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Flawless and Flowing

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Summary: Spike/Gunn slash, eventually FR21. Gunn decides to write Spike a letter. Warnings:There will be explicit m/m slash and of erotic imagery.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Gunn/SpikegoldengeishaFR1822,1150576127 Jul 081 Aug 08No

Chapter 2

Ch 2 of “Flawless and Flowing”

Title: Flawless and Flowing
Author: goldengeisha

Chapter 2

Rating: FR18, eventually FR21

Pairings: Spike/Gunn slash

Disclaimer: All Btvs and Ats characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No profit is being made at anytime.

Warnings: Erotic imagery and eventual graphic m/m slash.

Summary: Gunn decides to write Spike a letter.

Chapter 2

Spike was frozen to the spot as he took in the sights of Charles Gunn, for once struck speechless.

He couldn’t even make his body move. I feel like an utter git. He’s staring at me smiling at me. Speak. Move. Do something.

Just as Gunn was about to speak, Spike blurted, “Yes!” Very loudly. So loudly that Gunn leaned back a little with a puzzled look on his face.

“Yes, to what?”

“To the question in the poem.” Spike spoke quietly.

With a teasing gleam in his eyes and a quick flash of his tongue, Gunn spoke in a low voice, “you know I asked more than one question.” Moving forward a bit into Spike’s personal space he continued smoothly, “Now let me see. Are you saying yes to the chance of making you tingle?”

Spike swallowed a little. “Yeah.”

Gunn moved even closer to him. “How about getting to know you?”

Spike nodded. Gunn was so close to him now that there was only a breath of space between them. “Yes to me worshipping your body with my tong- words?” Gunn cut his words off purposefully.

Spike leaned into him and said in a breathless baritone, “Yes to everything . Now shut your gob and kiss me.”

Both grabbed for each other at the same moment. Chest to chest, Spike sliding his arms under those of Charles and Gunn’s hands clutching the back of Spike’s arms, both sets of lush, shapely lips came together without reserve. They teased each other with little nips and pressing their lips hard against each other as if they were trying to leave an imprint. Tongues dueled and were sucked into each other’s mouths hungrily; Gunn pulled Spike’s lithe form to him without any resistance.

“Want you so badly,” Spike mumbled against Gunn’s lips and resumed kissing him until Gunn broke the kiss moments later, resting his head against Spike’s.

“Want you too.” Too badly. Taking Spike’s hand he guided him to the couch. Spike slid down next to his hips as Gunn wrapped an arm around him with his arm resting low; Gunn pulled him closer to his side and turned his body so that one of Spike’s knees could rest atop his legs. “Now we can talk.”

Coyly, turning his head in a move that was so unlike himself he replied, “’kay.”

He looks so cute. I ain’t going to tell him that. Mentally shaking his head Gunn refocused on Spike. “Sooo, we already know that we want each other, so I want to be straight with you. When I said I want to be with you I meant in every way, no hittin’ and quittin’ it for us. I have never really pursued any man before you so just bear with me. Alright?”

Spike was overcome over the revelation about being his first male interest and the fact that he actually wanted to talk to him. No one has ever pursued me. They just use me. But he wants me. Wrote me bloody beautiful poetry. This is something new-- Right then. Don’t blow this. Raising his eyes he replied, “’kay, luv. “

“Good.” Gunn took his hand prompting Spike to gaze up questioningly at him. “Let me look into those pretty baby blues as I ask this of you. I could look into your eyes for days and never be bored. They’re so expressive and this may sound corny but I can see your soul in their glittering depths. Man, I just want to dive into you, know you inside and out, good and bad. His voice became husky as he continued to woo Spike in his own way. “Spike, I’m not going to sleep with you tonight. Don’t get this wrong. I want to be deep in you. Have you deep in me. It’s just –You’re worth waiting for and that’s what I want to ask of you. Will you wait for me?”

“Bloody hell yes!” Spike choked out as he crushed his lips to Gunn’s and kissed him as if this was the last thing that he would ever do. With equal fervor Gunn returned the kiss pulling Spike over into his lap fully so that he could roam his hands over that delectable body. Spike dropped the long forgotten letter in his hands and moaned as Gunn’s massive hands caressed his hips, palmed his buttocks and squeezed a little hard. This of course evoked a purr and a growl from Spike. Quicker than Gunn could react, Spike abruptly straddled Gunn’s lap with his knees on either side. Large hands grabbed onto his rear end firmly, kneading, flexing his hands as he caressed him thoroughly. Both started to bump and grind against each other as much as they could on the couch moaning in tandem. Spike arched his back as he thrust his hips forward, biting his lip as Gunn met him thrust for thrust, throwing his hips forward and up as he spread his legs and allowed himself to sink lower into the couch for better access.

