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Back 2 School

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Fan Art

Summary: Banner for challenge by pezgirl

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Stargate > Willow-CenteredcbqFR131179142,02922 Jul 0822 Jul 08Yes
A banner for a challenge by pezgirl:

SG1: Fragile balance
BTVS: after s7

A year after Willow does the Slayer spell their are armies of Slayers running around and she doesn't feel like that war needs her anymore so the PTB give her a new challenge; a new Hellmouth has been found in the High school in Colorado Springs (the one the Mini-Jack attends) and because they don't want to draw any suspicions from the air force; the decide that instead of sending the slayers there it would be better to send Willow there.

They de-age her to 15 years old and place her in the same high school as Mini!Jack.

Must have:

Mini!Jack and Mini!Willow becoming friends and.
Mini!Jack finding out about demons and helpign Willow fight their.
Willow still having her magic

Pairings: Maybe Mini!Willow/Mini!Jack. i would prefer it really; seeing as they're both in the same boat.


If I could write I'd answer this with a story but as I can't I'm hoping to inspire somene else, as the story idea is interesting.

Disclaimer: none of the characters or images belong to me, which is a shame.

The End

You have reached the end of "Back 2 School". This story is complete.

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