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It's Not Him

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Hyena Blues". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy hesitates - non-consensual/rape warning

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DC Universe > Surprise CrossovercmdruhuraFR215078,0004120115,38216 Jul 0826 May 14Yes

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Harsh Reality

Rating: R - Violent imagery – death mentioned
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.
Archiving: Please ask.
Feedback: Constructive Criticism desired.
Beta: None.
Summary: Buffy hesitates.

AN: It’ll be a while before returning to Xander’s plot line.


After dealing with Principle Flutie, the Pack began searching for their Alpha.

Earlier Heidi and Rhonda had objected when he’d told them he was going to seek out his mate. Each had supposed that she would end up as the Alpha Female of the Pack but a couple of quick cuffs to their heads had put them in their place. Kyle and Tor were actually relieved that he wasn’t going to assert his rights to the two females of the Pack, at least for the moment.

It didn’t take them long to find him. While the Pack howled in anger and mourning for the loss, Kyle was secretly glad in that he was now the Alpha again.

Their wailing howls caught the attention of Vice-principle Snyder who was passing by. Looking into the room he saw the four teens with blood on their clothes and the body of another teen on the floor. He quickly slammed the door shut and ran off shouting for security.

The startled Pack members still retained enough human intelligence to realize they needed to flee before they became the prey. They left through the window.

Giles arrived just after they left and found Xander’s sprawled body where it had fallen after his neck was broken. Having heard Snyder’s screams while on his way to the room, he knew he didn’t have much time to act. He made Xander’s body more presentable so as to avoid any disparagement of the boy’s memory.

While what happened to Buffy was appalling, he agreed with her that it was not Xander who was responsible. For hers and Willow’s sake as well as having an ally’s reputation left untarnished, he cleaned up the body and the floor where Buffy had obviously vomited using papers from the trashcan. He then grabbed the swath of cloth that had been torn from Buffy’s pants and used to gag her.

“What are you doing here?” snarled a voice Giles recognized as belonging to the martinet of a Vice-principle.

Turning towards the open door, Giles replied to the troll-like being hiding behind two burly security guards, “I heard a commotion in here and came in to check it out. I saw Mr. Harris here and was checking on his condition. He’s dead and it appears his neck is broken.”

“Where are the others?”


“There were four other hooligans in here and they were covered in blood. Where are they?”

“Whoever they were, they weren’t here when I came in, but from the looks of the window sill I would say they left via the window,” replied Giles pointing to the bloody smudges on the sill.

“Call the police,” snapped Snyder. “Let them know there are four murderers running loose. It looked like that punk Kyle Smith and his gang. The police should already have rap sheets on them from that vandalism incident last Halloween.”

“Speaking of gangs, where’s Summers at?”

Giles bristled at the tone Snyder used but reined in his initial impulse to remove the man’s spleen through his nose.

“Buffy and Willow are both in the Library, studying,” he said tersely. “Xander was supposed to be there as well. I volunteered to look for him while they worked which is why I was nearby to hear suspicious sounds from this room.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to return to the Library and break this horrendous news to them. The police can find me there if they have any questions.”

Giles then left before Snyder could formulate any response.


Giles quickly made his way back towards the Library to brief Willow and Buffy on the cover story he’d told Snyder. He wasn’t totally comfortable with letting Kyle and his associates take the blame for Xander’s death but there was little he could do about it at the moment anyway and the protection of his Slayer was tantamount.

He was just passing Principle Flutie’s office when he heard a scream from inside.

He rushed in and found Mrs. Johansen, Flutie’s secretary, collapsed on the floor in the doorway of her adjoining office. He also saw what she had screamed about. Flutie’s office was covered in blood and various body parts.

He ignored the gore and went to check on Mrs. Johansen. She was breathing, so he concluded she had just fainted. He moved her back into her own office and closed the connecting door. After making her comfortable, he phoned the School Nurse and told her to come to Mrs. Johansen’s office, explaining that the woman had fainted though not immediately mentioning why.

The problem with the possessed students had just become academic. They had killed. Even if the possession could be reversed, unless they were sociopathic, they would likely be driven mad by their actions. Plus the authorities would never buy “I was possessed’ as an excuse.

No, they were beyond any help he might have been able to give them. The authorities would have to have first shot at trying to deal with them, as Buffy was currently not able to with any assurance that she would survive long enough to stop them.

He’d already lost one of his children to this, now he must focus on not losing another.

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