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Five Qwa'ha Xahns Illyria Never Had

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Summary: Title says it all. Five drabbles about Qwa’ha Xahns Illyria never had.

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Multiple Crossings > Fred/Illyria-CenteredDarkGoddessFR1351,525099,49216 Jul 0819 Sep 08Yes

A God King, a Death God, and a God Wannabe

Title: Five Qwa’ha Xahns Illyria Never Had

Author: DarkGoddess (aka Empress of the Azure Skies)

Summary: Title says it all. Five drabbles about Qwa’ha Xahns Illyria never had.

Response to Twisting the Hellmouth Challenge 3761: Qwa'ha Xahns Illyria never had...

Disclaimer: Illyria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel belong to Joss Whedon. Death Note belongs to Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. Nothing belongs to me.


“You think yourself a god?” Illyria asked as she looked over her new guide in this world, “Never has my Qwa’ha Xahn been so presumptive. I would kill you for such insolence, but it would only serve to make you think your existence of any concern to me. I was a God to Gods long before your kind even had the impertinence to stain this world with your being.”

Light sighed and put his pen down. When he had first encountered her and Ryuk exampled what she was, Light had though that having a powerful being from times before humanity would be a great asset to his cause. Now he was beginning to tire of her constant diatribes about the worthlessness of all humans.

“You asked me to be your guide in this world, but this world is rotten. I am creating a new world, a perfect world of order and justice.”

“I mock your concepts of ‘order’ and ‘justice.’ They are as pointless and fleeting as your mortal lives. The only true, eternal law is power. Those who possess it rule and those who do not seek it. So it was in my time, so it is now, so it will be when the time of your kind passes.”

“I do possess power, the power of the Death Note! With it I will carve out a new world and I will be the god of the new world!”

“You are a fool toying with things beyond your comprehension. Perhaps I shall go find the yellow haired one, her inane blather reminds me of that irksome half-breed, but I should find it more pleasing than your ridiculous claims of godhood.”


Illyria stood over Light Yagami in the last forty seconds of his life. Here he was in an abandoned warehouse, bleeding profusely from his arm utterly defeated. She felt disgust that he allowed himself to end up like this, but also a strange feeling…pity perhaps? She did not enjoy feeling such things for lowly creatures. It must be because of her shell.

“You should have heeded my warning,” she said.

“I don’t regret what I did, not a single thing. I would do it all over again if I could,” he replied.

“That is good, regret is a sign of uncertainty and weakness. A true god never feels regret.”

“Goodbye, Illyria. Maybe your next Qwa’ha Xahn will live longer.”

So he knew the shinigami had written his name in the Death Note or at least he had guessed. Illyria turned and left, leaving him to his demise. She really did need to choose a more durable mortal as her next guide.
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