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Jackals and Wolves

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Summary: Oz, Xander, Connor, and a little slayer named Tempest get sucked into the Star Wars Universe

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredXinnLagjinFR18916,937117830,87827 Jul 087 Jan 09No

Jackals and Wolves

A/N: Ok simple enough concept, I’d love for others to join in and add their’ own contribution. Plus, I’ve been itching for a good post Chosen Oz story and even better an Oz in the Star Wars Universe story. Hopefully a lot of people will find this interesting. Remember to put your names and name of the chapter you’ve written. –Xinn
Disclaimer: I do not own any Character of the Star Wars saga, nor do I own the BTVS/Angel Characters.
Rules for joining in: Number one: Oz and his ‘pack’ must at all times keep their ‘secret identities’. They can reveal little facts, but all the big shit must be left unsaid with those not considered a part of the pack. (i.e. Magic, Slayers, Possessions, and such) Number two: Oz must confuse even Yoda and frustrate the living hell out of the rest of the council. Number three: and this one’s a dozy, Xander at sometime or another, end up Anakin’s mentor/big brother/pack mate. Basically tell the Jedi to fuck off, cause the system their getting Ani into isn’t working. Final rule: KEEP WITH WHAT IS ALREADY ESTABLISHED .
Jackals and Wolves by XinnLagjin

“Afternoon Mister Oz!” Daniel “Oz” Osborne didn’t even glance from the work he was doing as he waved in the direction that he was greeted from. If someone had told him a few years back that one of Willow’s mini-witches botched spells would send him to the Star Wars Universe, he would have stared. Not that he doesn’t stare constantly anyway, but it was the principle of the thing. As it was he had stood by, stoically mind you, as his fellow Scooby and friend Xander, nearly passed out from geek orgasm when they were transported to Mos Eisley three years ago.

Fortunately for them, at the dead of night there was no one to witness it. After throwing a hissy fit about being fate’s butt monkey (Xander), calmly musing that if Willow didn’t kill the witch, he would (Oz), Brooding (Connor), and looking absolutely confused (Tempest aka African mini slayer), they quickly went to work trying to find a way home. And it became just as quickly apparent that there was none, Books are hard to come by on the desert planet, books about magic were nonexistent. So after few days of basically barely living, it only stood to reason that they would have to wait for rescue.

All they had to do was survive long enough for the new council to figure a way to get them back home. Easier said than done, but the displaced dimension hoppers managed. After only three days Xander managed to get them a place to stay and a meager food supply. Oz put his computer skills to use, by creating lives on the dead planet for himself and his ‘pack’. They were all a family now, Oz, Connor, Xander, and Tempest. Or, at least if anyone came looking for information on them, that was what they would find.

Alexander “Xander” Jackal was the uncle and one of the guardians of sixteen year old Connor. He also had a ten year old daughter Tempest, whose mother Anya of Abregado-rae died in child birth. Anne, Connor’s mother was accidentally killed just months after his birth. Connor’s father Angel, Alexander’s brother-in-law, died in a fight on Alba-16 when Connor was eight. Osborne “Oz” Wolf was Angel’s younger brother and Conner’s other guardian. Records would show that Osborne took Connor to stay with his maternal grandfather “Giles” and his family after his father’s death. The two Wolves would stay on Agamar with the Jackal family for almost a year and a half before tragedy struck again.

Both of Alexander’s remaining sisters, Willow, and Faith, then his father Giles would die of a Lupa viral infection, followed by his wife Anya during child birth. Grief-stricken what was left of the Jackal/Wolf clan would spend the next near decade planet hopping, before they settled on Tatooine. The entire time the werewolf had laid out the history for his three fellow dimension hoppers, Xander had snorted, even as he translated it to French for his Sierra Leone native slayer.

Even Connor could appreciate the irony of their’ new family history. Because in essence, the story the reticent werewolf had come up with was a cookie cut version of the truth. Oz had taken him to the Scoobies after the green eyed man found him after the death of the Fang Gang. Buffy had taken one look at Connor, and all but adopted him. The slayer prime even took him to Rome with her and Dawn. He especially liked to tease Xander mercilessly about being his ‘uncle’ when he was in the older man’s company.

And if anyone asked, Tempest was truly Xander’s daughter. The one eyed carpenter had found the caramel-skinned child in the ports of Sierra Leone. At the age of ten, Tempest was one the youngest slayers on record and an escaped orphan. Xander, true to his white knight tendencies had adopted they tiny child at the home stretch his tour in Africa. It was from her that the Zeppo learned French, out of necessity, because she didn’t speak English. Xander had returned to Cleveland with the little slayer, just in time for an experimental shield spell to go very wrong.

Oz almost glared the fading blue of his ever growing hair. Three years in the Tatooine sun had leeched out the vibrant color and grew it out a couple of inches. He was definitely getting reimbursement for this, especially if Xander was still demanding compensation for lack of Twinkies. “L'oncle Oz, Connor est le problème de nouveau.” Looking up from the data stream he was reading, Oz saw his ‘niece’ standing by the entrance of the landing pad a few yards away.

Dressed in rough brown tunic and skirt that the native women favored, Tempest still managed to look like a little princess. The ten year old, like all slayers looked small and frail with her big brown eyes and even darker skin. Yet like her other forebears, Tempest’s feral eyes and feline grace usually gave her away to those who knew what to look for. He remained expressionless even as he approached her, “Qu'a-t-il fait?” Even as he asked the question Oz got strange looks.

There were many languages in the Star Wars dimension but there weren’t any languages remotely close to French. Or, at least from what they were able to glean from the people of Tatooine there wasn’t. So French became the Jackal/Wolf clan’s unofficial language when they weren’t speaking English, or as the people of this dimension called it, basic. Tempest had even learned to speak pretty good English a year before, but more often than not, spoke in her native tongue.

“Le Hutt a offert un autre prix de nouvelle mariée pour moi de nouveau, Anakin et Connor ont été plus mécontentés.” She answered, biting her lip. A sigh wanted to works its way up the werewolf throat. Gardulla the Younger, had shown more than a little too much interest in taking little Tempest as a broodmare for future pleasure slaves. Though Xander continued to refuse the son of Gardulla the Elder, the Hutt doggedly went after Tempest. On more than one occasion there were attempts to kidnap the girl, thus resulting in many fights and often arrest. This time Tempest’s friend, Anakin, a slave managed to get involved.

“What is it Oz?” The nearly blond man shrugged, turning his attention from his ‘niece’ to his employer. Mags was one of the few good people on Tatooine that Oz ever had the fortune to meet. He didn’t mind Oz’s quiet ways, nor did he take insult to the strange language Oz spoke every time his little niece came to see him at work. “Family trouble”, Oz said no more on the subject, but then again Oz didn’t really say much at all. Sighing Mags made a shooing motion with his hand, “go on then, get, I’ll see you tomorrow.” The werewolf gave the human one of his rare smiles. Then, grasping Tempest’s hand, told the child to lead him to her wayward cousin, and friend.
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