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Another Sister in the House

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Summary: Dawn is finding herself in a body which looked exactly like hers, that just had an anaphylactic attack. In the aftermath she has to deal with a new set of parents, a boyfriend and Dr. House and his crew to figure out why she is sick.

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Television > House, M.D. > Dawn-CenteredWhiteWolfFR15918,22176827,05625 Jul 088 Aug 08No

Chapter Eight

Disclaimer: Not mines.
A/N: I hope you guys like it. I've put Buffy's thoughts in cursive, to explain House's reactions. Which is a little weird, It would be better explained if I showed House's thoughts. *grin*

Chapter Eight


Buffy walked into the hospital through the entrance door. At the reception she was directed to House's whereabouts. It seem he was doing his clinic duties. She saw House just exiting an examination room telling the patient how dumb he was in believing he might be sick.

“We need to talk, Gregory?” Buffy said in a calm, reprimanding tone, letting House know, he was in trouble.

The effect, Buffy's words had on House, was greater then she had expected. He stiffened for a moment and when he turned around, Buffy could see a guilty expression on his face, but it disappeared within a second.

“Damn woman, did you need to use those words and tone?”

“What words and what tone?” Buffy asked confused.

“Never mind,” House was trying to cover-up for his slip.

Buffy noticed the cover-up and had to think fast.

“Mother complex?” Buffy guessed quickly.

“Sister complex?” House shot back.

“No, I have a Daddy complex,” Buffy quipped.

“You want me to be your daddy,” House said with innuendo.

Buffy was thinking it over, putting her finger on her lips and then she shook her head.

“Nah, it wouldn't work,” Buffy decided.

“How about simple sex? I got great references about my bed prowls,” House said seductive.

“You can't count on honest compliments from people you pay,” Buffy shot back.

“I'll have you know, I get great discount,” House looked proud and on the verge of hitting himself on the chest.

“What in volume?”

“Maybe you want me to pay you?”

“You don't have the money to buy me.”

“So, that means you can be bought.”

“Nothing what you have.”

Buffy knew the moment she said it, that it was the wrong answer.

“I knew you were a prostitute,” House had a triumph smile plastered on his face.

Buffy rolled her eyes. It was getting old, him comparing her to a hooker or pornstar. They could go for hours like this and House wouldn't stop, for it would make him avoid work. And Buffy had other things to do, than quip all day with the smart-ass. Maybe if she would change tactics.

Buffy changed her facial expression in one of indifference. Her stance changed and she was looking disappointed at House. She was using, what Dawn would call, 'the mom'-look.

“You know that look won't work on me,” House stated, prepared for such an attack from Buffy.

Buffy knew the 'Mom'-look wouldn't work instantly. It needed time to erode his defensive shields.

“Gregory?” She upped it a notch.

“Wow, did you call my mother?” House asked sarcastic.

'Bingo!' Buffy thought. She knew, this was a chink in his armour. Now she needed to stay firm and hope House wouldn't come out of nowhere with a good comeback and attack one of her 'undefended' weaknesses. She needed to be careful not to give him any ammunition. House was very good at picking up lies and half-truths and knowing when somebody was hiding something from him. So far she hasn't told him any lies, the half-truths were more coded messages and anything she was hiding from him, she was open with him about not wanting to tell him.

“Was there a good reason to tell Melinda about the DNA tests you performed, Gregory?”

“Somebody needed to tell her the truth, Bunny,” House used as his defence.

“You mean somebody needed to tell her so that she could tell you,” Buffy broke through his defence like stake through the heart.

“Exactly,” House stated with excitement, not bothered being caught and that somebody had the brains to get it. “So, what is the truth?”

“The truth is that you're a pathetic little man,” Buffy replied.

That wasn't a great comeback, Buffy. You should have done better.

“I'm 6'3'' and nothing about me is little,” Gregory was going for innuendo, again. He even had a smug expression on his face.

“Your compassion is little.” Buffy knew that was lame and the grin House gave her told her, he thought the same thing. She needed something better. “Didn't your mother tell you to have compassion and consideration for your fellow man?”

She knew it was a risk for House would attack her with her own mother.

“Didn't your daddy taught you how to behave like a good little girl? And is that why all the men in your life leave you?” House handed out a low-blow, but instead of it coming from the right he came left.

Buffy, calm down, you were expecting it, even though he used a different angle. And you have overcome your abandonment-issues, most of them. You got Giles and Xander, two men, it doesn't matter where they are or how terrible you treat them, they would never truly abandon you and they would always return. Smile.

Buffy smiled.

House is trying to avoid the mother issue, but be prepared that he might use is at the end.

“I'm not ready and too busy to commit or be in a serious relationship,” Don't use the cookie-dough analogy, Buffy, “And you need to pay them to keep them.”

“At least I get my money's worth,” House stated smug.

