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Something More Than Love

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Summary: Spike/Clark slash, FR21 as of Ch. 6. Clark runs away after revealing a secret and finds himself in a town that may be stranger than Smallville. Warnings: There will be some vampire and alien sex.

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Smallville > Spike-CenteredgoldengeishaFR18820,8590308,92627 Jul 0824 Sep 09No

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Chapter 8

Title: "Something More Than Love"
Author: goldengeisha
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me and no profit has or will be made. Spike and other Btvs and Ats characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Clark , Lex and other Smallvillle characters belong to the creators of Smallville and Millar Gough Ink. No money. Don't sue.
Pairing: Clark/Spike for now
Rating: FR18 now, eventually FR21
Summary: Clark runs away to a town even more weird than Smallville and he discovers that there are some things that are the same no matter how far you go.
Author's note: Please be gentle. This is my first attempt at crossover. Feedback, please.

Chapter 8

"Just when my day was gettin' good." Spike didn't even bother to look behind him as the slayer slammed and banged her way into the crypt.

"Spike. Need some info."

"And I need some dosh. No freebies today," Spike stood up 'cause you never know when you have to dodge a stake.

"Okay. I let you remain ash-free. That good enough for you."

"Make it quick and dirty, slayer. Got things to do."

"New 'Big Bad' in town. Scaring the hell out of the fledges. I mean they were actually like warning me about how tough he is. Any ideas?"

"Need a bit more intel than that. Say like what he does. A description."

"That's all I have. Hence the coming to you. Research party. And I can not believe I'm telling you to come."

Rolling his eyes Spike just nodded, "See what I can do. Now out."

Turning her nose up at him the slayer flounced out the crypt door without bothering to close the door, Sunlight filtered into the room. Cursing Spike skipped and hopped in the shady spots until he came close enough to shut the door.

Spike went to the fridge drank a few pints of blood with a JD chaser. He was just getting ready for a nap when he heard Clark come in the door.

"lo pet. Thought you had to work."

"Oh yeah but I had some off time overdue so I had to take it. But I do have to go to my other job tonight."

"That's nice. What's that you got there pet?"

"Oh this. Uhh nothing for now," Clark blushed. "But a guy at work told me about this place and I bought something fo you. Both of us really."

"You don't say. Let's have a gander then." If it has him blushing like that then it must be something good."

"Noo. I want to save it for tomorrow."

Curious Spike decided to change tactics. "Alright then," Spike said as he moved closer to kiss him.

"Okay. I can't stay long because I wanted to sleep some more before I go in tonight."

" 's alright luv. Just about to have a kip meself. Wanna keep me company then?"

"Okay because I really need some sleep for once."

"No worries pet. C'mon down."

Both jumped down to Spike's bedroom and quickly disrobed. Clark placed his secret goodies on his side then he laid down on his side of the bed and held the comforter open for Spike. Spike slid into his arms and both begin kissing each other deeply while holding each other loosely. Spike begin rocking his hips in tempo with Clark after Clark squeezed his buttocks.

"Oh yeah Spike. Harder and faster."

"Yeah. 'Fraid this is going to be a quick one pet."


'Oh yeah. Cum w'me Claa-ark."


"Bloody hell. I'm right knackered."

"Yeah," Clark agrees as he snuggles down onto Spike apparently asleep."

"Sleep tight, pet," Spike feigned sleep for a few minutes before slowly easing his way from Clark's hold."

"Spike. Leave the bag 'til tomorrow."




It's been awhile since Spike had been to the Magic Box. Not even for his berber weed. But he had better things to do with his lovely boy.

Maybe Nibblet will be there. Haven't seen her for a spell. Glinda either.

The familiar ring of the shop bell alerted the "Scoobies" to his presence.


"Hey Fangless. Long time no see."

Spike just gave him the bird and sat in his usual space, winked at Glinda then smiled at his Niblet. Both of whom giggled and greeted him sincerely.

"Slayer said there's a new beastie or some such putting the fear into the fledges," Spike took a cigarette from his pack but didn't light it as he leaned back rolling it between his fingers.

Giles came from the back with Buffy trailing behind him. "Spike do you have anything useful to contribute or are you just wasting our time?

Spike wasn't even bothered by that remark. He just looked at Giles sideways then said, "You lot have some brass ones if'n you think I'm going to keep helping you for nothing and take your shit. I'm out."

"Hold it Spike," Buffy called him back.

Spike just turned and raised an eyebrow.

"Give you fifty dollars if you can tell me what has the demons going mental with fear. I have never seen nothing like it. This demon must be wicked strong and fast. I had to stake one simply because he would not stop blabbering on and on."

