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The Headmaster's Daughter

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Summary: Albus acknowledges the rumors that have been flitting about concering Willow and Allison, the legendary polar opposites of pure magic. Neither knows a thing about the other, and Allison doesn't remember any of her past. Pairings will be revealed later.

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Meetings and Other Stuff

Meetings and other stuff…

So, at least someone likes the idea of darkness and light… (snickers wickedly) a bit more development time… and then I go party cause I’ve got a laptop with a DVD player… which makes for a very happy Trina.

Upon their arrival at the Burrow, Bill went off in search of his mother, and Charlie went off to find the rest of the family. Leaving Willow to examine her surroundings as she pleased.

Within a few minutes time, Molly Weasley entered the room followed by a young girl and boy, both with shocking red hair. “You must be Willow Rosenberg. Molly Weasley, this is Ginny and Ron. You’ll meet the twins and Percy later.” Molly paused looking Willow over, “how peculiar.” She murmured in thought. “You could be a relative of ours, the hair and features are quite similar.” She was interrupted in her thoughts when Arthur and Charlie entered the room. “Arthur, Willow Rosenberg. She will be staying with us until school starts.”

“Miss Rosenberg, how nice to meet you. Ah yes, Charlie you say you met the other young woman earlier. I’m quite curious as to what your observations of her were.” Arthur smiled at his second oldest son, “if her picture was anything to go by she is very pretty.”

“She’s a shop owner in New York, she is really rather clever if a bit slow to catch on to the magic that just oozes off of her. Miss White offered us tea and rolls with preserves and when she came out the tea and coffee carafes were floating behind her and she thinks it is just friendly spirits if anything at all. I wonder if it happens often that things float towards her or for her. Bill and I will bring her to Hogwarts. She is indeed very pretty, in a conventional sort of motherly way, if mum were in her mid twenties with a ten year old girl. And the oddest thing was her striking resemblance to the Headmaster’s lost daughter, aside from the fact that her eyes were warier then most women her age should be. It was like she was afraid of everything and nothing at all. If she is who I think she is then Severus will be quite pleased, as will Remus. The three, from what I’ve heard, were fairly close friends.” Charlie said softly.

Willow’s eyes widened in surprise, “Wait a minute, am I going to Hogwarts… The Hogwarts? Neat. But could I see this girl you think might be related to the headmaster… a picture perhaps?”

Ginny nodded and went to get the Daily Prophet which her mother had left on the table. Glancing at the two pictures briefly, Ginny frowned in thought. ‘Darkness and Light, complete opposites. And they didn’t even mention if the two lived in different countries or anything. Maybe Bill or Charlie will tell.’ Ginny shrugged and went back to the living room where Willow and Molly were waiting. “Here Willow.” She said offering the paper to the startled looking red-head.

“Wow, the pictures do move… how interesting.” Willow paused noticing the picture of Allison White, “she seems so sad and lonely, but she is beautiful.” Willow looked at Molly and Arthur, “do you think she’ll be a student at Hogwarts this year?”

“We don’t know dear. She will be going in December, Bill and Charlie plan to pick her up. But other then that we really don’t know. Headmaster Dumbledore may know more by September, but he still has many things to deal with.” Molly replied, “Now, the Headmaster would like for you to stay at Hogwarts for the next month so the teachers can determine what year to place you in.”

“I hope you will enjoy the month at Hogwarts, now we should take you to Ollivander’s, but since we really don’t know much about the legendary two, Dad will no doubt be contacting Albus again.” Charlie said softly, his baritone voice rolling in comforting waves over the entire family’s nervous energy. “And if I know Bill, he’s either checking in with his supervisor or getting ready to leave for work. Speaking of which I should go see about my job myself.” Charlie chuckled softly, “nice meeting you Willow.” Charlie walked up stairs to his room.

“Ginny, take Willow to your room. Ron go see if Fred and George are behaving.” Molly glanced at her husband and then tilted her head towards the kitchen. As soon as the children had scattered, Molly spoke again, “I didn’t share today’s Daily Prophet with the children yet. That horrible Rita Skeeter, her article about Allison Dumbledore, she wrote that Allison joined the Dark Lord without a struggle. But she was always such a good girl. I still remember her smile; it was like a ray of sunshine had found its way into the dark corridors of Hogwarts. It has been twenty years…”

Arthur stroked Molly’s back comfortingly, “don’t believe a word that Rita writes, Albus and Severus know more of what happened during her seventh year. Remus doesn’t, it was a full moon that night. She never got to say her proper goodbyes.”

