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Paradox of Fate

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Summary: She was the reason he couldn't remember his time in the basement.

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(Past Donor)CharlotteFR1829,1281194,48822 Jul 0819 Sep 08No

Chapter 2

Title: Paradox of Fate
Author: dhark_charlotte
Fandoms: BtVS/T:SCC
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers all the way through SCC 2.02
Summary: She was the reason he couldn’t remember his time in the basement.
Disclaimer: This story is intended for entertainment purposes only and provides absolutely no financial compensation. Recognizable characters belong to their prospective owners/writers. Some lines from the show are used either as is or altered to fit the story.
Distribution: Ask
A/N: Chapter started as an entry for the challenge, but I didn’t get it done in time. Hope y’all enjoy it anyway. Thanks to MusesInspiration for her encouragement.

Prompts: A flame thrower, a thesaurus, and a stepping stone, surprise, accent, destiny.

Part 2

Buffy looked up at him and even though he figured that she had to be just as angry as he was; there was a slight quirk to her mouth that indicated she might be holding in a smile.

“What?” Derek bit out. He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her. How could she be so unaffected?

Her ‘friend’ had just sold what was probably the original template plans for the terminator models to Sarkissian and she had barely reacted other than emitting a disturbingly guttural growl. She’d shared a conversation filled look with Willow and then proceeded to grab his arm and pull him out to the private parking lot for the complex. They were now standing next to an impressive motorcycle and Buffy, ‘Who the hell names their kid Buffy for God’s sake?’, smirked… she was smirking now! She reached down to unlock one of the helmets and handed it to him; with more force then necessary he thought as he held in a grunt. “What are we doing exactly? Why are we leaving when we should be sticking around to question your idiot of a friend? And really, who the hell are you people?!” That wasn’t what he’d wanted to say, but it was the best he could manage at the moment.

Her brows rose in surprise and she full out grinned. Of course, the grin revealed all of her teeth and Derek shivered a little because he didn’t think it was actually possible to smile wide enough for that. He stood his ground though. No way was he going to back down from a woman barely half his size. Even if she was strong enough to toss his ass across the room.

Her voice was tightly restrained as she answered. “We are going for a ride. To cool off so that we don’t get arrested for murdering a mostly well intentioned uber geek. He’ll be here soon and if we’re still here, Andrew will probably babble, wet himself and pass out. Wills has a better chance of getting the whole story out of him. Even if she has to do with the magic. And if you’ll have a LITTLE PATIENCE, we can do with the whole sharing thing.”

Derek held back the nearly involuntary flinch at her shout, secretly enjoying her strange speech pattern and the way her cheeks flushed with irritation. Her green eyes were snapping with ire and he smirked, knowing it would probably drive her nuts. It always wound Sarah up when he was a smart ass. He figured Blondie owed him since she refused to let him question this Andrew idiot. She climbed on the cycle and looked back at him with a challenging gaze.

She actually expected him to ride bitch? Did little ‘Miss Destiny’ know how ridiculous they would look riding like this? He snorted. At least the helmet she handed him had a full faceplate so no one would recognize him. Because people were going to stare and he wasn’t entirely sure she’d avoid the cops if he got made. He stuffed his head into the helmet and climbed on as she started it up, the engine coughing out a satisfying rumble. Since talking was impossible, he rode along in silence and found himself actually enjoying the scenery and the pleasure of a purposeless ride on a motorcycle. He hadn’t had one of those since before Judgment Day. His dad had had a Harley, much to his mother’s chagrin and he remembered Sunday rides through the neighborhoods.

Derek pushed those images away and focused on the massive memory dump he’d experienced earlier. Buffy thought he didn’t really know much about their group and he couldn’t seem to talk about it but he could remember everything she’d told him back in his time. They stopped at a red light and the sun warmed them, a light breeze bringing the scent of jasmine and sunshine to his nose. He breathed deeply and felt a stirring of something he hadn’t truly felt in a long time. How in the hell could be attracted to this woman? She’d tortured him for days. Granted, it hadn’t been this Buffy, the one that existed in this timeline was still a fairly carefree young woman. She took off suddenly and Derek scrambled to grab at her waist as she wove in and out of traffic, splitting the lanes in order to pass through traffic. Another burst of speed had him leaning into her and gripping her tight enough that he could feel her stomach vibrating.

