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Jackals and Wolves

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Summary: Oz, Xander, Connor, and a little slayer named Tempest get sucked into the Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredXinnLagjinFR18916,937117830,89227 Jul 087 Jan 09No

The Art Of Trouble

A/N: Wow, I got some good feed back for the first chapters. And as promised I will have translations for those who don’t know French. Anyway I hope ya’ll like this chapter. –Xinn
Anakin watched as his best friend’s cousin glare out at the bars, at the guard that was supposed to be watching them. The humanoid creature squirmed under the young man’s scrutiny, but otherwise remained at his post. The blue eyed boy was sure that if a Hutt employed the guard, than the humanoid would have ran a long time ago. The first time they had met, Anakin, himself had nearly crawled out of his skin under the older boy’s glare. Connor, he decided was scary odd. Then again, so was Tempest, and their’ guardians sometimes.

Oz, the eldest of the Jackal/Wolf family was quiet. And not shy quiet, like Anakin had seen in some of the meeker slaves. Nor was the petite man quiet like the tougher residents of Mos Eisley. No, in Xander’s own words, Oz was a law unto himself. Now the sandy haired boy grinned at the thought of the dark haired man. Awhile ago, before he and Tempest became friends, Anakin had envied her. That was, until the young father had confronted him on his sullen attitude toward his daughter.

Two years ago

Anakin watched from afar as a little girl played with two dark haired men in front of a small little hovel. The older of the two men had sun darkened skin, while the other had to hide most of his pale skin under a robe of light gray. They passed a ball between the three of them in earnest, the two men sending each other snipping quips as they passed the ball. He had watched these daily games for almost a year now, and couldn’t help the jealousy that welled in his heart. To a fatherless slave like Anakin, the life of Tempest Jackal led was an enchanted one.

The skinny child had a father, uncle, and older cousin to look after her. They had a stable life together, and greatest of all they weren’t slaves. The little girl, Tempest, had on more than one occasion invited him to join in her family games. But the little slave couldn’t stop the swell of resentment that curled in his gut. It felt like she was taunting him, silently, with the prospect of freedom and a father. It was for this reason that Anakin could never bring himself to except Tempest’s broken basic invitation.

The blue eyed boy closed his eyes, feeling the rage and helplessness turning his gut once more. “Hey there little man.” Crystal gems opened and snapped up to meet a single Brown eye. The other was covered by a black eye patch. And it was real; Anakin could tell by the slightly jagged scar on the older man’s cheek. Nervously shifting from one foot to the other Anakin glanced away from Tempest’s father, “hey Mister Jackal.” The man shook his dark shaggy head.”My name is Xander kid, if ya gotta be formal, call me Alexander.” A habitual grimace followed the pronouncement.

Anakin snorted quietly at the look, “I’m Anakin mister- I mean Xander.” The coltish man gave him a friendly smile, “nice to meet ya Anakin, now I don’t mean to pry, but why exactly are you glaring at my daughter, like she stole something?”Xander smiled mysteriously at the blond boy’s suddenly god smacked expression. The former Scooby tried not to be consumed with bitter thoughts of a long time ago when he had done the same thing this boy. The former Zeppo knew ‘that’ particular feeling all too well. And the little slave boy Tempest sought to make her friend wouldn’t be able to help it. God knew for the longest time Xander was unable to help it, Faith hadn’t either, and he didn’t want to even think about how ‘that’ turned out.

“I don’t know what you mean mister-” Shaking his head Xander interrupted him, “Its Xander kid, and don’t lie I’m not mad at ya.” Now staring at the dark haired man, Anakin now stared at him wide eyed. “I didn’t mean to.”Xander smiled reassuringly down at him, moving aside so that Anakin could see that Oz, Tempest’s quiet blue haired uncle had joined in on the game. “You know why we’re so happy Anakin?”The blue eyed slave glanced up at the peaceful expression on Xander’s weathered face. “You’ve always got to count your blessings for what ya got, cause at the end of the day that’s all that matters.” And the next day when Tempest invited him to play Anakin accepted.

He and Tempest had been friends ever since then. She even taught him some of the language that only her family seemed to speak. “Anakin,oncle Oz et la Tempête sont ici.” (Anakin, Uncle Oz and Tempest are here.) The little slave glanced at his companion. Anakin had learned long ago that all of the members of the Wolf and Jackal family had keen senses, and they all usually knew when one of their’ ilk is near. He often wondered if they were Jedi in disguise, but his dreams never indicated to Anakin that this family would be the ones to set him free.