Allison did care greatly for Remus, she knew before anyone else, including her father, that Remus was different. What was it she said when they first met…? Ah yes, ‘the call of the full moon is strong on you.’ Remus was astonished that she knew so quickly.” Molly smiled wistfully, looking at the picture of Albus and Allison, and of the dark mark that had burned brightly for three hours in the night sky over the forbidden forest. “I do hope she’ll remember us. Even after all this time.”

“Have faith Molly, Have faith. I should probably report that Miss Rosenberg has been collected. He may wish to visit Miss White himself. Or send Severus.” Arthur shook his head in thought, “I truly doubt that Severus would be drawn away from his summer home, even for a visit as important as this.” Arthur kissed Molly on the forehead before stepping over to the fire and tossing a pinch of floo powder in the fire. As soon as the flames were green he stepped in and spoke. “Hogwarts Castle, staff room.”

Allison White stood in front of an empty display table, several boxes of crystal balls had arrived and she wished to have the display ready so that she could start selling them and minimize the amount of supplies and merchandise still in the storage room. “Rosie darling, come here and bring that box of table draperies as well.” She called over her shoulder to her little fair haired child, “After this is partially set up we’ll go out to lunch okay. I want to talk to you about leaving New York.”

Rosie skidded over to her mom and hugged her, “Oh please tell me you said yes. I think anywhere but here will be fantastic. It’s nice that you keep me safe but my friends at school say that there are so many things out there that you can’t keep me safe from. George said that his big sister was found dead two nights ago near that club that you won’t go to, and yet he says his parent’s have seen her looking in the windows and asking to be let in that it’s so cold out.” Rosie paused to take a breath of air, “and it’s creepy at night, I want to be somewhere where I can see the stars at night and learn the constellations and maybe try and count them.”

“Then you’ll be pleased won’t you. I’ve accepted a position as a teaching assistant and it’s in Scotland so we’ll be moving around December. I hope you won’t mind leaving all your friends behind. I do know how hard it is to leave the old friends behind and try to start from scratch.” Allison ruffled the blonde’s hair, “now go get those table draperies and help me set up the display.”

At Hogwarts, Albus and Minerva had just finished speaking about the rooms to be given a thorough cleaning before being set up for the legendary two to use. “Until we know for sure that Miss White is indeed my daughter, let’s do try and keep the room simple yet pleasant.” Albus paused as he noticed Severus Snape waiting nearby. “Severus I see you received the owl that was sent.”

“Yes.” He drawled. “What is this you were saying as you approached?” Severus looked absolutely disgusted about being called away from his summer home.

“Yes, it appears that the legendary two have been found. Willow Rosenberg and Allison White.” Albus paused, “and it is very possible that Miss White may be my daughter. Goodness knows how long I’ve searched for her, never finding a trace.”

Severus nodded his head in acknowledgement. “Twenty years, she vanished without a trace during our seventh year. So the bearers of darkness and light have been found?”

“Yes Arthur was just going to contact me as soon as Miss Rosenberg was taken to the Weasley home.” Albus replied, “And I have a request to make of you Severus. I’d like for you to visit Miss White. Once we are updated by Arthur Weasley about where Miss White is located.”

“I will consider it.” Severus replied, remembering the discussions he had often had with Allison Dumbledore, but he had never become upset with Allison. If he’d truly been upset with anyone, it would have been Remus Lupin; Remus had captured Allison’s heart.

“Albus we should enter the staff room. Arthur was to arrive there. Severus if you wish to join us you may. But I’m guessing you will be returning either to the library or to your summer home.” Minerva glanced at Albus, “your decision of course.”

Severus spared a glare at Minerva before turning and making straight for his dungeon room where he kept many of Allison’s personal things. Her last letter to him, it had explained a bit of her worries. “Voldemort did come, removed her body and spirit from the forbidden forest. She knew she wouldn’t be returning to Hogwarts that night. It was a full moon, and strangely enough, the killing curse didn’t work as it usually would. A white almost silver light had surrounded Allison Dumbledore. She must be the daughter of stars, the holder of the power of light.”

“Took you long enough to put all the pieces together.” A voice stated from overhead.

“If it isn’t Sir Nicholas, the Gryffindor ghost.” Severus snarled, “What, did she tell you everything one night?”

“Actually yes. Remus, James, Sirius, and Peter had gone out. One month before her sudden departure. Headmaster Dumbledore and the Professor of Divination had presented her with the books of the stars. She understood the words and was often found in the potions room working.” Nicholas paused letting everything seep in.