"Well did you ask him how he got away?"

"Uh. No."

Spike just sighed, "Slayer, if you're gonna be all chatty with the demons before you slay 'em. Why don't you ask them for a soddin' description? Ger off your duff and start asking the right questions."

I cannot believe these are the same wankers who foiled my every plan.

"For starters on patrol." Could use a spot of violence after this since my boy is working. "I'll even lend a hand."


"Fine. Let's go."



Clark was just going to work taking his usual shortcuts when a gang of fledges and some creatures that he didn't recognize surrounded him.

I so do not have time for this. This is worse than the mutants back home.

Thinking about his encounters with the mutants back home he hoped warily that none of them had any spiffy meteor-like advantages.

"You don't belong here."

"Pfllrt wrtz rturtu."


"He said it's time to die."


With various roars and war cries the demons attacked Clark without mercy using claws, maws and all manners of weapons. For a full minute the demons thought they had won when they heard a unsettling gurgling. They began stepping back to assess their macabre handiwork when they realized it was one of their own.

"How?" One of the fledges asked in shock looking around in game face before shifting back to his human guise but not before Clark noticed the shift.

"Oh my God. How? Your face just changed." Clark gasped momentarily forgetting the possible danger to him until he noticed the mangled heap of flesh from the corner of his eye.

"What is wrong with all of you? You're monsters!"

"How did you get away? Magic?" One of the demons asked. Some of the more sentient ones were reluctant to engage him again so quickly lest they end up a target in the unnatural one's place.

"Like this."

It seemed as if nothing but a blur of blue and red scattered demons in every direction. Clark didn't spare them any pain even though he was only using a fraction of his strength. The demons felt shaken to their core at this display of power and strength in such a short amount of time. Not a one of then had any time to react yet alone act. They had been summarily defeated in a matter of seconds.

"I will say this one time. All of you I see today had better leave this place and its citizens alone. Harm no other creature and I won't come after you. It takes nothing for me to defeat you." If I find it necessary I will keep watch."

As the demons nodded or wagged whatever appendage they used for nodding, they otherwise remained still.

Clark just looked at them and raised a brow. "Go. Like now."

Demons scattered.

Clark looked down at the body of the demon and knew that it was too late for him to be saved. He squashed his tears over the senseless loss and the knowledge that this could be him if there had been only a tiny sliver of meteor rock.

Clark looked down at his work uniform which was in tatters then at his watch. He had to clock-in within two minutes. "Just great." He supersped home to shower and change then he clocked-in with seconds to spare.



Spike is so going into overprotective mode when he finds out. Clark thought to himself as he began unpacking crates. He smiled to himself when he realized what he said.


Neither the demons or Clark noticed that someone was watching.


Clark awakened to the sounds of the Sex Pistols on his clock radio alarm. He smiled because it made him think of Spike first thing in the morning. He so wished that Spike had a phone so that he could hear that sexy baritone early in the morning. He wouldn't mind waking up to that anytime. He didn't really need to sleep as much as he did when he was younger but he still liked to do so on occasion. He rarely was knackered as Spike would say. Shrugging his shoulders Clark stretched his long frame before leaping off the bed and superspeeding to his shower. He had the entire day free and he wanted to be with Spike. It was such a relief to not only unburden one of his secrets but to have someone who understood what it meant to not be human. Although he feels a twinge of guilt for not telling him everything.

"Lex!" Speaking of secrets reminded him of the one he would like to share with Lex. He missed his pool buddy. Yet Lex was more than that to him.

Clark made himself a breakfast which was really enough to feed four grown men. He drank a half a jug of juice. Oh how he missed his mom's freshly squeezed juice. He supposed he ought to call them too. Just not today. He was not as mad as he was when he first arrived in Sunnydale but he didn't want anything to spoil his day.

I'll leave a message on Lex's cell and talk to him within the next few days. We can discuss a good time to visit. I so want him to meet Spike.

Clark picked up the cell from the coffee table and speed dialed his friend and waited for the beep.

"Hey Lex! How are you? It's Clark. Hope you're not working too hard. I can't wait for you to meet Spike. I just know the two of you will hit it off. You will so not believe how crazy it is out here. It's way beyond weird. Even by Smallville standards. Anyway, take care. I miss our pool nights and our talks. Ring back when you can. Bye!

Clark hung up his phone satisfied that his message was just cool enough. He packed an overnight bag which he would swing by for later on his way to Spike's after deciding to run an errand or two and pick up some of their favorite take-out and a movie or two. Maybe he could talk Spike into a roadtrip one night. What's summer without a roadtrip? Happy with his plan Clark whistled happily as he went about his day.


