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The Headmaster's Daughter

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Summary: Albus acknowledges the rumors that have been flitting about concering Willow and Allison, the legendary polar opposites of pure magic. Neither knows a thing about the other, and Allison doesn't remember any of her past. Pairings will be revealed later.

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Travel is Good

A/N *snorts in amusment* been a while since I worked on this. I'm glad my inspiration for this work decided to pity me. Here it is, Chapter four... Travel is Good. It may be quite a while before this is updated again.

Disclaimer: Don't own the HP stuff, or the Buffy stuff. now if Joss were to give me the rights I wouldn't complain. But he is the almighty, and I worship him with all my little ficdoms.

Upon her arrival at King's Cross Station, Willow had taken the time to examine her surroundings. Everything was similar to how it was described in the book. And not many people waiting on trains. "Hagrid. What house do you think I'll be sorted into?" she asked quietly, "I know that you told me a bit about Allison Dumbledore and how she was friends with James and Remus. But are your there isn't anymore that you can tell me?"

"If the Headmaster wishes to tell anymore he will. Give it time. He's been searching for years and had no luck finding her. He and the rest of the staff are waiting to see if Miss White is indeed his missing daughter."

"And if she is?" Willow questioned. "Then what?" she fingered her new wand nervously, "will she remember her training and everything?"

"Don't know Willow. Now lets get yer to Hogwarts and settled in." Hagrid replied, wondering himself if Allison would remember her training or how everything had been before. "Some of the professors will be waiting at Hogwarts when you arrive. They'll help you get settled in a bit."

"Thanks Hagrid." Willow paused and looked at the barrier between platforms nine and ten, "go?" she asked.

"Yep, it opened a few minutes ago and will close up after we pass through." Hagrid explained. "Let's go."

Willow pushed her cart through the barrier and towards the steaming black and scarlet train that waited. "Just like in the book." she murmured.

Hagrid smiled, "yes just like in the book by Miss Rowling. Now I'll see yer around Hogwarts later. A few tasks that I need ter take care of first. Have a nice time Miss Rosenberg."

Willow watched as Hagrid vanished, "well I wonder what sort of magic I can do." she murmured thoughtfully, withdrawing her wand from her pocket and letting the magic flow through her. After a few moments Willow swished her wand at her trunk and spoke, "levita feathorum." As she opened her eyes she smiled at seeing her trunk floating in the air. Pulling it into one of the coaches she finagled it into the spot below the window. Darting out to where her owl sat waiting patiently she picked him up and went back into the coach and then gave a startled gasp of amazement as the whistle sounded and the train gave a lurching start.

Looking out the window, Willow watched as the scenery became more wooded and wild. It was enchanting, simply and elegantly enchanting. Hearing a sound she turned to the door of her coach where a slender blonded woman stood.

"I didn't mean to startle ye." she began in a soft scottish accent, "I'm Sera. I see Hagrid got ye everything on yer list so far."

"Well yes, I'm Willow by the way. I though I was the only one going to Hogwarts right now."

"Pshaw. The Headmaster owled me a few days a go upon hearing word of yer being located. Daughter of Darkness herself. Much better then that Potter mess last year, and the nutcase Lockhart." Sera smiled goodnaturedly and sat down on one of the unoccupied seats, "I'm one of yer tutors. Get you caught up in the history of magic and help you a bit with charms. Filius will be back in August to start reviewing his plans for the coming year."

"You mentioned my being the Daughter of Darkness. What does that mean exactly?" Willow inquired softly.

"Well, there's quite a bit that I know deary." Sera dug a trunk out of her pocket and then plucked her wand from it's sleeve holster. "Engorgio." she stated, tapping the trunk with the tip of her wand.

As the trunk became normal sized, Willow blinked slightly, "you can do that?" she asked, "one word commands and such?"

"With proper training dear, anything is possible. I've heard talk that there is such a thing as wandless magic. I've never seen it done before. Doesn't mean that it's nonsense."

"Willow smiled slightly, "I'm glad you think so." she paused looking at the trunk full of books, "what sort of language are these written in?" she inquired.

"I'm not sure myself, it's believed to be written mostly in Latin... but the basic translation spells that I know reveal it to be a gibberish of some kind. You might be able to make more sense of it though." Sera smiled and settled back comfortably for a few hours nap before arriving at Hogwarts. Leaving Willow to look over the books that her traveling companion had brought along.

A/N. Short yes I know... don't care as long as it's up and makes some sort of logical sense. Yes I realize I had Willow working the mojo stuff and that she is doing it illegally. She doesn't know that yet.

Next Stop, Hogwarts.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Headmaster's Daughter" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 May 03.

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