She was laughing. Derek felt a flash of anger at the idea that she was laughing at him, but then she entered the highway and the way was clear and she punched the accelerator. His anger was temporarily forgotten since holding on and countering her movement took all of his concentration as they hurtled through the light traffic, making the other vehicles look like they were standing still. Just as he started to actually enjoy the speed and ignore the mortal danger of traveling at such a velocity, Buffy slowed and exited, driving through a rabbit warren of cookie-cutter homes before things started to look familiar. She stopped in a parking area and slapped his thigh and he dismounted, watching as she shut down the cycle and climbed down herself. She pulled off her helmet and shook out her hair and Derek’s breath caught at the aura of vitality coming off her in waves.

It was such a contrast to his new/old memories of her. This woman wasn’t a faded hollow shell longing for death as she circumvented the limitations put on her by the machines.

Derek pulled the helmet off his sweaty head, watching her silently as she took it from him to secure it to the motorcycle.


Buffy had tried for thirty minutes to question him about his knowledge of her and her group. She tried every way she could think of even though Willow had warned her it wouldn’t work, that there was no way he’d be able to get around the geas. She finally gave up and after buying them ice cream - his second one today though he didn’t own up to it – she started questioning him about the machines.

Her shoulder bumped his as she rocked on the bench in frustration. “So… rocket launchers could damage one if it’s hit straight on, but no guarantee of destruction?”

“Sounds about right.”

Derek almost saw the light bulb illuminate over her head as she thought of something else.

“What about a flamethrower?” Her forehead scrunched in thought and then she shook her head no just before he answered. “No, that’d probably only cook the humanness off their skeleton right?”

“Uh, yeah.” He shuddered at an unwanted memory. “You really don’t want to experience that smell either.”

Her nose wrinkled with disgust and then she looked down at her fudgecicle as if debating whether to finish it or not. She looked back up at him from underneath her lashes and grinned, using those sharp white teeth to bite a hunk off the frozen treat. He smirked in response and licked the side of his melting cone, humming in pleasure as he stored yet another good memory for the future. Sitting in the afternoon sun, eating ice cream and talking about viable methods of tech destruction with her was definitely better than moping around the house.

A choking sound drew his attention back to her and his gaze focused on her rapt face as she watched him. Derek hadn’t been on the receiving end of that kind of attention in a long time. Hell, Sarah had walked in on him in the shower and hadn’t batted an eye, not that he’d been hoping for that kind of interest from her, but he was a healthy male. Some long buried perverse impulse prompted his next move and he locked his gaze on her face, swiping at the cone again with his tongue and her eyes dilated so wide that the green disappeared into the darkness of her pupil. Her face flushed again as she tore her gaze from his mouth and Derek felt the banked heat in his belly flare up. She was going to be a problem. He really couldn’t afford to get involved with anyone and Buffy wasn’t a one-nighter. No sir, she was the type to expect a lot more than a fast and dirty and the fact that future Buffy had told him they’d been involved but shared no details except that her memories were what helped her retain her sanity was icing on the crap cake that had been his life ever since Judgment Day. The cherry on top was the fact that deep down, he was looking forward to it.

The strangest detail about this thing that had suddenly sprung up between them was that she was just as attracted to him and he’d just done his best to try and kill her. Arrogance aside, he was deadly accurate and she’d be dead now if not for the immortality thing. But here they were, burning each other up from across the bench and she seemed unfazed by the situation.

“That whole trying to kill me thing? Don’t let it bother you Derek. At least you thought you were protecting someone. To date, my most successful relationship has included at least one assassination attempt and even though you can’t tell me how or when, we seem to have met in the future at some point.”

‘Shit. Had he verbalized that thought?’ He tried to keep his expression blank, but failed when she smiled with a sad little quirk to her mouth.

“Look, don’t mind me. Why don’t I take you home so you can introduce me to your friends and then we can see about helping each other?”

“What about that Andrew guy?”

“Willow and Dawn can do what’s needed with him. Really. Finish up and we’ll head on over.”

He suffered a brain freeze, but he wasn’t about to waste ice cream if he could help it. And the chill helped a little to take his mind off of the ache in his groin. They were just leaving, Buffy accelerating with what he was starting to believe was a serious addiction to speed when an explosion ripped through the air, the abruptness of it causing both of them to jerk, spilling them onto the street. Buffy went to right the motorcycle and Derek smelled the gas leaking from a torn fuel line and so they move it to a safer spot off the street. Since he’d already told her the address, they took off at a run, both with a deep gut feeling that his people were connected to the explosion.