Clark hummed happily as he decided to grab a cup of his favorite coffee and something sweet for Spike. While he was waiting at the counter trying to decide on whether he should get some biscotti, he felt someone tap him on his shoulder and turned around to see who it was.

It's that girl from the Bronze who was talking to Spike. He felt a surge of jealousy. So he didn't say anything and just gave her a questioning look.


She finally got the hint to start talking.

"So you're indulging in chocolatey beverages today?"

Wow. That's really lame. "Do I know you?"

"Uhh no. But you can. You know. Get to know me."

"I can?"

Oblivious to his apparent disinterest, the blonde girl kept chattering away not making a bit of sense. He wondered if she ever paid attention in school because most of them aren't even real words.

Sighing, Clark excused himself as his order was called. He gathered all of his supplies and decided he needed to hurry so that he could lay down with Spike for a while before he awakened. He had a dreamy smile on his face that made his eyes sparkle just thinking about it. Apparently the girl mistook this as a sign of encouragement.

"So eight's a good time to go "bronzing".


"Bronzing at the bronze. Get your bronze on. The place of the shiny lights and music for the dancing."


"Uh. Ohh. No thanks I have plans tonight."

"Oh So tomorrow. You and me?"

"You and me on a date?"

"Yes. So timeage?"

"Huh? Why are you making up all these words?"

She seemed a bit taken aback for a moment.


Shaking his head, Clark just turned to leave as he said, " I gotta go. I've got a date with my boyfriend."

Clark didn't even notice the pole-axed expression on her face.

"Uh, Buffy. You really should like close your mouth."




Clark knocked on the door to Spike's crypt then he opened the door a moment later when there was no answer.

Hmm. Guess he's asleep.

Clark put down his packages and the takeout then took his over

night bag down into the lower level. Clark finally noticed the sronger than usual smell of copper. Clark zeroed in on the source of it and rushed to the bed at the sight of him while calling Spike's name.

"What happened to you?"

Spike had awakened the moment he heard the knocking but relaxed when he realized it was Clark. He krnew he looked a right mess. His right eye was nearly swollen shut, his face was paler than usual from the loss of blood when the talons on one of the demons got him good and proper like. He even took a mignty powerful kick in the chest which left a very nastly looking imprint.

Bugger. This was not going to be easy.

"Got into a bit of the rough and tumble. No worries I'll heal up once I get some kip and nosh."

"But why? Was this some bar fight or what? I mean you are really messed up. Did you lose?"

"No, just helped someone out." Fat lot of good it did me when Ms. Slutty didn't even say thanks for watching her back. Not even a pint of blood for me troubles much less the fifty dollars I was promised. Bloke's gotta eat. Still didn't find sod all about the latest "Big Bad".

"Oh. That was nice. So this doesn't like happen often?"

"Being banged up like this? No. Fighting? Yeah."

At Clark's questioning glance , Spike sighed.

"Right then, it's a bit of a long story. Give you all the sordid details in a bit. Jus lemme get some more blood in me."

"Alright. As long as you tell me what's going on later. I'll get you some blood," Clark said as he moved to kiss him on the forehead which would have caused Spike to blush if he had enough blood in him.

"You don't have to do that pet," Spike protested because he didn't want his boy to be disgusted when he saw him drink the blood.

"No problem."

Spike settled back with a grunt. Clark returned with his blood and helped him sit up so he can drink it.

"Ta, luv."

Clark just smiled and rubbed his leg as he waited for him to finish.

"Looks like I'm going to have to save the goodie bag for later."

"Yeah. Never did tell ol' Spike what you got there for me."

"Well, you're gonna have to wait some more because you're in no shape for it now."

"Bloody hell pet. Now you got me wanderin'," Spike groused as he took a swallow of his blood.

"Can't be helped. You need to heal. Ohh! I got you a treat and some Thai. Know you like that. Be right back," Clark told him as he supersped to the top and back again before Spike finished swallowing.

"Buggerin' hell. You are bleedin' fast. Put us vamps to shame, you do."

"Oh yeah. You move pretty fast yourself," Clark replied a little embarassed by the compliment and passed him his food and gave him the triple white chocolate raspberry tart. "Something hot and spicy and something sweet. Like you," Clark teased him with a leering light in his eye that Spike was beginning to crave.

"I'd say the same about you, luv."

Flashing Spike with that megawatt smile Clark dug into his food and coffee drink.

"I got movies too."

"That so. Eh."

"Action and something like romance."

"Sounds good pet."

Spike swallowed the last of his food and savored the tart, licking and prolonging the sucking of his fingers as his vamp senses alerted him to Clark's budding arousal.