“A hollow fulfilment of life, closing yourself of every personal contact.”

“Personal contacts are too bothersome,” he added again with some innuendo, “with the exception of physical contacts.”

Damn, he's only going to talk about sex and lust, and why isn't his attack more intensified, I've let myself wide open. Of course, he knows I'm letting myself open for him to fall into my trap. He's tripling around my trap.

A smirk appeared around House's mouth.

Bastard! Need to trigger him into an attack, I have to go under the belt.

“With such a character you probably were molested as a child ... by your mother, or maybe you father,” Buffy assumed with a smile.

Yes, Buffy, that was low, way low. But at least he didn't see that one coming.

House was shocked for a moment and then he grinned.

Here he comes, be ready. Don't let him get to you.

“Killed any babies lately,” he said with grin.

Where did that came from? Oh, he must know or guessed that I kill something. But Why Babies? Must be for the shock effect.

“No, I save them. I got a hero-complex,” Buffy said cheery.

That should give you ammo to call me a super Barbie.

“Ah, that's why you kill all those men, ... hmm,” he looked her over, “preferable with a knife through the heart.”

That came a little too close to the true. How did he know I 'slay'? How much did Dawn blab to him? Damn, don't tell me I'm that easy to read. Am I 'dropping my shoulders'?

“A knife is less messier and quicker then sending somebody to his doom with a single word,” Buffy went into an attack and didn't deny it.

Let him think, he is right.

House was looking a little confused.

Oh, yeah. Weren't expecting me to admit it. I know your game, Mr. House. You attack people with things they hate to admit. As long I'm not afraid to admit my flaws, he can't win. You're a big girl now, Buffy. You went though a lot of dramas to know your flaws and have grown a lot in the last year.

“How can a psychopath like you care for your sister, what is it; split personality?, very good at compartmenting your normal life and your life as a killer?”

Buffy smiled. She almost chuckled. Being called a psychopath wasn't the worse thing people called her. Plus Faith was the psychopath slayer.

“I have no normal life,” she admitted freely.

“I'm sure your mother was very proud of you,” House said sarcastic. “must be turning in her grave. Oh wait. Her grave disappeared with Sunnydale.”

It was still a sour spot for Buffy, that she couldn't visit her mother's grave any more. But she kept on smiling.

“I know that my mother was, is very proud of me,” Buffy said. “Can you say the same?”

House hesitated for a fraction of a second.

“Well, I haven't spoke with her for awhile, but being a doctor gives her a lot of bragging rights with her friends, and saving lives and all it is always in the plus,” House grinned.

“But that is never enough,” Buffy let some of her sadness slip through.

“How can a squirt like you save lives?” House deduced somewhat frustrated.

Buffy smiled, broadly and with some sadness.

“By doing the things others couldn't do,” Buffy said before she looked down uninterested at her fingernails.“Would you believe me that I also saved the world a couple of times.”

Buffy blew at her nails and looked up to House with a knowing smile.

“Yeah,” House admitted, reluctantly.

“So, I won this battle of wits,” Buffy stated. “It was with a small margin, but still, I won.”

She knew that she had to rap it up quickly for she was ahead and if the 'battle' would have prolonged she would have lost. House had a thick skin and a sharp mind with a sharp tongue to inflict significant damage with.

“No, you didn't,” House protested.

“Yes, I did,” Buffy replied in a childish voice.


“Did too.”




The two would have continued if it wasn't for being interrupted.

“I have to agree with Ms. Summers,” Cuddy was interrupting their 'disagreement'. “She had surprised you at least two or three times and she didn't even flinch, when you called her a baby-killer.”

Buffy looked smug and stuck her tongue out at House. He in response stuck his hand out to grab it. Buffy quickly retreated her tongue in her mouth and kept on looking smug.

“See, I won,” Buffy said.

“Cuddy's opinion doesn't count, she isn't impartial,” House protested.

“Knowing you pissing everybody off, I bet she is the closest to an impartial judge,” Buffy stated raising her eyebrows.

House thought it over and nodded.

“True,” he admitted in agreement and added.“Foreman might be better.”

“He really has to have the last word, doesn't he?” Buffy told Cuddy. “Annoying isn't it.”

“Yeah, it is even more annoying, when he is right,” Cuddy replied.

“Why don't you gals gang up against me to have a slice of chance of winning?” House suggested with a superior grin.

Buffy grinned and then she started to pout.

“Why are you pouting,” House frowned. “You technically 'won', you have nothing to be pouting about.”

“Yeah, but Dawn wanted met to cut you down to size for manipulating Melinda,” Buffy was looking disappointed now. “I really hate it to disappoint my sister.”

House looked at Buffy's fake facial expressions and started to laugh. Buffy looked at Cuddy and shrugged her shoulders in amusement. Cuddy smiled back.

Buffy turned back to House and got serious.

