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A Different Path

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Summary: Willow and Xander have been messed with by the PTB for the last time! A one shot.

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Multiple Crossings > Willow-CenteredArjaiHFR131927053,11423 Jul 0823 Jul 08Yes
I own nothing, I have nothing, and in case you want to sue, I am nothing. See, invisible, not here, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

Just a small crossover with “Dogma” not too serious.

BTVS 2 Earth Senior Year:

“Errr, umm, Wills, look I, umm, look I know that your going out with Oz and all, but I’ve got a promise that we made a long time ago to keep, so, umm here goes…” Xander’s face was beyond red it was nearly purple, he was so embarrassed, not because of what he was going to say, he wanted to say it, but because he was afraid of his best friend’s reaction.

Willow stood looking at him with a bewildered look on her face for a second then she nearly growled, “You mean you’re the only one in the school who hasn’t heard? I thought Cordelia told everyone! Oz has been two timing with some werewolf girl he met at a concert in L. A. last summer! That’s where he’s been going every other weekend! MEN!”

Xander’s face now went from purple to almost white in ten seconds flat.

“Now what was it that you wanted to ask me?” Willow looked at him expectantly, almost as if she knew what he wanted to say.

He began to stammer.

“If it’s about the promise you made to me in sixth grade on the playground after school on the third of May, at 4:18 in the afternoon about asking me to the Senior Prom. The answer is definitely yes!” She smiled, gave him a quick, shy peck on the cheek and walked off to her next class. She was actually humming!

Xander, on the other hand, stood in the hallway for another ten minutes doing a fantastic impression of a fish!


In the eternal offices of the Grand and Glorious Powers-That-Be:

“Oh, we have got to mess this up!” smirked the male Power.

“We can have so much fun with this one!” sneered the female Power.

“Their lives will never be the same! Maybe we can even put a damper on their friendship, draw the Slayer into it and put him on the outs with both of them!” said the Power that considered itself neither male nor female, or maybe it considered itself both, it hadn’t really decided yet.

The three were just bending over their ethereal work table to prepare their nasty handiwork when they heard an ominous “Ahem!” which was immediately followed by a clap of thunder.

They turned around quickly their hands hidden behind their backs, false innocence painted on their faces, like children caught playing with mommy’s jewelry.

“Oh, come on now!” said the Voice. “Do you REALLY think you can hide what you’re planning from Her?”

“We’re just doing our job keeping the Balance” said the female in a small voice.

“Really,” the Voice said in a dry, clipped voice, “I doubt that seriously. Your work has become quite shoddy and has been taking a nasty, almost, dare I say it, evil turn when it comes to dealing with the Champion’s of Light! She would rather they were rewarded for fighting the good fight rather than punished. Rewards often keep humans doing their best, punishments work just the opposite”

The not male-female let out a squeaky little whine.

“She has decreed that you will not mess with the Witch, and the White Knight! You WILL let nature take its course. It is vital for Her future plans. Am I coming through loud and clear?” the Voice smiled a predatory smile at the Powers. The “Or Else” was unspoken but very much present.

In a flash of lightning the Voice was gone.

“So we can’t mess with the Witch and the White Knight, eh? Let’s see what we can do to the Slayer!” Snarled the male Power. The other Powers nodded and rubbed their hands together.

There was a flash of blinding light and a terrible peal of thunder, "Oh, crap!" moaned the female, and then the eternal office was empty.


An Eternal Day Later, the Offices of the Powers:

“This will be your new work station people, the previous occupants have left us to look for employment below…very far below,” intoned the Voice with a hint of a smile. “Your new assignment will be to oversee the Champions of the Light. Mistakes, were made, as they say, many quite grievous mistakes actually, by your predecessors, I am CERTAIN that you will not repeat them.”


Cleveland, Ohio Slayer Central 10 years later

Willow cuddled up to her husband and sighed happily. Their two girls, Elizabeth Joyce and Jessica Dawn were on his lap sound asleep. Alexander William their youngest was sleeping in his crib upstairs.

Her thoughts went back to their senior year. She often wondered if Xander and she would have ever gotten together if he hadn’t remembered a promise made in the sixth grade, and she hadn't accepted his invitation to the prom. She actually owed Oz a debt of gratitude for being a cheating S. O. B.!

Sure their lives had been no bed of roses, after all they still fought the evil of this world, but coming home to some one who loved you and who you loved after that fight made it much more worthwhile.

She had Xander, Buffy had Dean, and Fred had Wesley, oh yeah and Faith had who ever she was with this week. All was right with the world and God was in Her Heaven.

(And there is little bitty crossover with “Supernatural”)

The End

You have reached the end of "A Different Path". This story is complete.

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