Buffy looked over at Derek, impressed that he’d managed to keep up with her for the first block, but she hadn’t really been running flat out since she wanted to have a reserve of energy for whatever they might find at the house. “Derek, what are your friends’ names?”

“Why?” His breathing wasn’t exactly even, but he didn’t sound like was about to pass out.

“Just in case I get there first. I’d hate to get shot again today.”

“Sarah and John, and Cameron. Just don’t…”

She shot him an apologetic look and bumped up her stride. She figured she was at least a block ahead of him when she spotted the burnt out black SUV. What brought her up short was the sight of the top story of the house she was headed to already fully engaged in a fire of its own. Without a second thought she burst through the front door. The fire had hadn’t spread much on the first level and from the intense heat, looked to have started under the stairs, pieces of what might have been the water heater spread out on the floor and there was no other way Buffy could see to access the upper level from the inside. She said a quick prayer and then called out for Sarah and John. Heavy tread sounded above and then something broke through the ceiling to land just in front of her.

It was a young woman, but with what she’d just done, there was no way that she could be human, not with all of that metal showing through the skin on her face. Just as Buffy was about to ask if the girl was Cameron, the shock of a fist connecting to her sternum stole her breath and sent her back through the door into the front yard. She had just enough time to stand, grabbing a huge concrete stepping stone on her way up. Buffy spun, imitating the discus throwers they’d watched the other night. She circled twice, blurring with speed before releasing the stone with deadly accuracy.

A resonating ‘CLANG’ reverberated through the air as Derek arrived.

“What happened? Buffy are they still inside?”

“Your metal friend decided I’d make a great punching bag.” Buffy coughed, the residual pain aching through her chest as the bones and tendons healed. She looked up at Derek. “I called out, but no one answered. I’m sorry, the stairs were completely engulfed. If they were upstairs, they were dead before we got here.”

Derek watched the house burn, fighting the welling sense of loss for a few seconds before he was able to push it down. He was still here, so at least John was still alive. Sirens could be heard in the distance and Buffy grabbed his arm. It had the surprising effect of bringing his focus back and he mentally kicked himself for allowing the distraction of a weak emotional indulgence.

“Derek, we’ll need to get out of here. I really don’t want to leave the nifty super strong toy surprise here if she’s gone darkside. Is there anything in the garage we could use to secure her with?”

Derek looked down at Cameron and banked the rising swell of rage that had replaced the unwanted sorrow. He cut his eyes at Buffy. “Can you bend rebar?”


A quick call had Willow and Dawn on the way to pick up their wrapped gift. Derek hid out of sight and Buffy posed as a gawking neighbor as the fire engines arrived and they began to spray the house. Derek successfully stole a suit off the truck and used it to go in and search the house. Willow arrived in the chaos they snuck around to the shed out back.

Willow’s eyes were wide as she looked the Terminator over. “Oh goddess, Buffy! She’s really a machine. I-I mean, there’s no life force to her at all. The skin is… I can’t describe it properly, but her skin is alive but… not. It’s like looking at the Buffybot with a different face… and taller, but just a little. I’ll need to draw some power from you to transport her to the safe-room.”

Buffy shook her head and snorted. “That’s fine Wills, just make sure to add extra containment on her ASAP because we aren’t sure if she’s gone all darkside or not.” She shot Willow a look, noticing her friend was closely inspecting Cameron’s head, pointedly ignoring the cyborg’s silent regard. Cameron had stopped trying to convince them to let her go when neither Buffy nor Willow were fooled by her impression of a scared teenager. The Slayer pulled Willow away and met her eyes, initiating their mental connection. ~You can look, but try not to break her more than she is already okay? And, Willow? If she gets loose somehow, get the hell out of there, don’t try to detain her by just magic.~

“Sure, Buffy.” Willow answered verbally, visibly distracted as she turned back to her inspection of Cameron.


The redhead rolled her eyes. “Okay! Okay, I get it. I promise to be careful.” Willow held out her hand to her and Buffy took it, breathing deeply and gathering her center as the Witch began to draw from her to power the teleport spell. Wicca and robot disappeared with a whooping sound and Buffy staggered out of the shed. She saw Derek sneak into the back of an EMS truck and watched as the attendant approach the rig cautiously a minute later. The man opened the door, ducking with hands up when he obviously encountered an armed Derek. Buffy made her way to the truck, swiftly climbing into the empty passenger seat just before the man started the engine.

