it. The top one being titled “I Only Have Eyes For You”. He did get some sort of vibe from the items but nothing that seemed to indicate one way or another if it meant anything.

There was also some white dust-like particles on the counter and floor near one of the corners of the room. They looked somewhat reminiscent of something he’d seen before but couldn’t place it at the moment.

After finding nothing out of place and nothing on the floor that wasn’t suppose to be there, other than the white dust with a sneaker print in it, he turned to leave and gaped a bit at the open door.

\\I thought for sure that was closed when I came in,// he mused.

He did another quick glance around the room and didn’t see anyone who might have entered after him.


He left the room and continued down the hall, past the bulletin board announcing the upcoming Student/Teacher Talent Show. He never noticed that the door to the room seemed to close by itself.

While Aura had thoroughly enjoyed the brief make-out session in the closet, she was fretting over whether or not her ghostly companion had seen what had happened or not. While he had said that he would respect her privacy as much as possible, she felt he had been close by when she’d talked to Mr. Giles about her being in a relationship.

The feeling had lessened through most of the morning classes, but had come back while she was being pleasantly molested in the closet. It was why she cut things short. She didn’t want to put on a full show for anyone, especially some male, ghost or not.

\\Why did she have to ambush me like that? It just makes figuring out how to deal with this situation that much more complicated. All I can think about now is the feel of her lips on mine and the way her fingers squeezed my breasts just how I like it. God, any more stimulation and I’d have had to go change my panties. Of course, she probably planned on lapping up any juices before they got as far as my panties. Her voice had just a trace of unhappiness in it when I stopped her ministrations by telling her we’d get together later.//

\\I need to feel her out, and doesn’t that bring up some not needed right now kinky fantasies, about The Supernatural tonight. I really hope she takes it well as I can see where having her support will definitely help out with the stress of what is to come. I’ll ask Mr. Giles how much I can reveal to her without telling any lies. Telling her that some things are secret and can’t be talked about is entirely different than telling her a lie. ‘Cause she’ll spot the latter before it’s finished being told. She holds honesty very dearly when it comes to most things, and especially in relationships. She won’t like the secrets thing but she’ll at least understand it.//

\\And I’ll have to get ‘Joe’, definitely not his real name, to promise to stay away when I go to her house when he joins me for training this afternoon. Though, it will probably be best if he’s not too far away when I need to walk home from her place afterwards. I can tell this is as awkward for him as it is for me and I trust his promise to respect my privacy. I also need to ask him about him calling me Miss Hale to the Powers’ messenger, that I got a flash of from his mind when we were talking last night.//

\\Well, better get ready to deal with Joe Dawson’s juvenile attempts at flirtation. One would think that using an annoying method to get girls to notice you went out with desks with ink wells. Compared to Dawson, Jesse’s attempts to woo Cordelia were down right romantic.//

Willow had been functioning on automatic even more so today that she had since Buffy’s death. Although the details of the dream she had eluded her, she knew that it involved Xander someway and had brought his loss back to the forefront of her mind.

However, unlike previous times when she’d thought of her lost love and felt anger towards Buffy, now she felt guilt. Guilt for not seeing that Xander’s death was not Buffy’s fault but the person responsible for Xander’s possession. Guilt, for never really trusting Buffy’s motives for trying to help her make Xander see her in a different light, even though Buffy had never done anything to warrant Willow’s distrust. Guilt, for encouraging Buffy to hook up with anyone who wasn’t Xander so she’d be off the market and Xander would stop his crushing on her. Guilt, especially for continuing to encourage her to get together with Angel after they found out he was a vampire, knowing that Xander would resent such a relationship and thereby possibly feel disgusted with the petite blonde instead of enamored with her.

Willow was so oblivious to her surroundings as she went through her daily routine, that she hadn’t even noticed the blood on her hands from where her finger nails had punctured her palms the previous night. Of course the only evidence that it happened at all, after the blood had washed away during her shower, were the slight pink arcing marks where her nails had dug in, and even those would be gone by the time she went to bed that night.

