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Something More Than Love

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Summary: Spike/Clark slash, FR21 as of Ch. 6. Clark runs away after revealing a secret and finds himself in a town that may be stranger than Smallville. Warnings: There will be some vampire and alien sex.

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Smallville > Spike-CenteredgoldengeishaFR18820,8590308,93527 Jul 0824 Sep 09No

Chapter One

Something More Than Love

Banner courtesy of TouchofWind for goldengeisha's Something More Than Love

Title: "Something More Than Love"
Author: goldengeisha
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me and no profit has or will be made. Spike and other Btvs and Ats characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Clark , Lex and other Smallvillle characters belong to the creators of Smallville and Millar Gough Ink. No money. Don't sue.
Pairing: Clark/Spike for now
Rating: FR18 now, eventually FR21
Summary: Clark runs away to a town even more weird than Smallville and he discovers that there are some things that are the same no matter how far you go.
Author's note: Please be gentle. This is my first attempt at crossover. Feedback, please.

Clark looked around trying to figure out where he was after he finally stopped running. He couldn’t bear to face his parents after the fight they just had. He finally decided to come out to his parents. Jonathan Kent had launched into a tirade about how Lex had corrupted him. Angered by his father’s baseless accusations he accused his father of being a homophobe. Martha had gasped and ultimately sided with her husband, vehemently denying any such thing. They went on and on about looking out for his best interests and that as long as he lived under their roof he would have to obey their rules which included staying away from Lex Luthor. That’s when Clark just blew up and roared, “Then maybe I won’t live under your roof anymore!”

With a burst of superspeed, Clark furiously packed his bags and flew back downstairs. Stopping abruptly with his back rigid with anger towards his parents , Clark told his parents, “You can’t dictate whom I choose as my friends or lover”. He could hear his mother tearfully calling his name miles away as he used his powers to run to the Luthor castle. He slowed to normal speed as he approached the castle grounds. Clark was thoroughly surprised and a little miffed to discover that Lex was not in town for an undisclosed period and that he did not leave word for Mr. Kent.

Once the maid closed the door he quickly scanned the castle. Not knowing what to do he begin walking and mumbling to himself that he didn’t care that Lex had not left a message for him. Clark continued his inner debate until he noticed he was getting wet. So he started to run and kept on running and getting more sullen as the rain poured down. Clark kept running at top speed until he noticed that he was dry and that it was no longer raining. Peering around him, Clark walked into a convenience store and asked the clerk about motels and bought a newspaper so that he could scan the want ads. He decided he might stay awhile in this Sunnydale.

Growling awakened Clark from a deep slumber the next morning. After showering and grooming he grabbed the classified section of the paper and went in search of a late lunch. After chowing down on a double order of fries, a deluxe burger and chocolate malt, Clark watched the pedestrians saunter past the window. As he paid for his meal he decided to go check out three job ads today and maybe tour the town. For the next three days Clark followed a pattern of sleeping, eating and job-hunting. Clark was now a part-time waiter and a part-time stockboy in a local discount chain.

He decided to celebrate by treating himself to a latte and a chocolate cake. Clark asked some teenagers where everyone hung out. Nursing his latte Clark thought he should probably call his parents or one of his friends and tell someone that he was still among the living.

Maybe Lex is back now. But no I’m independent now and I’ll call Lex when—

“Hey kid. It’s getting dark. You’d better get inside before it’s too dark.”

“Oh! I’m sorry I didn’t know you were closing this early.”

“It’s okay kid. Just head on home and be safe.”

“O-kaay." Clark looked at the man strangely as he paid his bill and begin heading for his motel thinking how strange it is that most of the shops closed so early. For the first time Clark begin to notice how hyper-vigilant actions of the townspeople.

“Hmm, weird.” Clark just shook his head and resolved to find something to do other than eating and sleeping.