The driver looked familiar, but Buffy couldn’t place where she’d seen him before. She turned her head to smirk at Derek. “So, where we going?”

The driver gaped at her and then looked to Derek for an explanation.

“Charley Dixon, Buffy Summers. Buffy Summers, Charley Dixon.” Derek decided to just get things straight immediately instead of dragging it out and turned to Buffy and Charley in turn. “Charley is Sarah’s ex-fiancé . Buffy knows about as much as you do.”

Charley nodded stiffly at her and Buffy waved cheerily before turning to Derek expectantly. “So…? Derek! Were your friends in the house or not?”

“No. I think the two black bags in the yard are Sarkissian and friend. Sarah and John are long gone by now, especially if the metal turned on them. And, Sarkissian’s hard drive is damaged, so I’m not so sure we’ll be finding out who bought the Turk any time soon.” He waved it at her and Buffy grimaced.

Charley’s radio went off, asking for assistance at the scene of a hit and run not far from their current location and he pealed out, headed toward the accident scene. Recognition of Charley’s face finally registered and Buffy whipped around to look at him.

“Charley Dixon? Hold on, are you Michelle’s husband?”

Both men looked at her blankly. “How do you know my wife?” Charley’s voice was filled with dread and Buffy shrugged.

“She does private consulting work for my organization when needed. She’s got your wedding picture on her desk and I finally remembered where I had seen your face.” The dumbfounded expression he gave her at her more tactful side and Buffy tried to reassure him. “It’s nothing dangerous really. She just keeps track of my girls’ checkups, female stuff, makes sure no one misses physical exams, etc. She has no idea what we get up to, much less anything about Derek’s business. I just met him this afternoon.”

Charley raised a suddenly shaky hand to wipe the sweat on his forehead. “What about um… Cameron?”

“Oh she’s tied up all nice and neat.”

“How? Why? I thought her goal was to protect John?”

Derek shook his head and Buffy shrugged. “Not entirely sure about that, but that Jeep didn’t explode on its own and the water heater was all explody in the house. Take your pick. I’m not that big with the technology stuff, but I do know that it doesn’t mix well with bombs.”

Charley looked at Derek in disbelief. “Is she for real?”

Derek bit his lip to hold back the laugh and deadpanned, “Can’t get any realer.”

Buffy snorted. “We need to get you a thesaurus Derek, realer’s not a real word.”

“Oh? And ‘explody’ is?”


Charley huffed out a tension filled laugh. “Are you sure you two just met today?”

A sea of red lights greeted them and Buffy traded with Derek to take advantage of the gurney. It had been a long day and with all of the energy expenditure with no fuel to replace it, she was one tired Slayer. She listened with half an ear to Derek’s voice as he talked with Charley and if she ignored the words, the timber was definitely tingle worthy.

A thump sounded, bringing her out of her meditative state and Charley’s frustration was punctuated with, “Come on!”

“So, what’re you gonna do when you find them?”

“Do?” Charley asked; his defensive tone audible.

“Join the team? Think she’s gonna go with you or let you take care of her? Cuz that’s not gonna happen. She left you at the altar for a reason.”

Charley huffed. “That’s not what I want.”

“Oh really?” Disbelief flooded Derek’s voice and Buffy wondered what he was thinking.

“Yeah, I’m married.”

“So you say.”

“I love my wife.” Charley raised his voice and Buffy heard the conviction in it. Which was a good thing because she really liked Michelle.

“So you say.”

“Look! I just wanna know they’re okay, you got it?”

“What if they’re not?” Derek’s tone had softened slightly and Buffy held her breath, waiting for Charley’s answer.

“Then I’ll make them okay. Like I did for you.”

They drove in silence for a while and Buffy thought about what she’d actively and deliberately overheard. There was a sinking feeling in her stomach that the newest focus of her wayward libido was secretly interested in his young friend’s mother and she gave herself a mental kick.

Charley stopped the truck and Buffy sat up and poked her head into the cab. “You two stay here; I’ll check it out and see what I can find out.”

Buffy sat back, leaning against the sidewall of the truck as she swung her legs to dispel some of her nervous energy. It rarely worked, but it gave her something to do and she could look at Derek’s profile without being too obvious.

“I suppose you heard all of that?”