“So if she truly wished it, she could indeed put a stopper in death, bottle fame, and brew glory.” Severus closed his eyes in thought, “all without any wand waving. Perhaps I shall convince her to be my assistant. Her wisdom will be most greatly welcomed.”

Nicholas smiled slightly, “you’ll have to take that up with Albus and perhaps Miss White as well.” A brief pause and Nicholas bowed cordially, “I will leave you to your thoughts Professor.” The shimmering ghost floated away.

Severus watched the hallways, determined to be sure that no one else was approaching before he made use of one of the secret stairways that led to the dungeons, “Never a dull moment around here. Last year that Potter boy entered the chamber of secrets. And I doubt Voldemort will release his prizes so soon. Perhaps Mister Potter will learn some things from Allison.” He murmured to himself as he descended the stairs.

A painting which had been untouched and unvisited for many years, guarded the belongings which Severus considered rare and priceless. Knocking briefly on the gilded frame, the young woman shown awoke from her nap. “Password?” she inquired sleepily, rubbing her eyes tiredly.

“Good afternoon Coralyn.” Severus began courteously, “bicklefitz.”

“Enter. When are you ever going to change that password? It is the same as it was thirty odd years ago when Miss Dumbledore gave it to me.” Cora smoothed out her pale blue dress, “is Miss Dumbledore coming back?”

“Perhaps Coralyn, perhaps. When the New Year begins I will let you know more. It is believed that she will come in late December. Perhaps you could put in a visit to Violet.”

“Perhaps.” Coralyn replied, “But as I’m still a bit tired, enjoy the past Professor.” The painting swung away from the wall allowing Severus to enter.

All the boxes of books, her trunks full of clothes, and the gifts she had received from the friends she had made during her years at Hogwarts. “I dare say the makers of wizarding cards have been researching everything they can about Miss White and Miss Rosenberg.” Severus picked up the photo album that contained many pictures of Allison and her friends. Sitting on a nearby pile of boxes was her invisibility cloak, the material shimmered with untapped magic, thirty or so years with no use could do that to any magical item. “I wonder how her wand is doing.” He paused letting his thoughts trail away to the last night he had seen her.

~*~ in the past, a much younger Severus and a nervous Allison Dumbledore~*~

“Well, well, well. I believe this the first time a Gryffindor has entered the Slytherin common room. Come to admit that you’ll never be great?” A cold voice asked from near the fireplace.

“I merely came to leave a letter for Severus.” Allison stammered nervously, “I meant no harm, honest.”

“And what was this letter to Severus about?” The voice continued, “Do come and sit by the fire.”

“Allison approached, a wary smile lighting up her face as she realized that Severus had been the one speaking to her. “Severus, I am leaving for the forbidden forest. I greatly doubt if I will be returning to Hogwarts. Give Remus my love, and please make sure you place all my belongings in the hidden room, Coralyn is waiting for you. Everything is mentioned in the letter.” Allison paused, “please tell me you are not angry.”

“Allison I never could be angry with you. I love you, even if you and Remus are a couple. I will tell him that you send your love. Good luck Allison.” Severus touched Allison’s cheek gently.

“Oh… You’ll probably be wanting this back.” Allison went to take off the white crystal pendant that Severus had given to her for Christmas their second year. “I don’t want to lose it, or our friendship.” Allison handed the pendant back to Severus.

“You’ll never lose my friendship Allison, never. We’ll meet again someday.” Severus kissed her cheek and then watched as Allison walked away, leaving her last letter to Severus on the table near the fire.

As his mind drifted back to the present, Severus drew in a shuddering breath. “Sweet, pure, full of life and love. I have no regrets about not passing Allison’s love onto Remus. And when she returns, I will give her the pendant back. It is the least I can do.”

In the staff room, Arthur sipped from the cup of tea he’d been offered. “So it is agreed then, Hagrid will meet Miss Rosenberg in Diagon Alley and then take her to Hogwarts after she has purchased a wand and basic supplies.” Arthur paused, “and when Miss White arrives, what shall be done?”

“I will speak with Remus, see if he will mind having a teaching assistant.” Albus said, “If Remus does not want a teaching assistant, then I will let the other teacher’s discuss it.”

“Severus probably won’t mind too terribly.” Minerva stated softly, “and thank you for taking Miss Rosenberg in.”

“Not a problem, the children seem to like her.” Arthur said with a grin, “and Bill and Charlie seem most interested by Miss White and her magic shop. Maybe things will work out for the best and it’s not a false lead.”
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