No that rescue belonged solely to the blue eyed phantom in his dreams and the doe eyed angel at the phantom’s side. “Savez-vous qu'est-ce qui continue?” (Do you know what's going on?) Anakin watched at Connor pulled up the hood of his robe. Even a couple of years under the twin suns of Tatooine weren’t enough to give Connor a tan. So more often than not, the dark haired boy wore lightly colored robes that covered most of his skin.

Connor shrugged his narrow shoulders, “Apprêtez-vous à sortir ici.” (Get ready to get out of here.) The little slave stiffened just as the door the guard was standing in front of plowed inward, falling on the stunned guard. Unbidden a curse fell past Anakin’s chapped lips, “merde!” (Shit!) “Language”, Oz stepped on top of the fallen door, uncaring of the nearly crushed guard under its weight. Connor stood to his feet, a scowl firmly planted on his face, “what took you so long?” It had been fairly easy to break into the private security detail Gardulla had hired.

However, it had taken the werewolf a while to neutralize all the security protocols in their’ base of operations, while Xander went after Gardulla himself. Picking up the key card to the cell, Oz released the two boys. Anakin was immediately enveloped into a bone crushing hug from Tempest, whom had come in after Oz. “Tempest, Need, Air” Anakin gasped. The dark slayer let him go, babbling in French all the while. Oz grasped Connor by the back of his neck, the urge to rebuke a pup of his pack too deeply engraved to be denied. Especially, when said pup put himself in danger, “Never again.”

Angel’s son knew better than to struggle, and allowed the agitated werewolf to guide him out of the prison. The two little ones followed them, calmly navigating the halls, and avoiding the occasional personal running around like chickens’ with their’ heads’ cut off. The Jackal, Skywalker, and Two Wolves easily went unnoticed, escaping the headquarters and heading back to the Jackal/Wolf hovel. ‘Now it’s all up to Xander.” Oz thought calmly.

‘This is either the greatest con ever, or the dumbest idea in the universe.’ Xander Jackal ne Alexander Lavelle Harris mused. Currently he was staring up directly into the sickeningly yellow eyes of one Gardulla the Younger Hutt. Dressed in his best “badass” attire, Xander had come to the slimy creature’s lair to take drastic measure against Gardulla’s attentions toward his ‘family’. Ignoring the over-grown slug didn’t seem to work, and to tell the truth if the kids hadn’t gone after the Mayor Snake God wannabe, than he would have.

“So what’s it gonna be your highness? Leave me and mine alone, or I blow your slimy ass to kingdom come.” In the former Scooby’s hand was a crude homemade bomb he had fashioned for just the occasion he was in. It was made of the spare parts he managed to dredge up with the help of his fellow dimension hoppers and an unknowing Anakin. This was the final back up, the end of all arguments, and the, if shit not only hit the fan, but splattered all over the walls and the floors. Xander smiled insanely at the livid gangster glaring at him.

Gardulla spoke, his protocol droid translating each word into English for Xander’s benefit, “his most gracious lord Gardulla the Younger says that you, Master Jackal don’t have the testicular fortitude to blow yourself up.” Xander just smiled more widely, letting the fragments of the hyena persona in his psyche to show through. “Well, tell your lord if he believes that, than I’ll see his sorry blubbery ass in hell.” Depressing the detonate button, Xander listened the simultaneous gasp fill the court as the bomb was armed.

The droid didn’t even have to translate for Gardulla to understand the situation. The Hutt didn’t understand this human. Jackal both carried himself and operated like a bounty hunter, if what he had heard from Jackal’s ‘clientele’ was true. Jackal was a good negotiator, maybe the best, and Gardulla had thought that the same easy professionalism would show through when he approached Jackal about the dark female. Staring at a brown eye and crude bomb, Gardulla reassessed Xander Jackal. Dressed in well worn cotton shirt, durable pants, a long green/gray coat, and workmen’s boots, Jackal looked like any other trader from the outer rim.

There wasn’t a hint of anything that would seem out of place with this man, not even the long black hair trailing free about his shoulders. But the fierce loyalty burning in that brown gaze said otherwise. It was why Gardulla agreed so readily when Jackal armed the bomb, why he let him leave his lair unharmed, and why he resolved to never cross paths with the human again. Or, at the very least, that's what the slug kept telling himself. Truth was he couldn’t stop shuddering when he thought the barely leashed feral quality in Jackal’s eye.
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