"Wot?" Spike asked as he took his time licking his lips trying unsuccessfully to hide his smirk when he noticed Clark's sideways glances.

"That must be some good stuff."

"Yeah. That went down a treat. Know how to treat a bloke good and proper like. Might have to put out, " Spike said as he licked his lips again.

Clark nearly choked when he began snickering even though he was clearly even more aroused by the images that statement evoked.

"You're doing that on purpose!"

"Don't know what y'mean."

"Yeah, sure. You're such a tease. No fair being all sexy licking stuff when you' re all banged up. You suck."

"Maybe later, pet," Spike couldn't help but chuckle at the look on Clark's face as he blushed crimson.

For a moment Clark was overcome with embarassment then he thought that two could play this game. Spike shivered in a good way at the cunning sexy smile and heard the nasty little chuckle from Clark.

"Ohh Spiiike," Clark said in a singsong voice that was very close to a purr. "I'm so sorry you have to wait on your gift since you're all hurt."

Spike just looked at him more than a little bit turned on when Clark practically stalked towards him then began a sexy slow crawl up his bed. He drew the sheet down revealing Spike's glorious nudity. Clark settled himself between Spike's knees and then stretched languidly with a little moan before removing his shirt.

"You know if you were like all better. I could use that gift here," Clark paused and placed his hands feather light on the back of his knees then embarked on a sinuous path to his inner thigh. "And here, then right there," Clark whispered in a throaty voice as he forged a tingling path towards his scrotum then onto his genitals with a quick squeeze which caused Spike to moan with a fire in his eyes. Clark just bit his lip to hide his smirk then he continued his game as he trailed his hands up his torso leaning in to suck and tongue Spike's belly button which made Spike arch with feline grace and curse loudly. "Oh and one more place that I will share with you-for now is right here and here," Clark taunted him then he honed in on Spike's nipples tweaking and pinching then nipping and sucking before he finally placed a sweet kiss on each one as Spike writhed, howled and arched beneath him ignoring any lingering twinges of pain from his rapidly healing injuries.

"Bloody hell Clark." Gonna have to tease him more often. "Come here," Spike growled acknowleding the sensation of heat from Clark as he encouraged Clark to straddle him. He was just close enough to render Clark senseless as he attacked Clark's nipples with ferocity while unbuttoning then pushing down Clark's jeans. He slid both hands around to alternate cupping squeezing his buttocks much to Clark's delight.

"Oh yeah!" They both hollered simultaneously. Spike pushed Clark back so that he was back just far enough away with his knees drawn up and over each of Spike's legs. Then he begin pulling on Clark's shaft relentlessly as Clark returned the favor. Both begin to climax at the same time then they both leaned their heads on each other shoulders as they tried to come down. They kissed for a few minutes and just rocked a moment.

"That's gonna be some gift eh?"

"I'm counting on it."

Spike chuckled and hissed a bit at the sting from the healing scratch from that demon's talons.

"Ohh. I'm such a bad boyfriend. You're still hurt."

"Shush all that now. I'm fine. Wouldn't change a thing. Worth more than a bit of pain."

"I don't want you to be in pain because of me-Which brings to mind that you were going to explain all of these injuries." Clark fixed hime with a resolute stare.

" 'Kay. This may take a while. Let's get comfortable."

Clark shed his jeans and underwear with a little blush as they both settled underneath the blood red sheets.

Spike just chuckled at his sweetness, "You're still a bit shy after all we have done. Seen you in your altogether before pet."

Clark just shrugged and laid down beside Spike. Both faced each other and entwined their legs as they held hands and sometimes traced each others arms and hips.

"Right then," Spike kissed him hard then clasped Clark's hand before taking an unnecessary breath.

"Pet, "member the other night when I told you that there was more than one side to Sunnydale and some demons were no good at all?"


"Well I didn't always used to be so good. In fact I was very good at being very bad. The thing of nightmares I was. Made a name for myself. Got into a bit of trouble with the government. . Found myself starving after I escaped from the government. Ready to rip open my own veins. Had to change my ways to survive. So I hooked up with the mortal enemy of my kind and her band of do-gooders. Partly to keep myself from getting staked and much later to sate my need for violence. Vamp you know. Don't need it as much as I used to since I've become a master vampire."

"The government?"

"Oh pet. It's a very long story and part of it led me to where I am today. In league with the slayer. Fightin' the baddies and whatnot."


Spike sighed.

"Right then here goes it, the tale of the Initiative and the slayer."

end Chapter 8

The End?

You have reached the end of "Something More Than Love" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Sep 09.

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