She stilled and then moved forward to look Derek in the eye. “Why did you ask me that?” He met her gaze and opened his mouth to answer, but stopped… because he couldn’t, stupid geas. “Oh, right. You know me from the future and Willow put the mojo on you so you can’t talk to us about it.” He pressed his lips together and she could see he was struggling to say something, so she pressed a finger to his mouth, holding in a shiver at the contact. She was so doomed. He stopped struggling and stared into her eyes with an intensity that brought out that shiver despite her best effort.

The driver’s door opened and Buffy pulled back, face flaming hot when she realized she’d been about to pounce on Mr. Bad Idea. Charley climbed behind the wheel, saying that a woman and teen had been spotted running from the scene and so they pointed the truck in that direction.

Buffy’s phone rang and she answered it, grateful for the distraction because she could feel Derek’s eyes on her and the tension in the truck was too thick. “Hey Dawnie! Wha…”

“Buffy! She’s gone! She broke loose,”


“…before Willow could get the spell done…”


“…and she broke the door and then Willow transported us out and now she’s unconscious and Andrew’s almost catatonic and…”

“DAWN!” Silence from the other end indicated that her sister had either heard her finally or she ran out of oxygen and had passed out. “Where are you right now?”

“Um… At the Council house in Seattle.”

“Well, I guess we should be thankful that you didn’t end up halfway across the world. I suppose Andrew’s too scared to talk to me right now?”

“You think? Just second…”

Buffy heard the sound of struggling and then a sniffle. “Andrew?”

“Hi, Buffy.”

Buffy pushed down her irritation and sighed. “Without any SciFi geek-speak, tell me what happened.” She was pleasantly surprised when he did just that. The spell that Willow had been preparing to use to strengthen the rebar wrapped around the Terminator had taken too long and Cameron had managed to break through two of the rods at critical points. Willow teleported Dawn and Andrew out quickly, but she was currently down for the count for a while due to the concentrated use of personal magic in such a short time. He also explained, in a shockingly calm tone, what had happened with Sarkissian. That the man had already had intel on Warren’s bot and that he had a bad feeling that the man knew a lot more about them than he’d hinted at. “I guess it’s a good thing you were able to warn us at least. And don’t worry about running into him again. He suffered a rather fatal burn a few hours ago, most likely caused by our newest metal friend. You two stay with Willow for now. If we can’t do something about the Cam-bot, she won’t be able to track you to your current location.” The call ended without the usual drama and she put her phone away, hoping that she’d made the right decision in keeping her sister in Washington State.

Two pairs of eyes were focused so intently that Buffy felt them like a physical touch and she quickly filled them in on the current situation. It went unsaid that they were hoping for a call soon. They were driving by another accident near a warehouse district when Charley’s phone rang and some of the tension in the truck dissipated.


“Who the hell is she Derek?” Sarah hissed as Charley disinfected the cut on her face.

“Her name is Buffy Summers and before you ask, I met her today, kind of.” He held up his hand when Sarah opened her mouth to protest. “I knew her back in my time too, I just didn’t remember until I met her again.” He scrubbed at his face, thankful that Sarah’s back was to the sight of Buffy effortlessly lifting the deactivated Terminator and placing her in the back of a large truck. John watched her do this without batting an eye and Derek held in a sigh. The kid was in shock and obviously not registering his surroundings. The logistics of explaining everything –if he could even manage it- before Sarah went ballistic and started shooting was migraine inducing. They really needed to get the metal burned before the extra drama started.

Derek leaned against the open door of the ambulance and looked Sarah over again. She was a mess. “We should really get going soon. You guys cut a pretty serious swath of destruction across the city.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “That wasn’t us. Ow!” She glared at Charley as he pulled at the shirt stuck to the bloody gash in her side.

Charley grimaced at her. “Sorry.”

“You should’ve called earlier. We could’ve helped you avoid some of those.” He tilted his head at her injuries and she grimaced.

“I doubt it.” She held up the hard drive. “How’s this?”

“It looks trashed. Buffy thinks that her friend might be able to get something off of it. Who knows, maybe between John and Willow, we might be able to get something useful.” He ignored her glare at the mention of Buffy and glanced over at John. “So, I’m guessing Sarkissian didn’t tell you where he sold the Turk before you killed him?”

Sarah shifted. “Wasn’t that kind of conversation.”

Charley looked at Sarah and she watched John as he stared blankly out into the warehouse.

“Did he see it all?” If John had had to watch his mother make what was possibly her first human kill, it was no wonder the kid was in shock.

“He saw it all.”

