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Oops! I did What, again?

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Summary: There was booze which led to tattoos. Now the question is whose is whose?

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Harry Potter > Multiple PairingstootsFR1328422199,13823 Jul 0831 Oct 08Yes

Chapter Two

Pansy strode forward and threw her arms around Xander’s neck. “Congratulations. You and Faith are married to…Weasley. The second brother.” She twirled artfully away from Xander. “He’s dragon-mad, mind you, so actually getting his attention may be difficult. But he has such a nice bum.” She leered.

Xander squeaked and Faith rolled her eyes. “I thought the Wizarding World was all old-fashioned and shit. How’s polyandry fit into that mold?” she asked.

“It doesn’t,” Draco smirked nastily. “The tattoos pre-date the modern mores of the Wizarding World by over a thousand years. The only reason they’re not illegal is because the Ministry’s never managed to find a good enough excuse. After all, what’s it their business if three people of good standing want to bind themselves using an archaic ritual?”

“Does this Weasley guy actually know he’s married?” Xander asked, hands clenched in fists.

“He knows what the marks mean even if he doesn’t quite remember who he’s married to,” Pansy smirked.

Dawn interrupted. “Who’m I married to?”

Flint scowled but pushed up the sleeve of his robe to flash a familiar tattoo. “Myself and Charlie-boy, there.” He snarled at his friends. “You can’t say they did it as harassment or anything of the sort. They’d have left me out of that.”

Millie snickered. “They did it for the chaos it’s going to cause. Between you sister going off the deep end and Mrs. Weasley wailing about her baby, there’ll be weeks of unadulterated chaos.”

Xander leaned into Faith and murmured, “Remind me never to introduce them to Ethan.”

“How did I get pulled into this?” Gunn groused.

Blaise threw himself at him and purred, “You were just so lonely, darling, we couldn’t help ourselves.”

Gunn shoved him and Blaise stumbled away cackling.

“And before you ask,” Pansy said, looking at Xander and Faith. “You two were chosen almost purely for the disapproval you’d induce. Everyone knows how Mrs. Weasley feels about Faith and the fact that the second Weasley is into blokes is never spoken of.”

“Not that I like the man but he got a raw deal,” Blaise smirked. “There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little man love.”

Xander covered his face both to hide his blush and to ignore the leering that was going on. “So not only am I married to a guy that’s probably not going to notice. But I’m married to a guy that’s seriously closeted with a family big enough to give the Waltons a run for their money.” The Slytherins gave him a blank look as Dawn snickered. “Never mind,” he sighed. “Just never mind.” Leave it to him to go out for a little partying and get married.

The End

You have reached the end of "Oops! I did What, again?". This story is complete.

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