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The Headmaster's Daughter

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Summary: Albus acknowledges the rumors that have been flitting about concering Willow and Allison, the legendary polar opposites of pure magic. Neither knows a thing about the other, and Allison doesn't remember any of her past. Pairings will be revealed later.

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The Headmaster's Daughter

Hmmm, what can I say. First time for everything. Crossover thingy, first attempt. Enjoy. Oh yes, I don’t own anything Potter verse or Buffy verse, those belong respectively to JKR and the all powerful Joss Whedon… I just take them and twist them to my liking. Set before Season 3 in Buffy, and right before Prisoner of Azkaban. Now with less cat, I mean Mary Sue. August 16, 2005

The Headmaster’s Daughter.

Minerva entered Albus’ office quietly, “Headmaster, have you read the Daily Prophet yet this morning? They are saying that they have found the legendary two. One who’s magic is pure light, and the other who’s magic is darkness.”

Albus looked up, “yes Minerva, I have read the Daily Prophet. Arthur Weasley was just here.” He indicated the fire behind him, “and he has agreed to send Bill and Charlie to try and collect the pair.”

Minerva paused, unsure of whether to let her suspicions be known, “I saw the picture of the young woman who they mentioned, they called her Snow White… isn’t that what your daughter’s nickname was?” Minerva paused, “it’s been years since we saw her last. Is it possible that she’s still alive after all this time?”

Albus chuckled dryly, “Allison was unique, she knew what she was going up against, and she left her wand here. I can only hope that she is indeed my daughter, but I have doubts that she will remember any of her time here among us.”

“Doubts? But why?” Minerva sputtered, “Surely she can’t have forgotten all that she learned.”

“When Miss White and Miss Rosenberg are here we can question them, and test them to see how well they do.” Albus replied calmly, “I believe that after facing Voldemort that Allison’s memories were blocked so that she could begin a fresh life.”

Minerva sat down and glanced at the dusty silver and wooden box that was placed on a shelf of honor, “she was unique, the first time the sorting hat ever tried to put a student into two houses. Courage and Ambition combined in equal forces. She and Remus and Severus often had rows about which house she truly belonged in. I’m rather glad she was in Gryffindor, her own choice, but I sometimes wonder if maybe she would have preferred Slytherin.”

“Don’t we all wonder the same thing Minerva?” Albus stated calmly, looking at the picture of his daughter standing almost happily with Remus and Severus. “Don’t we all.”

In a store specializing in magical supplies and herbs, a young woman stretched up to the balls of her feet as she worked on dusting off the display shelves and thinking over the things she needed to do before closing the shop for another day. Her little girl was upstairs asleep in the converted play room so they could be together even while doing work. Turning as there was a knock on the door she glanced up at the clock and then smiled to herself. Rarely had she opened early for customers. Not many people in New York were up to shopping at eight a.m. So usually she got away with opening at eight thirty and then having a leisurely breakfast between the occasional browsers. “Good morning” she greeted as she unlocked the door and switched the sign from closed to open.

“Miss White I presume.” A male voice inquired, “We would like to extend an offer to you. A position has opened up at an Academy in London, as a teaching assistant. We would like for you to fill the position.” Bill Weasley glanced at his brother Charlie before continuing, “We hope you will accept.”

“Excuse me but what on earth are you coming to me for? I didn’t put out any notices that I needed a new job. I’m quite happily employed her in my own little shop.” Allison asked, “true I would like to be able to teach my little one while working but the best I can do is send her off to classes and such and make sure she promises to come straight home.” Allison looked around the store. “It’s only seven forty come and have a seat and we talk this over reasonably over tea and rolls with preserves.”

Charlie exchanged a look that seemed to argue how much time they had before they had to leave and go do other errands. “We’ll come in.” Bill made some weird noise in the back of his throat, “to talk about the position that was available. I’m sure the Headmaster won’t have a problem with you bringing your little one with you. We can arrange for there to be someone to teach her privately.”

Allison nodded and stepped back and allowed the two gentlemen to enter before shutting the door and leading the way to the kitchenette where a kettle of hot water was brewing, “Have a seat and present your case. I’ll bring some rolls and some preserves over.” Allison turned her back to them as she strolled through the double doors into the room beyond where fresh coffee was percolating and tea biscuits were baking and another rack was cooling on the counter, waiting to have fruit filling spooned onto it and then sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

“Do you think we should tell her about the real reason, she may be living like a muggle but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a witch or born into the witch line.” Bill asked, having never really had to find and then explain things to someone who wasn’t what they seemed. “Mum and Dad said that Albus would keep the area where his daughter’s wand and family crest so clean that it sparkled at night.”