Derek grimaced. “Damn.” He walked over to John, thankful that Buffy seemed content for the moment to watch over the metal. He didn’t doubt for a minute that she was listening to everything being said. He sat next to his nephew and waited. John never could sit quietly unless he was focused on something and Derek knew the kid would start talking soon.

“You mind telling me how a woman smaller than me could lift Cameron’s body all by herself, like she weighed nothing and carry her around without effort?” John’s voice was emotionless and Derek winced. Looked like he wouldn’t be able to put off some of the explanations.

“I can tell you that she’s human – not metal, is good to have at your back and that I knew her in my time. Currently, she works with Charley’s wife.” He scratched his head. “I can also tell you that while she’ll probably answer your questions, she babbles and uses strange words like ‘explody’.” Startled, John looked him with wounded eyes and Derek felt the punch of his brother’s gaze. Damn kid just had to have Kyle’s eyes. John’s bottom lip quivered, but he pressed them tightly together for a second and held it together, just like Kyle had learned to do at a later stage in his life.

“Charley told me that Cromartie killed about 20 FBI guys today. He’s still out there. He’s here for me.” John took a shaky breath, ignoring Derek’s negative head shake. “They’re dead because of me.”

Derek leaned in to make sure John could hear him. “They’re dead because some people refuse to accept the reality of the situation.”


Buffy entered the kitchen silently and stood in the darkened doorway, listening to Sarah and Derek talk. The dark haired woman left with a sandwich for John and Buffy approached Derek quietly. His face was expressionless when he turned to look at her and she wasn’t quite sure what he could be thinking. It had occurred to her when she left that he might be irritated that she hadn’t stuck around to help deal with their burning ceremony, but she’d sensed several vamps in the area and in this part of town, they traveled in packs. In addition, John had been filled with a nuclear type rage that she was well acquainted with and really wanted to distance herself from. The young man wouldn’t want to talk to a complete stranger and Buffy had no words of comfort to offer him regarding the destruction of someone you love. It sucked in the worst way. Despite what Sarah might think, John loved that machine and Buffy could see the heartache of a doomed teenaged love hovering over him like a black cloud. Her own black cloud had managed to get himself Shanshu’ed and then killed in the space of a month. Humanity had been too much of an adjustment for Angel and he’d found out the hard way how fragile a human body truly was. She refused to think about Spike because that would result in an embarrassing show of temper. It had been nearly five years since the battle in LA and neither Andrew nor Giles could look her in the eyes for any length of time. Buffy shook her head to clear those unwanted thoughts and stopped at Derek’s elbow. “You know that a sandwich isn’t going to fix what’s wrong with him right?”

“Yeah.” He shrugged his shoulder. “It’s a mom thing I guess.”

“The mom thing is good.” She clasped her hands nervously. Why was she nervous all of the sudden? Oh yeah, because she was going to have to out herself to complete strangers due to Andrew’s stupidity. Buffy couldn’t really stay angry with him. Willow had called while she was on patrol and backed up Andrew’s story. He’d tried to back out at the last second, but Sarkissian had been a really dangerous guy and Andrew had called her as soon as he got away. Buffy looked around the church’s kitchen and noted the cheerily painted walls. Her eyes wandered around until they landed back on Derek. She knew he’d been watching her the whole time, the corner of his mouth twitching. “So… everything go okay then? No worries on the whole destruction of the cleverly disguised robot?”

Derek’s eyes went flat and Buffy was suddenly aware of Sarah talking with another female in the next room. Derek stood to follow her as she stalked into the next room, entering as Sarah climbed the stairs to the second floor. Seated in the sanctuary of the church, right there on the front row, was the very disheveled T-series killer robot that they were supposed to have burned in the junkyard. Cameron was staring up at the sculpture of Jesus hanging on the cross and Buffy couldn’t believe her eyes. She was all for giving people second chances, but this computerized assassin knew everything there was to know about Derek and Sarah and John. The fact that she could go rogue again was frightening.

Buffy stopped a few feet away from her and Cameron turned to look at her, brows scrunched as if confused. The cyborg stood slowly, eyes never leaving Buffy’s face and took a step toward her, head tilted. Surprise lit Cameron’s face. “One.” She looked up at Derek. “How did you find One?”


Evil I am, I admit it. I'll also admit to being an IFW (Insecure Feedback Whore) +thank you tahirire on LJ+. I won't hold updates hostage, but I'd love to hear what you think!

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