“Ooohhhh!” Both men groaned in unison. Their kissing became deeper as they alternately engaged in nipping and sucking. Panting Gunn pulled back for some much needed air.

“Whoa! That was intense. “

“Yeah,” Spike panted as well. “Didn’t figure you for a biter.”

“Hmm. So you’ve been thinking about my making out habits, huh?”

“Uhh-No-yes! Not that I didn’t think that you’re sexy—Ahh! Sod it!”

Chuckling Gunn kissed him until they were both breathless once more and pecked him on his forehead as he made amends to Spike for teasing him. You’re so adorable, he thought at the slightly petulant look on Spike’s face. Then he nipped at his lick startling Spike momentarily who responded with a quick peck. Gunn laughed again as he pulled Spike’s hips to him with a quick succession of undulating thrusts that elicited a growl from himself as well as Spike. Throwing his head back briefly Gunn spoke, “You’re so adorably sexy when you’re flustered. That’s why I tease you.”

Spike would have blushed if he could. “Not bloody adorable. Sexy yeah! Adorable is for babies.”

Gunn choked back a laugh at the poutiness and retorted. “Yeah, you’re damn sexy, baby.”

Spike looked straight into his eyes and leaned back slightly and slowly raised his arms up and over his head and stretched suggestively causing his muscles to ripple slowly. Then he let his arms back down and placed each one on the couch on either side of Gunn. “I’ll show you sexy , luv,” Spike whispered into Gunn’s ear, then caught the lobe between his lip briefly and tugged. Then as if he hadn’t done a thing he sat back and examined his nails.

“Maann. You’d better be glad I’m a man of my word because otherwise –“Gunn just stopped and shook his head. Changing gears abruptly, Gunn remarked, “you’re pretty comfortable on my lap here. Not too poofy for ya, huh?”

Spike just pursed his lips at him and Gunn chuckled.

“Come here you. Kiss me.”

They kissed for a moment and stopped to hug each other for a moment. Gunn broke the silence first. “So we need to plan our first date and I need to get some sleep before going to work in the morning.”

“Date?” Spike was struck speechless once again that evening.

“Uh. Yeah. Didn’t people date in your time?”

“No. We courted.”

“Hmm. Have to tell me about that sometime. So how about tomorrow at 7:00 PM? We’ll decide where then. Wear your going out gear to the office.”

Soddin’ hell. Will he never quit throwing me for a bloody loop? “You don’t mind others knowing about us?”

“Do you?”

“No. It’s just –different than what I’m used to. I’m just a vamp. Not a regular bloke.”

“Right. You’re not regular.” Gunn grabbed him quicker than would be expected as spike started to try to get off my lap misunderstanding the intent of his words. “You’re an amazing man who I can’t wait to know in as many ways as possible”.

“Oh. That’s alright then. Seven it is.”

Gunn drew him closer and kissed his forehead lingering for a moment, then he spoke so quietly that only a vamp could have heard it, “I want to hold you for a while before I have to leave and get some sleep. Dream about you so that I’ll have something to cherish for the workday hell.” Gunn sighed.

“You can. Stay awhile- I mean- For the night we can just hold each other and sleep.”

Gunn lifted his head and looked him in the eyes. “You sure? Cause we can do that.”

Spike nodded and kissed him softly on the lips. “C’mon luv. Let’s go to bed.”

“I got you,” Gunn said as he resisted Spike pulling away. “Let me hold you, baby. Show me the way.” Gunn stood effortlessly with Spike in his arms. Although he was not a vampire endowed with supernatural strength, he was a big man and spike was considerably shorter, lighter and smaller in frame than Gunn. Not lesser, Spike was just a more compact version.

For a moment Spike thought about making a token protest about being carried about as if he was some sort of pansy-ass wanker, but he found that he really didn’t care for once. Not with Gunn for some reason he didn’t yet understand.

As they entered the bedroom and lied down as one. Chest to chest with his head tucked under Gunn’s chin Spike felt a strange sense of peace and rightness.

“Goodnight, blondie. Dream of me too.”

“G’night, Charlie boy.” I will. Those were his last thoughts as he drifted into the most peaceful sleep he’s ever had.

End chapter 2. Feedback: Gimme. Gimme. - Gimme. Gimme.- Gimme. Thanks for reading.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Flawless and Flowing" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 08.

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