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Embrace Our Silent Dreams

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Footprints...". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to 'Footprints In Our Hearts'. When Angel goes missing, Connor calls a friend from school for help and is shocked when the man who left footprints in his heart shows up as well. Connor/Dean Slash

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We're Going To L.A.

We're Going to LA

Title: Embrace Our Silent Dreams

Author: Kyra

Disclaimer: If you recognize it, I don’t own it! If I did, I probably wouldn’t be writing fanfiction.

Summary: When Angel goes missing, Connor calls a friend from school for help and is shocked when the man who left footprints in his heart shows up as well.

Pairing: Connor/Dean, possible Sam/Dawn

Spoilers: Spn, Anything up to ‘Provenance’ is fair game. BtVS/Ats, Series Finales for both shows and completely ignores the comics, cos I don’t read them.

Warnings: SLASH!!! You have been warned; don’t like it, don’t read.

A/N: Yay! Another update! Hope you enjoy!

A/N2: Banner was made by TouchoftheWind!

Chapter 2: We’re Going To L.A.

Sam flipped his phone closed with a sigh as his Dean exited the gas station and headed back toward the car.

“You find us a new job?” Dean asked as he slid into the driver’s seat, handing Sam the plastic bag he’d been carrying that was full of junk food.

Sam pulled out a bag of chips as he nodded, “Yeah.”

“Cool,” Dean replied, starting up the car, “Where we headed?”

“L.A. Friend of mine from Stanford, his dad is missing. I told him we’d help,” Sam answered.

Dean shot his brother a sharp look. “Yeah, ’cause that worked out so well last time!” He exclaimed, thinking about how he’d been framed for murder the last time they’d gone to help one of Sam’s friends. “Besides, since when do we work normal missing persons cases? Has this friend of yours tried going to the cops?”

“No, Dean, he hasn’t gone to the cops,” Sam replied, ignoring his brother’s first comment, “And it’s not a normal missing persons case. He said that he went in to wake his dad up and the place was trashed and there was sulfur along the window sills and that the smell of the sulfur was so strong he nearly gagged. They’ve been trying to find him for the past three weeks and haven’t come up with a single lead, so he called me.”

“And why, exactly, would this guy call you? You said he was a friend from college, but you were pretending to be Joe Normal while you were at Stanford. Why would he think you’d be able to help?” Dean asked.

“Because he was the one person at Stanford who knew I was a Hunter,” Sam replied.

Dean raised an eyebrow at that, “Your girlfriend didn’t know about the family business, but you told one of your friends? Dude, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Sam sighed. “It’s not like I just went up to him and said ‘Hey, I’ve hunted the supernatural my whole life.’ Hell, I thought Connor was normal up until about a week before you showed up,” Sam said, not noticing the way his brother stiffened at the name ‘Connor’. “I met him on my first day at Stanford; we had a bunch of classes together and hit it off, became really good friends over the next three years. About a week before you showed up to get me, I was walking home from the library and heard a fight. I turned the corner into an alley and there’s Connor, fighting this thing. I mean it’s like eight feet tall with scales and horns, and Connor’s kicking its ass. Next thing I know, Connor pulls this sword out of nowhere and decapitates the thing. Couple seconds later and the body started to kinda tremble for a moment before liquefying. Then he finally noticed me and kinda froze, looking back and forth between me and the puddle that used to be a demon. We ended up going back to his dorm and he told me about his world. I think he thought I was gonna freak and run away screaming or tell him he was crazy or something. He definitely didn’t expect me to tell him that I was Hunter and grew up around stuff like that.”

“So, if he’s a Hunter, why does he need our help?” Dean asked, still stiff as he tried to fight off the thoughts of ‘his’ Connor that kept trying to flood his mind, memories of a brown-haired, blue-eyed man that he was still dreaming about over a year later.

“His family deals more with vampires and corporeal demons. Ya know, the kind that come with their own body and scales or slime or tentacles. Or all three. They don’t really deal with ghosts too much or the types of demons we’re used to, the ones that have to possess humans to cause mayhem,” Sam explained.

“You said his family…Is his dad a Hunter, too? They think that’s why he was taken?”

Sam shook his head, “No, not exactly. He’s more than a Hunter. He’s a Champion, chosen by the Powers That Be, apparently.” Sam looked at Dean before continuing, “He’s a vampire…With a soul.”

Dean’s head jerked to face Sam, “You’re shittin’ me! A vampire with a soul?! Yeah right! That’s not possible! And even if it was, vamps can’t have kids!”

“I know, I went through the same thing when Connor told me last year,” Sam said remembering his complete disbelief over Connor’s story. “But its true. Connor knows the witch who gave his dad the soul, she’s apparently a really good friend.. And I don’t the whole story with how it is that Connor exists, he never really explained it, just said it was this whole big thing. His words, not mine.”

“Right, so your half-vamp friend needs help finding his vampire dad; that’s just great. If I get framed for murder again, I am so kicking your ass,” Dean stated.

“Whatever, Dean,” Sam replied.



And with that the two drifted into silence. A couple minutes later Dean reached over and turned up the stereo, the sounds of Metallica filling the car as he once again tried to fight off thoughts of ‘his’ Connor. It was no use though, as images of blue eyes darkened with lust, desire and passion, of kiss swollen lips, sweat-damp brown hair, and a gorgeous toned body covered in Dean’s marks raced through his mind. Memories of Connor’s tight heat surrounding him, Connor screaming out his name in ecstasy, of his gasps and moans, of the way Connor threw his head back in bliss when he came all played out in Dean's head. The memories were so strong that he could practically taste the other man, could almost feel his blunt nails scratching down his back, could hear Connor’s breathless ‘God, Dean, please’s, could see the crystal blue eyes darkened with lust and unfocused from pleasure, and could damn near smell the scent of sweat and sex that had permeated the motel room when they were done. All of his senses were swimming with the memory of the other man. Dean let out a soft groan, inaudible over the sound of the music, and nearly wished he wasn’t driving so that he could bash his head against the steering wheel; it was bad enough that he had to relive that night almost every night in his dreams, now he was being tortured in his waking hours as well. Great, now he was hard. He chanced a glance at Sam and was relieved to see that his little brother had dozed off with his head against the window; he really didn’t want Sammy noticing anything and asking questions. That would be awkward. Dean idly wondered what his little brother would say if he knew that Big Brother liked guys as well as girls, that he actually preferred guys over girls. That didn’t last long though as thoughts of Connor once more invaded his mind and Dean sighed before settling in for what was sure to be a long drive.

Yay, another chapter done! Again, not as long as I wanted; but still longer than chapter one. And the next chapter will definitely be longer since the brothers will be arriving in L.A. Or maybe that will make it shorter…Cause I know how I want to end the chapter and I’m not sure how much filler crap I’ll be able to get in there before I reach the point where I want to end it.

So, until I get chapter 3 up, please leave a review? I’ll be forever grateful, I swear!

I hope you liked this!

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