She barely even acknowledged Giles when he reminded her, while they ate breakfast, that her parents would be arriving the next day.

Giles could scarcely believe that he had given Aura encouragement towards involving her ‘friend’ with Slaying. If this situation had happened before his involvement with Buffy, Xander, and Willow, he knew he would have strictly forbidden it if he couldn’t have talked her out of it using logic, and even exaggerations, of the dangers involved.

True, he had cautioned her about being sure of her friend’s reaction before doing any type of revelation.

Although he hadn’t mentioned it yet to Aura, Giles was fairly certain that her stint as the Hellmouth’s Guardian was going to be a long term commitment. The fact that the Powers had taken such a direct form of action to spirit Buffy away without The Council being involved by faking her death and Aura being only a part time Slayer, told him this was not as temporary as one might think it was at first.

No, wherever the Powers had sent Buffy, she would not be returning to the Hellmouth any time soon, if ever.

And despite having the amulet that showed Buffy was still alive, he still feared that the Powers had sent her to face something that would ultimately cause her death for real. If that did happen, would Aura become the next Slayer or would some other young girl get tapped? If the latter happened, would Aura still be able to call upon the Slayer Essence?

\\Too many questions without answers.// he mused.

However, right now his main concern was to come up with something that would help hide her identity since he would have to convince The Council it was Buffy doing things. It would also help keep Aura from being targeted when she wasn’t empowered.

He’d considered the use of glamours but they left subtle traces that some demons could detect even after the glamour was dropped.

He was currently researching perception distortion talismans and how they might be activated only when she was empowered by the Slayer Essence. If he could get them to work, then she could keep it with her at all times and it would prevent anyone from being able to accurately describe her when she was functioning as the Slayer.

One good thing about Aura not always having Slayer powers was that he would have fewer bruises from training her as he could teach her the forms and fundamentals while she was just her and only after she had them down pat to go through them when powered up. Even when he had had Buffy slow down so he could monitor her actions, she still had the habit of going much faster than a normal human.

Angel had spent the previous night actively patrolling and doing his part to keep the undead residents of Sunnydale under control. Of course, if any of those residents that he’d encountered had survived, they would have complained that he seemed more intent on dragging out the confrontation to inflict even more pain than he had been in dispatching them in a quick and timely fashion. As it was, the Complaint Department in Hell just filed them away with all the other complaints received over the ages.

As for now, he was in his apartment, trying to read a book. He’d been reading the first word of the page for over two hours now.

He knew Buffy and Janna would be leaving sometime that day and the thought gnawed at him something fierce. Deep in his gut he knew that the Powers had taken away his one chance at happiness and it made him very angry and very sad as well. Only the fact that he was needed to help divert attention from Buffy being elsewhere, and thus helping to keep her alive, kept him from reverting to the way he’d been before Whistler had pointed him at Buffy back in L.A.

Aura’s FWB wondered what sort of news could have upset Aura such that she opted to skip both the Bronze and hanging out with her. Normally when one or the other was upset about something, a good, hot make out session chased all the troubles away.

\\Well, I’ll find out tonight and heaven help them if I find out someone has hurt my girl in anyway. ‘Cause I sure as Hell won’t have any mercy for them.//

Enyos had made his report to the Elders about witnessing Darla’s dismemberment and the dispatching of several of the Tribe’s agents to scatter them around the world. Since Whistler hadn’t given any details about what specific act the Powers supposedly had taken steps to prevent from ever happening, it had been decided to continue watching the Cursed Vampire for a while longer as they attempted to find out more information and were able to verify the Powers’ claim. Since Angel had seen him, Enyos wouldn’t become the watcher but would head up the effort and operate out of the Tribe’s holdings in L.A.

A month later he got caught in the cross fire of a gang war. He spent over 36 hours in agony before finally expiring.

Over the next several weeks, three more of the Elders passed on. All of them violently.

The surveillance of Angel ended and so did the deaths.

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