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Everything Changes

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Summary: One girl in Port Charles is a slayer. Willow, Dawn, and Andrew go to Port Charles to train that slayer. Willow didn’t expect to fall in love and find family along the way.

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Chapter Three

Chapter Three

Metro-Court Hotel
Once they arrived in Port Charles, Willow, Dawn, and Andrew went inside the Metro-Court Hotel. As they looked around they

saw that it was quite busy. Willow got out the information they would need to check into their three suite rooms.

“Excuse me. We have three rooms for reserved under Rosenberg,” Willow told the person behind the desk.

“Okay, Ms. Rosenberg. Your rooms are 2445, 2446, and 2447,” the man with a name tag that said Marty told them while

handing out the card keys to the rooms.
“Thank you.” Willow took the keys from Marty with a smile and headed toward the elevators.

“Wow! This place looks expensive!” Andrew commented while looking around the lobby before getting onto the elevator.

“I know, it cost a lot just to get these rooms,” Willow remarked.

“Why didn’t we just get a cheaper hotel?” Dawn asked.

“Because this is the hotel where Maxie works,” Willow told her.

“Oh…” Dawn said while looking at Andrew.

Willow then got out Maxie’s folder to see where else she would be, if not at work. It looked like she worked with the fashion

icon Kate Howard. Willow grinned at that thought. Buffy would love that. She would try Crimson after they got a little more


The three of them went inside the elevator.

“Once we get our bearings I want you guys to patrol around Port Charles,” Willow said.

“Ok,” Dawn and Andrew replied together.

They stepped out of the elevator and into the hallway. When they started walking towards the rooms they saw a tall, blonde

woman walking towards them.

“Hi, I’m Carly Jacks. As part owner, I wanted to wish you a great time.” The woman told them. “Welcome to the Metro-Court

Hotel.” Willow smiled at the warm greeting.

“Thank you. Can you tell me what floor Crimson is on?” the redhead asked Carly.

She saw that Carly made a face of distaste and couldn’t help but wonder what it was all about.

“I take it you’re going to see Kate Howard?”

“Actually, I’ll be seeing Maxie Jones and I thought since we were in the same hotel I would look for her there first,” Willow

explained to her. Carly nodded her head.

“What business do you have with Miss Jones?” Carly asked, trying to get more information from her.

“I believe that’s our business and you don’t need to know,” Willow said to Carly. Wow this woman is nosy, Willow thought.

Carly just shrugged and smirked.

“5th floor,” Carly informed them. Willow, Dawn, and Andrew watched her walk away.

“Well that was kinda rude,” Dawn commented and turned to Willow. “You didn’t tell me that Maxie worked with Kate Howard.”

“Who?” Andrew asked. The name wasn’t familiar to him.

“Can I go with you to meet her?” Dawn asked Willow, hoping she would say yes.

“No, you and Andrew are going to patrol,” Willow reminded her.

“Come on, Willow. Please? I would love to meet Kate Howard. She’s like THE icon of fashion. You know Buffy would love to

meet her, too.” Dawn put everything into trying to coax the other woman into letting her go with her.

“We’re not here to meet celebrities Dawn. We’re here to try to train Maxie as a slayer.”

“Who’s Kate Howard!?” Andrew asked getting frustrated for not getting an answer.

“She is the most awesome fashion editor there was,” Dawn told him

“Ok, no more talk of that. Let’s settled in our rooms and then get back to business,” Willow said

It was unknown to the three friends that they had a listener around the corner from them. Spinelli had been on his way to

see Maxie at Crimson when he heard them talking about Maxie in the lobby. So he followed them. He held himself back when

he saw that the Valkyrie greeted them and heard them talking about Maxie again.

He wondered why they would want to train his Maximista as this thing they called a slayer. What was a slayer? Maybe it had

something to do with the Maximista suddenly becoming super strong.

He turned and headed towards the elevator that led to Crimson’s office. He wanted to warn Maxie about the visitors.


“Ok, thanks Federico. I’ll have Kate work on those designs,” Maxie said hanging up on the phone. She got up and walked

towards Kate’s door and knocked.

“Come in,” Kate called from inside.

“Federico just called. He needs those designs that you’ve been working on,” Maxie told Kate.

“Ok, thanks Maxie.”

As the younger woman walked back to her desk, she heard the elevator doors open. She turned to see that it was her

gangly friend.

“Spinelli!” Maxie squeaked in surprise, hugging him. She didn’t expect him to see him today.

“What a nice surprise!” Maxie said pulling away.

“I think you’ll be having visitors soon,” Spinelli told her as he stepped back from her.

“Visitors?” Maxie made a face.

“The Jackal was walking here when he heard your name. And when the Jackal looked, he heard these three people he had

never had the pleasure of seeing in this fair town before saying something about training the Maximista for something. Then

when the Valkyrie stopped to welcome them to the great Metro-Court, one of the older ones asked where Crimson was. The

older one said they weren’t there to see the Fashionista but to see the Maximista.”

“Why would they want to see me?” Maxie asked Spinelli when he finished rambling. Spinelli just shrugged his


“You said they’re here to train me for something, right?” Maxie asked. Spinelli nodded. “Do you think they would know why

I have become so strong?”

“Maybe,” Spinelli answered.

Before Maxie could say anything else, they heard the elevator doors open

“Is Kate in?” Alexis Davis asked Maxie as she approached the two. She smiled at Spinelli.

“Yeah, hold on,” Maxie said while going to Kate’s office to knock on the doors.

“Yes?” Maxie opened the door.

“Alexis is here to see you.” The other woman acknowledged Maxie by standing and heading towards the door.

“Hello, Alexis. To what do I owe this visit?” Kate asked with a smile.

“Is it okay if I leave, Ms. Howard?” Maxie asked Kate.

“Sure, go ahead Maxie,” Kate said with a wave of her hand before continuing her discussion with Alexis.

“Thanks!” Maxie said and grabbed both her purse and Spinelli to headed towards the elevator.

“Why are we leaving? They said that they were coming here,” Spinelli commented once they were in the elevator.

“I want to know who these people are before I meet them, and for that, I need you to search the surveillance cameras in the hotel so we can find out who these people are,” Maxie told him.


Sam dropped the body she was feeding on. She loved this power. She couldn’t wait to get revenge on those who’ve done

her wrong. Starting with St. Elizabeth. She ruined everything! First she’d taken Jason, and then Lucky.

“So, what do you think of your new power?” her sire interrupted her thoughts. When she looked up, her eyes caught on his

blue ones. He really was quite handsome…

“I love it… I wanna do it again,” Sam told Joseph with a dark grin.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Everything Changes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Aug 08.

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