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Another Sister in the House

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Summary: Dawn is finding herself in a body which looked exactly like hers, that just had an anaphylactic attack. In the aftermath she has to deal with a new set of parents, a boyfriend and Dr. House and his crew to figure out why she is sick.

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Television > House, M.D. > Dawn-CenteredWhiteWolfFR15918,22176827,05625 Jul 088 Aug 08No

Chapter one

Disclaimer: Not mine and look in the first chapter

Chapter One

After the freak out of being somewhere else and finding out that she wasn't in her own body. A very similar body, but she sure didn't remember having a big old scar on her chest and she was missing her own scars.

They wouldn't let her call her sister. Yes, it was long-distance, but she could call collect. It wouldn't cost them. This was making her angry, which probably stopped her from freaking really out. Things went from bad to worse; first she found out she had allergies for almost everything, but the worse was that she was allergic for peanut butter. She really must have ended in hell.

Second she found out she had about the open heart surgery. The scar was a real give-away. And last but not least she had appeared just after an anaphylactic attack, which got her stuck with a doctor interrogating her. That she was surrounded by total strangers, who claimed to be her parents and her boyfriend, wasn't comforting at all.

The only upside was that the doctor was cute. He reminded her of Robin.

“Any of you have a new soap? Detergent? Perfume?” The cute doctor called Dr. Foreman asked.

“No no, Barbara's really careful about that stuff,” the father, Lewis Bardach answered.

Dr. Foreman turned his next question on Dawn.

“And you haven't been outside recently?”

“Don't ask me,” Dawn frowned annoyed. “But if I have to go by the 'cell' and the parental units, I probably would have climbed out of the window, using the tree.”

“It's not a cell. It's a cleanroom. It's to keep you safe,” the mother, Barbara Bardach defended the room.

Dawn rolled her eyes in annoyance.

“Whatever,” Dawn said, bored. “Can I call my sister now?”

The parents were looking at each other, before the mother turned to Dr. Foreman.

“Could I speak to you outside for a second, please?” Mrs. Bardach asked Dr. Foreman.

“You can talk in front of me,” Dawn frowned and crossed her arms over her chest. “And legally he's bound to tell me anything that is medical related to me and I can order him to shut up about the same stuff.”

Dr. Foreman turned to the mother and nodded.

“She's right. I'm her doctor and I have to apply to her wishes as long as they don't form a threat to her,” he stated agreeing with Dawn.

Mrs. Bardach looked annoyed and tired.

“You know, this is hard enough without you ...”

“She's only exercising her rights,” Dr. Foreman interrupted her.

“She is 16-years-old. She's a minor,” Mrs. Bardach argued.

“She's old enough to make up her own mind. When I was eight, my mom she...”

“I know, I... I need to loosen up. I'm overprotective, I saw Finding Nemo, I get it, I don't need another story.” Mrs. Bardach said, annoyed.

“Oh, yeah. She is overprotective,” Dawn agreed with her 'mother'. “I thought Buffy was overprotective, but she's only protecting me from evil d... eh well evil. And boys. But she wouldn't lock me up for some bullshit medical reason.” Dawn turned to Dr. Foreman. “And medical wise I don't really have to stay in that cell.”

“If we find what you're allergic to, medically there is no reason ... err but it's up to your parents,” Dr. Foreman answered truthful.

Dawn glared at her 'parents' and stumped out of the room. The mother was glaring at Dr. Foreman. Dawn wanted to go to her room/cell, but it was occupied by two other doctors; Dr. Chase and Dr. Cameron. They were looking for anything that could caused her anaphylactic attack.

She went into the living room sitting on the couch watching tv, ignoring everybody until they were ready to escort her to the hospital.


Again Dawn was reminded, why she hated hospitals. She was in the hospital for almost an hour now and hated every second of it. They put her in a clean room. Her 'parents' were here with her and the 'boyfriend' too. They still wouldn't allow her to make a call to Buffy and they also were hovering around her the whole time for her to make one secretly. And of course there was the fact that Dr. Foreman thought she was crazy.

At the moment a doctor with a limp entered the room. He raised his cane and pointed it at Dan.

“You the boyfriend?” He didn't even wait for a response. “Need to borrow you.”

The first impression Dawn had, was that the limp doctor was arrogant and egocentric.

