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Heaven, Or Andrew, The Saviour of Middle Earth

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Scattered". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What happened after the Hellmouth blew? Story number three.

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Lord of the Rings > Andrew-CentereddirebansheeFR71372042,48228 Jul 0828 Jul 08Yes
Heaven, or Andrew, the Saviour of Middle Earth

Disclaimer: I own nothing, nothing at all :(

The Fellowship of the Ring watched with amused curiosity as the large dark-haired man attempted to pry Andrew off of the tree he was clinging to.

"C'mon, Andrew," Wood said, attempting to help Angel. "We've gotta go."

"No," the blond wailed. "This is my reward! This is where I belong! I helped the Slayers defeat the First, it's not my fault It got sucked into another dimension!"

Gunn leaned against another tree, arms crossed and eyebrow raised.

"Do we really need him?" he asked.

"Wes said that the major players in the last battle with the First all have to be there and Buffy said that he," Angel indicated the blond. "Was key in opening the seal It's army was under."

"It wasn't really that much," Robin said, joining Gunn, more at ease with the other man than the vampire, even if he did have a soul. "All Andrew did was shed some blood and say some words. I think that I could take his place."

"Really?" Andrew asked, quickly slipping out of the vampire's grip. Angel ended up on his butt in the dirt, vamp reflexes not quite able to keep up with the hyper human. Gunn hid a laugh behind his hand and faked a cough.

Andrew was in front of Robin in a matter of seconds, down on his knees and gripping the other man's hand, looking up at him adoringly. The former principal just looked uncomfortable.

"Thank you," the blond gushed. "Thank you so much!"

He turned to Angel who was picking himself up off of the ground.

"See, he can go with you and defeat the First and I can stay here and defeat Sauron! Everybody wins!"

"Andrew, get up!" Wood demanded, yanking his hand back. "You're embarrassing yourself, and me."

"You're sure that we don't need him?" Angel asked, discretely brushing off the seat of his pants, his look daring Gunn to say anything.

Robin looked over at Andrew, who was happily rejoining the other group, and nodded.

"Trust me, we'll be fine."

"Okay," Angel said then whispered the words to open the portal.

The End, so far...

To Be Continued in 'And a Bottle of Rum'

The End

You have reached the end of "Heaven, Or Andrew, The Saviour of Middle Earth". This story is complete.

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