Just to shake tings up Clark began going to the Bronze over the next week and he even hung out at the local nightclub once or twice on his off-days over the next two weeks. One evening at he night club, Clark was sipping his second coke while sitting in his seat that offered him a view of the entire club. It was different than what he was used to because of the improve night and an eclectic choice of music mostly geared to the 20 to 30 crowd with a little more money. Occasionally he would see some college-age students who would try to order outrageous drinks and bet on pool. Otherwise no one touched the pool table. Just when he was getting so bored that he was thinking of calling home, a huge commotion startled him.

“No way. There is just no way that anyone plays that dood dude. You have got to be cheating. I want a rematch."

“Sorry kiddies. Won the game fair and square. Maybe some other night,” a platinum-blonde slender man dressed in black replied.

Clark couldn’t take his eyes off the man who moved with such grace. He watched as the man chuckled while sauntering towards the bar.

“No, the guy who apparently couldn’t get over losing grabbed the blonde man’s arm and yanked him back. “You just cheated me out of three hundred bucks dude. Give me my money back.”

The blonde man yanked his arm from the accusing loser guy as Clark mentally dubbed him as he watched with interest. “Sod off you wanker,” he ground out. "I don’t need to cheat with the likes of you."

“Ohh man. I knew it. I knew you cheated.”

“Whatever”. The blonde guy with the English accent started to turn back toward the bar and was stopped once again when the guy tried to grab his arm once more. Then one of his friends started to move towards them.

Sodding hell. If it wasn’t for this chip I’d be wiping the floor with these gits.

“For the last time, mate! Keep ya sodding mitts off me!”

“Not ‘til you give me my money back."

“Oi! You’re a bleeding broken record."

“Not ‘til--"

Clark began to roll his eyes at this guy's lameness just as Spike exploded.

“Oh! To hell with this!”

Clark watched as the blonde snatched his arm back and angrily strode back to the bar and ordered a whiskey. Turning around as the drama seemed to die down, Clark decided to call Lex after he left a message for his parents at a time that he knew they were not at home. Dialing Lex’s number from memory, Clark waited for someone to answer at the castle. Humming to himself he was stopped himself from disconnecting just in time.

“Hello. Lex. Who is calling?”

Surprised that Lex answered the phone Clark related that to Lex.

“Clark! Is that you? Thank God. Where are you? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, Lex”.

“Thank God. Your parents said they didn’t know where you were. I knew it."

“Lex. They really don’t. You’re the first one I talked to since I left Smallville. We had a fight. I lost my temper.”

“Clark. I’m sure you ca come back now. Just tell me where you are and I’ll wire you some money to come home. Or better yet I’ll come get you."

“Lex. Stop. Breathe. I’m not coming back."

“Oh. Clark. Whatever it is you can work it out. Your parents are the best people I know. I’m sure all of you can work through this."

“Lex.” , Clark interrupted patiently. I’ll be back in time for school. I’ll call you sometime. And you can call me. I have two summer jobs and a place to stay. I’m a big boy. I’ll be alright."

"Are you sure Clark?"

"I' m sure Lex. I'll even tell you one of my darkest secrets. Lord knows my dad didn't want to hear it."

"Clark," Lex said softly. "You know that I'm here for you whenever, wherever."

"I know, Lex. You're a good friend."

Oddly touched and a little alarmed that such a simple statement affected him do much, Lex decided that he would give Clark his private number.

"Clark. I want you to have my private number so you can reach me anywhere. Call me anytime."

"Okay Lex. Bye."

"Good-bye Clark."

Clark disconnected and he stood to go to the men's room. On his way he noticed that the blonde guy and the "pool loser guy" were gone. Clark decided to call it a night and paid his bill. Taking his usual route to his motel; Clark stopped when he heards some thuds and grunting. After glancing around for passers-by, Clark superspeeded in the direction of the thuds and grunts which was coming from a trash-ridden back alley. At the sight before him, Clark froze momentarily and he could only think, Oh. My. God.
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