“What is going on?” Mr. Bardach asked, confused.

“Don't worry. I'll return him in roughly the same condition,” the doctor said avoiding the question and he was making it sound as if he was going to do something not nice to Dan.

“Hey,” Dawn shouted to get his attention. “Are you planning to interrogate Dan?”

A smirk appeared on the corners of the doctor's mouth.

“I have my bright light ready for him,” a grin replaced the smirk.

He probably thought Dawn would start to worry for her 'boyfriend'.

“I want to be there. I want to hear, what he has to say,” Dawn replied, making sure the doctor knew, that she didn't really care about, what he did to Dan.

“I don't think you want your parents to hear about it,” the doctor said knowingly.

“Then use your doctor's power and send them away. Use the flimsy excuse that there are too many people in the room and the patient needs her rest,” Dawn gave him an excuse.

“Melinda!” Mrs. Bardach yelled in outrage, but Dawn ignored her, by having her attention on Dr. Limp.

It seemed she had caught the doctor off-guard, but he quickly recovered and smirked. He turned to her 'parents'. His grin widened and he turned to the parents.

“I have to ask you to leave. You're bothering the patient.”

Her 'parents' protested especially the mother. But soon the Doctor had them out of the room and sat in one of the chairs, making himself comfortable. He was observing her with an amused smile. He was trying to figure her out. It quickly started to annoy Dawn.

“So, what's your name? Or shall I simply call you Dr. Limpy?” Dawn asked as an conversation breaker.

The Doctor's smile only grew.

“You know, I don't think anyone has ever called me like that,” he stated amused and Dawn's respond was to shrug her shoulders. “I'm Dr. House. You can call me Dr. Stud, if you want.”

Dawn rolled her eyes.

“I'm Dawn,” she responded forgetting for a moment, that she wasn't in her own body.

“Hmmm, interesting and here I thought it was Melinda,” he raised his eyebrows knowingly.

Dawn was cursing herself mentally. Why couldn't she keep her mouth shut and pretend to be Melinda? She really didn't want to end in a mental hospital. She had memories of Buffy being in one, where she had visited her. It probably was, that she didn't want her identity being taken away from her. She still had a small, a really small issue with being real.

“Weren't you here to interrogate Dan not me?” Dawn tried to redirect his focus.

“I can do both,” he replied smug. “I'm good at multitasking and a group interrogation is much more fun.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. The guy was a smart-ass.

“You can interrogate me after Dan.”

“Good,” Dr. House said pleased with himself and turned to Dan, who looked nervous. He leaned with his chin on his cane.

“Where should I start. Oh, yeah. Did you take anything to stay healthy? Something stronger than an apple a day?”

Dan looked nervous and looked to Dawn for support, but she only stared at him.


Dan was looking uncomfortable and he was now trying not to look at Dawn or House.

“What'd you take?” House asked grabbing his attention. “Antibiotics, Penicillin? Any of those names ring a bell?”

“Yeah, uh...” Dan replied hesitant. “My friend Elliot, his dad had like a whole bottle that he hadn't finished so I swiped it and took a bunch for like a week. There's no way I was going to risk breathing germs on Melinda.”

That was cute in a stupid way, Dawn thought. She knew it was stupid to use other people's medications. She has been around hospitals too long to not know that.

“This is the one downside of teenage sex. You're idiots. You almost killed your girlfriend,” House stated and after seeing Dan's confused look her elaborated. “She's allergic to penicillin.”

The first thing that went to Dawn's head was that she wasn't a virgin any more or at least this body wasn't. Buffy was going to kill her. She was sure that her sister wouldn't see a different in it.

“What do you think there was still some on my lips? I brushed my teeth!” Dan said in a panicky tone.

Dawn rolled her eyes. Didn't he had any sex-ed at school? And then she blushed, this body had sex with that boy. A very stupid boy and Melinda seemed to be stupid girl too.

“Think lower, and more fun,” House elaborated with a lot of innuendo.

Dawn started to blush which worsened, when Dan was looking down at his ....

“I mean... it can... it can go through your stuff?”

“Totally, dude! There's this administrator here, whenever she gets sick she just gives me the prescription.”

Dawn let out a chuckle. She liked this guy's humour.

“But you know they tested Melinda, they said she wasn't allergic to my stuff,” Dan said in his defence.

