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Flawless and Flowing

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Summary: Spike/Gunn slash, eventually FR21. Gunn decides to write Spike a letter. Warnings:There will be explicit m/m slash and of erotic imagery.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Gunn/SpikegoldengeishaFR1822,1150576127 Jul 081 Aug 08No

Chapter One

Title: “Flawless and Flowing”
Author: goldengeisha
Pairing: Spike/Gunn
Rating: FR18 (part 1), eventually FR21
Disclaimer: All Ats and Btvs characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant enemy. Neither copyright infringement nor profit is intended or earned. Just having fun. No money Don’t sue.
Warnings: Don’t like man-on-man action don’t read. Will be explicit or erotic at times. Slashing is my passion.
Distribution: on lj and eventually on grrly_girl ( If you want it just friend me and tell me where it’s going.
Author notes: Italics denotes thoughts. I also write as ma_meido on lj.
Feedback: No flames, constructive.
Summary: Gunn decides to writes Spike a letter.

Part 1

Spike crashed and banged into his dingy apartment with the mail in his hands. He was just about to toss them when he noticed a familiar scent on one of the envelopes. It was a baby blue letter size envelope which felt like a card. For Spike was simply inscribed on the envelope.

Curious, Spike began to open the letter. “Well, look what we have here”.

As Spike began reading the flawlessly flowing script his eyes became huge and his mouth dropped open. Bloody Hell.


Dearest Spike,

It was hard for me to find the voice to do this in person. So I wanted to write this down and do this right. You know first impressions and all that. So please read it all the way to the end before you throw it away.

Ever since I felt your embrace

All I dreamed is to feel your silken skin beneath me

Surrounding me

How I long to devour your lush lips

To trace every sharp curve and angle of your body with my fingertips.

How I long to drown in a sea of your sapphire gaze.

I bet you were a merman in another time—blinding hapless sailors with the brilliance of your golden locks,

The deep melodic bass in your voice stirs something deeply in me.

I can imagine your laughter thrumming through me

as we share our days and nights-- I wanna have your body rocking and humming beneath me

Feel my heartbeat echoing through you

I wanna know- Can my body warm you in and out?

Can I make you tingle as I do when I see you smile?

Could I wax poetic for days on the beauty of your form? Hell yes! Yes! Yes!

So let me say what I need you to know

Can I get to know you? Be with you?

Make my heart skip a beat

Say yes when next we meet.

Charles Gunn


Slowly Spike sank onto the nearest seat, gingerly clutching the baby blue card. Blinking slowly, he shook his head and looked at the letter again trying to assure his self it was real. He was thoroughly blown-away by this. His mind was temporarily blank as he breathed hard and began to take a couple of calming breaths. He rose and moved as if was in a dream.

I need a drink.

Just as he made it to the door to do that, he sensed a presence at the last second as he opened the door and froze.

End part 1.
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