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The Sound of Silence

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Summary: When alien technology falls into the hands of a vampire, Ianto meets a sexy blond in an alley. Spike/Ianto

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Spike-CenteredAzureChaosFR1811,443112,03927 Jul 0827 Jul 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or ideas behind Torchwood or BtVS, no money has or will be made from this fic.
Summary: When alien technology falls into the hands of a vampire, Ianto meets a sexy blond in an alley.
A/N: Written for my LJ kink_bingo card: Silence. One Shot – Stand alone. 1415 wds.

Ianto threw himself into action as the innocent looking object fell to the ground. He knew better than to mistake something for harmless and this particular orange disc-shaped object was responsible for the current feeling of cotton wool stuffed in his ears. He didn’t even have time to glare at the other man, the one that had turned the vampire to dust in front of him - and who knew that vampires were real?

He hit the ground and the object landed handily into his palm. Fingers gripped around it tightly as he rolled with the momentum of his dive. He grimaced as he felt his suit grazed by the rough ground and his knees and other parts sting as they scraped.

The Welshman looked at the device triumphantly and tried to figure out how to make it work. There was suddenly a hand in front of his face, pale and slender almost delicate. He followed it upwards to meet piercing blue eyes on a face that looked too much like Captain John’s. The guy had one eyebrow raised and Ianto placed his hand in the other man’s as he helped him to his feet.

Eyes slid over his now dishevelled appearance and concern was written on aristocratic features. The bleached blond hair was at odds with those high cheekbones and inviting lips. The question in the man’s eyes was obvious. And Ianto pointed to the device in his hand and then covered his ear with the hand.

Blue eyes rolled and the hand, that had moments before held Ianto’s, went into a pocket in the long black leather duster and came out with a packet of fags and a lighter. He shook one free, stashed the packet and lit the cigarette, holding it between his forefinger and middle finger as his thumb rubbed over his lip. Head cocked speculatively to the side.

Spike felt like he was back in Sunnydale some ten years earlier: another time when silence had fallen so completely. He was glad for the lack of sound, he felt like he relied on it a bit too much and it was good to have a break. After all, his hearing was so sensitive things could seem so loud. It wasn’t like he didn’t have his other senses to tell him that the guy in front of him liked what he was seeing. He shifted, free hand pushed in his jeans pocket, hip pushed out and his bulging crotch on display.

Ianto couldn’t help where his eyes fell, it was as if they were magnetically drawn to the other guy’s crotch…and what an impressive package it was too. He raised an eyebrow and looked up, meeting smirking blue eyes.

A hand wrapped around Ianto’s as he was trying to figure out how to reverse the effect of the device. He started to resist but was surprised when it wasn’t completely removed from him, but was dropped into his own jacket pocket. Then the blond jerked his head in the direction of the street the alley opened up onto and licked his lips.

He didn’t know why he hadn’t resisted the blond’s insistent tug towards the flat they ended up in. But he figured that if he’d meant him any harm then he’d have done it right there in the alley, especially after the incredibly efficient way he’d dispatched the vampire.

The flat was small but tidy. The furniture looked relatively new but was comfy and well used. He didn’t really have time to take in the rest of the décor of the living space as he found himself in a bedroom. His eyes widened in surprise at the sight of black satin sheets on a four-poster bed.

That scarred eyebrow quirked at him again and amusement tugged at pale lips. The question and invite was obvious. Ianto took a moment, then shrugged one shoulder before carefully removing his suit jacket and hanging it over a chair. He looked up in time to see the man closing in on him.

If he’d been unsure before, when those cool lips pressed against his and the tongue pushed inside he knew he was sunk. The strong hands threaded through Ianto’s hair and pulled him in tight as the blond plundered his lips.

Spike thought that the guy tasted of fire and need as he devoured him. The dark-haired man yielded to him and the vampire was only too eager to take it all. His hands went to the buttons on the man’s shirt and quickly unfastened them as he kissed him. Pushing the blue cotton from his shoulders, hands skimming over warm flesh and revelling in the muscles that shifted under the skin. The man was deceptive looking, his muscles all tight and compact on his tall slender frame.

Ianto tilted his head to the side as the lips found their way to his neck and nipped at the flesh. He stopped caring about not being able to hear and not knowing the blond’s name. There were suddenly more important things to worry about.

His pants were being unfastened and he was slowly being guided towards that impressive bed. The Welshman went willingly with a whimper that went completely unheard. He tumbled back onto the bed and groaned as he felt the other man follow him down. His eyes opened and he looked up into smiling blue eyes and found himself grinning back.

When his hands started to wander over the other man’s body, they were quickly captured and placed on the slats at the bed head and he wrapped his fingers around them. It had been a while since anyone had taken control like that and he was all too happy to give it up for the sexy blond. Logically he knew that he was a vampire, but he also had a distinct feeling that there was something very different about him from the one in the alley.

The preparation was quick and cursory, lube and fingers rapidly opening him up as his knees were pushed up and apart. Then the blond was naked and Ianto wasn’t sure whether he was a vampire or an angel because with a body like that he was sure he’d died and gone to heaven. He closed his eyes and swallowed hard trying to get himself under control.

When his eyes opened again it was to a smug looking smirk on the handsome face and he was hovering poised ready to push inside. Ianto thought he would die if he didn’t get fucked right that instant.

Spike saw it in the grey-blue eyes, a desperation that he hadn’t seen since he and Xander had parted ways. He’d thought about making a nice slow entry until he saw that look, he discarded the plan and drove in hard and fast. He was delighted as the man’s mouth flew open in ecstatic pleasure-pain and his back arched.

Ianto gripped hard at the bed-head, silently pleading for more with every fibre of his body. The blond grinned at him wickedly and he wondered if he’d actually survive this shag.

The blond was obviously much stronger than he looked so the force behind each thrust was soul-shatteringly powerful. Ianto lost himself in it. His back arching as he pushed his hips back against each hard drive into his ass.

The smug look was quickly buried in his neck again and Ianto wondered momentarily if he was about to be drained. But the lips and teeth on his flesh were human and there was nothing breaking his skin. It just felt so fucking awesome. He didn’t care about Torchwood or Captain Jack fucking Harkness, all that mattered was this sexy stranger who was thoroughly buggering him into kingdom come.

It was all over ridiculously fast. Ianto felt it rushing up to meet him and was powerless to hold it back any longer. The guy hadn’t so much as touched his dick even; all he’d done was fuck him harder than anyone had in a long time.

Spike felt the muscles clamp down around his pistoning cock and he allowed it to pull him over the edge.

Their bodies snapped taut. Mouths opened as they cried out their release in silent ecstasy.

And all at once the sound came rushing in, their mingled voices too loud in their ears.

Spike clamped his hand over the man’s mouth and shook his head, the message clear: He was all too happy for the silence to continue.


The End

You have reached the end of "The Sound of Silence". This story is complete.

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