Dawn was getting a little uncomfortable about the topic of conversation.

“Yeah, 4 days later. By that time the penicillin was crusting up a sock in the bottom of your hamper,” House explained as if Dan was an idiot.

Dan looked anguished to Dawn before turning to House.

“It's my fault that Melinda got sick?”

“Yep,” House answered, not even thinking that his words might hurt the boy. “Because you couldn't keep it in your pants.”

Dan had a really guilty expression on his face. He turned to Dawn and approached her bed.

“I'm really sorry, Melinda,” he started to apologize.

Dawn's expression was first cold, before she smiled reassuring at the boy, who saw it as a sign that he could approach her. When he was in striking distance of Dawn's right arm, she struck him by grabbing his balls. He scream high, but not too loud to be heard outside of the room. He bent forward and was hit with a fist. He went down whimpering, while holding his balls with one hand and with his other hand his bleeding nose.

“Autch,” Dr. House replied in male sympathy. “That was mean,” and then he sounded impressed. “Nice left straight.”

“Thank you, my sister taught it to me,” Dawn said proud.

“Ah, the non-existing sister,” House stated sarcastic.

“If somebody would or let me call her, you would find out that she does exist,” Dawn responded with frustration.

House was observing her for a little while and progressed her words. He removed a piece of paper and a pen.

“Why don't you write her phone number down and I will call her?”

“Really?” Dawn took the paper and pen.

“Really,” House state sounding mildly sympathetic.

Dawn was already writing the numbers down.

“I think, this will be the fasted way to prove, that your sister doesn't exist,” House said blunt.

Dawn stopped. A thought popped in her head.

“Forgot the number?” House asked in a fake concern.

Dawn glared at him.

“No, I only thought, that if you can't reach my sister, I might be further from home, then I originally thought,” Dawn answered.

Dawn finished writing the number down and gave it to Dr. House, who took and read it.

“Italy? Rome, if I'm not mistaken,” he said in surprise. He'd expected her to give him a local number or at least in the country.

“Yes, we moved there after Sunnydale.”

“Sunnydale? Isn't that the town that sunk in a sink-hole?”

“Yes,” Dawn was a little relieved that Sunnydale was still in this reality. “Her name is Buffy Summers?”

“Buffy Summers? That sounds like a name for a pornstar or prostitute,” House said gleeful.

Dawn glared at the House.

“You better not tell her that to her face. She crushed the last person's hand, who told her that.”

“Really?” House asked, amused.

Dawn kept glaring at the man.

“Yes, when you talk to her say that you speak for me, Dawn Summers. They might ask for a password. It is Joy's Daughter 88.”

“Password?” House was surprise. This was getting more elaborated and complicated with the minute.

“Yes, it is a safety measure in the case of being kidnapped or attacked.” Dawn explained. “To let them know that it's me.”

House had to let it sink in for a moment.

“You can tell Buffy everything about my condition,” Dawn continued. “But don't tell her that it was through sex,” Dawn glared for good measure at Dan, who had mostly recovered from Dawn's punishment. “I want to have sex before turning forty and I don't want her to beat the crap out of him or do any permanent damage.”

Dan swallowed.

House stood up and looked at Dawn amused. He was wondering, what he would do, if he really got somebody on the other line. He said his goodbye and started limping toward his office. He sat behind his desk and picked up the phone dialling the number. After two rings somebody picked up the phone.


“No, I'm Dr. House. I'm her doctor or more precisely Melinda's doctor.”

There was a moment of silence.

'Are you a shrink?'

House laughed.

“No, I'm a real doctor,” he stated.

'Is something wrong with her.'

House could here the worry in the woman's voice.

“She had an anaphylactic attack. She had a bad reaction to penicillin,” he replied.

'Is she all right?'

“Yes, if it wasn't for her split personality, she would be released by now,” House said cheery.

He could hear a sigh of relief.

'I'll be landing in Plainsboro municipal airport in three hours at which hospital is she and which department?'

This was getting more curiously with the minute.

“Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on the third floor in ICU 3,” he answered.

'Thanks, bye.'

She hung up, before he could reply back. He certainly wasn't going to leave the hospital until he had met the 'sister'. He was imagining if she really would look like a pornstar.

End Chapter One.
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