“You really should watch out with messing with people, one day you mess with the wrong person and you end up with a knife or a bullet in you.”

House shrugged it off and waved it off as unimportant.

“And more important, don't mess with Melinda. It really ends bad for the people who mess with my friends and family.”

Buffy gave House a warning glare. House wasn't insensitive toward it. He could feel the danger behind it. House being House and when he feels being challenged or being threatened, he goes in the attack.

“How can Melinda be your family? And more important how come their DNA tests could be read as if they were you kids?”

Buffy was shocked.

“Dawn is my daughter?”

“Could be,” House clarified. “The margin of error makes them your sisters of daughters. But anybody who doesn't know the persons involved would lean toward daughter before sister.”

“Really,” Buffy was still amazed and then she smiled.

“So tell me, how is it possible,” House asked pushing Buffy for an answer. “What's the secret?”

Buffy had a neutral expression on.

“Stop harassing Melinda. I don't want her to find about the truth too harshly and reacting bad about it as Dawn did.”

“You mean the suicide attempt and her cutting herself,” House mentioned nonchalance.

Buffy's eyes went wide open.

“I saw the scars on her wrists and the scars on her belly, which were made by shallow cuts,” House explained.

Buffy closed her eyes and sighed. She opened them again and looked at House.

“Dawn never tried to commit suicide. She had ... some problems ... with reality. She cut herself to prove to herself that she was real,” Buffy eyes turned dark. “And the cuts on her belly weren't self-inflicted. A crazy ... person cut her, because of some stupid bitch.”

Buffy looked angry at House.

“What happened to him?” House asked. He couldn't help himself poking into the hornet's nest.

“I pushed him of a tower some crazy people built,” Buffy answer with a cold glare.

“I'm sure he deserved it,” acting as if Buffy's glare had no effect on him.

“House!” Cuddy said reprimanding and warning tone.

House ignored Cuddy.

“So, one of your secrets is that you're some kind of ... assassin. But that isn't the secret I want to know,” House continued. “What are the explanations for the DNA tests, from Melinda and Dawn having the same DNA to Melinda having your mother's heart and how come you are a possible candidate for being the girls' mother.”

Buffy grinned and then she looked at her watch.

“Oh, look at the time. I have to go. I have a prior commitment.” Buffy waved, “ciao,” and turned around. She started to walk away.

“Ah, come on. Give me a hint. Give me a bone,” House sounded as if he was begging. “Woof, woof.” He even barked as a dog.

Buffy smiled and turned around. She knew that this might not be the best thing to do and might bite her in the ass later, but she knew that House wouldn't stop looking until he got bored or preoccupied by something more interesting.

“They are made from my blood,” Buffy gave House his bone. “Ciao.”

Buffy walked away with her hand up waving back.

“Wait! Blood? How?”

But Buffy was already pass the sliding doors and out of sight, leaving a confused House behind. But also a happy House, being happy that he had another clue to the Summers' puzzle. He was starting to walk to his office to think about it.

“House, where are you going?”

“Eh,” House looked confused. He had forgotten Cuddy for a moment. “To my office to thing about this conundrum,” he answered as if it was obvious.

“You still have clinic duties,” Cuddy reminded him.

“Ah,” House remembered.

His 'conversation' with Buffy had distracted him from his work for a while.

“And after the clinic duties, you're going to explain about those DNA tests, which I'm sure weren't authorized.”

House nodded and went to get his next patient, not wanting to argue with Cuddy. He had important things to figure out and he couldn't do that while arguing with Cuddy. He could always tease or bother her later. While he was with his patient, which by the way he had already figured out what was wrong with him by simply looking at his neck, it gave him time to think and he was drowning out the patient's nonsense. He nodded at appropriate intervals, when it hit him.


“Eh, what?” the patient sounded and looked shocked by House's outburst.

“But shouldn't all three DNA's be the same. Maybe somebody altered the DNA. But why would they take Buffy's DNA at such a young age?”

It made sense to Dr. House and it didn't make sense. It was very frustrating but also exciting.

“Eh, Doctor,” the patient tried to get House's attention.

“Oh, yeah,” House took a prescription pad and wrote a prescription for the man. “Take this for three days and it should be cured.”

The patient took the prescription, but wasn't looking very convinced that it would help him.

“You can go,” House said impatiently. “I have no time for me to waste on you. Shoo.”

House shooed him out of the examination room. The quicker he finished with his clinic duties the sooner he could think about this conundrum.

End Chapter Eight.

A/N: So, Have I potraited a cannon House and convinced you readers that Buffy could win from House?
House has the ability to size up people very quickly, but he has problems with really sizing Buffy up, because he can't factor in the supernatural, the slayer. This confusion is a great enough distraction to give Buffy a chance to slip through his defences.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Another Sister in the House" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Aug 08.

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