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Definitely Not An Angel

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Piper Winchester-Halliwell". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Piper puts another date through the Wyatt test and he passes with flying colors, of course he’s Dean Winchester so he does things a little differently.

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Supernatural > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesChosenfireFR1311,3810102,05120 Jul 0820 Jul 08Yes
Title: Definitely Not An Angel
Prompt: Piper/Dean – date
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Piper puts another date through the Wyatt test and he passes with flying colors, of course he’s Dean Winchester so he does things a little differently.
Character(s): Piper, Dean, little Wyatt (1), Chris, Phoebe
Pairing(s): Dean/Piper
Word Count 1307
Warnings/Spoilers: Charmed season 6, SPN preseries
Notes: I always wanted to write a Piper/Dean story so here it is. This was planned as being much shorter but I couldn’t stop writing. In fact I think I am going to write more so this is the first story in the Piper Winchester-Halliwell verse. This was written for the galorechallenge over on LJ.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN. All recognizable characters and situations belong to their respective owners and I make no profit off of playing with them.

The doorbell rang again and Piper sighed in frustration throwing the broken glass in the trash and tucking her hair behind her ears as she opened the door. She smiled broadly shifting Wyatt unto her other hip “Hi Dean.”

She waited expectantly.

The younger man dug his hands into his pockets eyes glued on the blond haired toddler she held. He grunted “Um Hi,” smiling nervously trying to stay cool “you wouldn’t happen to be babysitting would you?”

Her smile slipped a little at that but she kept it in place “Nope, he’s all mine. His name is Wyatt. Is that a problem?”

“Problem.” Dean grinned “Not from where I’m standing, I love kids.” He put in with enthusiasm looking at Wyatt cautiously. “Hey Dude, what do you say I take you and your mom to the arcade, we can shot some aliens.” He looked up at Piper “If that’s okay with you, I’m not sure the bar I had in mind is kiddie proof.”

Piper felt herself relaxing as she saw the grin that had caught her interest. She had been working behind the bar, filling in for the bartender again, when Dean Winchester had plopped himself on a stool and proceeded to flirt with her the entire night.

She was used to that though, what had surprised her was that he had come back the next two nights and waited for her even though she hadn’t showed up.

This is suppose to be their second date, the first had been to a classy restaurant where he had ditched the leather coat he always wore for a dress shirt.

“That’s fine. I just need to grab my purse and his diaper bag.” She had jumped back into the dating game after Leo had become an Elder and it had been hard, especially with a one year old that had a tendency to magically frighten away any dates.

“Why don’t I hold him for you?” Dean offered and Piper felt a thrill of happiness at the unexpected offer.

“Thank you.” She passed Wyatt to Dean watching as he awkwardly held the little boy away from his body before settling him on his hip hands seeming to relax into a natural hold. Dean seemed surprised at this and grinned at the little boy.

“See, this isn’t so hard, looks like I still got it eh buddy?”

Normally Piper wouldn’t hand her for magically gifted son off to a man she had only known for a week but Wyatt hadn’t put up his shield and her purse was sitting by the stairs right by the diaper bag.

She grabbed both slipping them onto one shoulder and turned to see Dean giggling Wyatt softly as he whispered something in his ear that made the boy look up at him and smile. Piper drew closer and heard the affectionate words.

“See, you’re a pretty normal sized kid but Sammy was this chubby little guy that I had to lug around all the time. I was four but that kid was seriously overweight, he didn’t actually get normal until he was about thirteen and started shooting up like a freaking chemically enhanced weed.” Dean looked up grinning at her “Ready to go?”

“Yeah.” Piper smiled back for once not feeling the weight where her wedding band had been “We should probably take my car because of the car seat.”

Dean grinned broadly “Oh thank heaven, your kid is cute and everything but the idea of him puking in my baby has been terrifying me all night.”

Piper laughed at that and the two stepped out of the house and started walking to her car.

The only warning she got was the familiar sound of demons shimmering in before they were surrounded and her hands flew up too late as one of the Darklighters shot an arrow at her son. Her son who wasn’t paying attention and hadn’t brought his shield up.

A scream formed in her throat and all she could do was watch.

Watch as Dean, moving on instinct, turned his body so that he shielded Wyatt and the arrow embedded in his arm with a sickening thud. He just grunted holding her son with his injured arm and pulling out a gun with the other firing off two quick round hitting the Darklighters closest to him.

They weren’t killed but they did seem to stagger giving Piper time to blow them up and yell “Wyatt, shield, NOW!!!”

Her son’s magical protection formed around himself and Dean and Piper felt better knowing they were safe as she dodged out of the way of another arrow and aimed to blow up another. “Chris, Paige, get you asses down here.” She yelled and there was the tinkling of orbs as Paige and Chris orbed in with Phoebe entering the battle zone.

They quickly took care of the rest of the Darklighters and Piper turned to Dean. Wyatt’s shield lowered and Piper scooped her son into her arms holding him close to her as her heart still raced in fear.

Her eyes meet Dean’s and despite the pain from the arrow he crooked an eyebrow at her and her son voice smooth “So I’m guessing you guy’s are those Halliwell witches everyone here is always going on about?”

“How did you know?” she asked suddenly becoming suspicious because the Darklighters didn’t seem to faze her and obviously he knew about her family. Which meant he knew about magic.

“Because he’s Dean Winchester.” Chris came forward eyes intently focused on her date “He’s a Hunter, his father trained him and his younger brother Sam.”

“And you know this how?” Dean asked slowly one hand still wrapped around a gun as he leveled Chris with a glare.

The Whitelighter didn’t even flinch “I’m from the future.”

Dean snorted “So Future Boy, remember any lottery numbers.”

“I can’t tell you…”

“Are you okay with this?” Piper interrupted Chris knowing he was going to go on yet another “future consequences” speech.

“The you being a Witch thing?” Dean clarified and indicated her son “If anything would freak me out it would be you having a kid but strangely enough I’m not freak, truthfully,” he smirked “from what I’ve heard about the Charmed Ones you being one of them is kinda hot.”

Chris rolled his eyes stepping back to talk with Phoebe muttering “This isn’t going to last.”

“How do you know, you changed the future buddy, maybe your mom is going to hook up with this Dean guy?”

Chris looked at her sadly “No she’s not, even when Dean was there he was never around for long. Granted he was there more than Leo but after Uncle Sam…” Chris trailed off eyes widening.

“Wait,” Phoebe grabbed his arm “Uncle Sam, as in Dean’s little brother, so if you end up calling him Uncle than that means you call Dean…”

“Phoebe.” Chris pleaded “Just stop okay, I can’t tell you anything.” With that he orbed out and Phoebe glared up at the trail of orbs.

“Why was he in a hurry?” Piper asked Wyatt firmly in her arms Dean trailing after her.

“Oh you know,” Phoebe waved her hand distractedly eyes zeroing in on Dean “Neurotic Chris stuff.” So this was the guy that was going to replace Leo in Piper’s life. He was cute. “So do you need help with that?” she indicated Dean’s bleeding shoulder where he had pulled the arrow out.

Dean smirked “Nah, I got a kit in the back of the Impala I can use to patch it up,” he turned to Piper “and than he should really get to the arcade, I wanted to see if the little Merlin guy here can hold his own in air hockey.”

Piper smiled “He’s one.”

Dean just shrugged “Never too soon to learn some valuable skills.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Definitely Not An Angel". This story is complete.

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