“So you think that without a picture for comparison that this is the Headmaster’s daughter? Bill you are off your rocker, there is no way that she could be his daughter. She could be his Grand daughter maybe, but not daughter, there is the age comparison that you have to consider.” Charlie said as he heard the door open from the kitchenette. “Here let me help you with that.” He paused as she came out with a basket of rolls and preserves, a pot of coffee and another pot of tea following behind her because her other hand was occupied with a tray of tea cups and mugs for the coffee. “Great Merlin.”

“I suppose it was bound to come out sooner or later, I don’t know if there are helpful spirits around or what but things have happened around here since I was in charge and trying to create a place where there wouldn’t be any risk of danger for any children who came in.” Allison sat down at the table and watched as the trays and carafes arranged themselves on the table. “Please help yourself to some refreshments. I’d like to hear the truth about the position, not whatever story you have cooked up.”

Charlie shot a smug look at his older brother before explaining the position in more detail. “It is at an academy in Scotland that teaches the youth how to utilize their magic, not to give in to the dark temptation of forbidden magic and also give them a thorough education of arithmetic and science as well as some physical education. There is even a department to study local plant life and some exotic specimens which I’m sure will be quite interesting for you and your little one.” Charlie paused, “Headmaster Albus will send you any other information you may need, he only told us a little bit.”

Allison stared into her teacup before draining it to the dregs and looking at it again. “I will consider the position; it would be nice to teach my little girl about things that aren’t covered in pollution and grime in New York.” She fell quiet as she twisted her teacup around in her hands. “Yes, I think I will. It’s getting so dangerous around here that I never know what to expect and sometimes I fear that there will be an invitation given to the wrong people.” Allison looked up, “you may inform the Headmaster that I will be arriving sometime in December.”

Bill smiled slightly, “of course, the Headmaster will be pleased to hear that you have accepted the offer.” Bill turned to Charlie and prepared to leave, “we will be back to help you get to the train station and keep your little one amused. As well as take you directly to the Academy. Good day.”

“Good Day, oh what are your names? Just so I know what to call you by rather then going by descriptions.” Allison inquired finally.

“William and Charles Weasley.” Charlie replied, “It was nice speaking with you Allison. Have a nice day.”

As soon as Bill and Charlie Weasley closed the entrance to the store they hurried around to the back alley where they disapparated to the other location that they had been instructed to go to. “Sunnydale, who would have thought that the two legendary people would chose opposite coasts as their homes.” Bill muttered to himself in thought.

Willow watched Giles pace in his office. “Buffy, this is sort of cool, I mean I got this really neat letter saying that I was invited to this Academy of magic, but Giles seems sort of spooked. I wonder why.”

Buffy chuckled to herself, “well when the Watcher’s not watching, anything can happen. I guess he knows something that we don’t.” Buffy said politely.

A voice came from the stacks, “I guess this is the place then.” Two red heads approached the stairs leading down to the main floor of the library, “is this Sunnydale High School?” the taller of the two asked.

“Yes, Hi, I’m Willow Rosenberg, and this is Buffy. How can we help you?” Willow said looking over at the two red heads.

“Well actually, we are here to take you to the Academy, I hope you got your letter… I believe Albus sent one to you.” Bill asked, looking over the gathered group.

Willow smiled, “you guys are magical? Neat. But what about school?”

“That’s already taken care of… you were entering into your senior year here weren’t you… well you were awarded a scholarship to a prestigious Academy in London and you accepted… your parents and teachers will accept that hopefully.” Charlie said calmly. “Now we must be going. The headmaster is waiting, as well as the teachers. They are quite eager to meet you.”

Buffy chuckled, “go on ahead Willow. Just make sure you write me occasionally… it’s going to be boring around here without you.”

“Of course Buffy, I’ll see you guys during the summer won’t I?” Willow hugged Buffy Summers, one of the current slayers and then looked to the two red heads, “wait a second… you two look remarkably like some one I’ve read about.”

“Bill and Charlie Weasley… and it appears that you’ve been reading those books by Miss Rowling.” Bill smiled slightly, “let’s go get you set up at the school, Albus is waiting patiently to meet you… and there’s a lot of things to talk about.”

As the three redheads disapparated, Bill and Charlie disapparated, Willow was given a portkey to use. Buffy looked down at the paper in front of her, wanting to finish the article about the PCP usage in gangs and how to recognize symptoms and what to do in case one of them approaches you. “Too bad this informative piece was buried at the back of the paper near the advertisements; it could help cut down on the number of people ending up dead. I hope Willow enjoys her time at the school.” Buffy smiled and then went to check in with Giles.
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