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A Chance in Hell

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Fan Art

Summary: A collection of fanart crossing Buffy and Hellboy due to my recent obsession with the movies.

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Comics > Hellboy/BPRD(Recent Donor)BuffyCharmedFR133125063,75628 Jul 0814 Jun 09No

Life After Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own Buffy or Hellboy. If I did, there would most likely be too many Buffy crossover movies to count in theaters.

Author's Note: Hello everybody! Like I said in the summary, ever since I saw Hellboy II: The Golden Army, I've been a little (read immensely) obsessed with the movies and crossover possibilities. And as everyone knows there's been a hiatus on adding new challenges. So just think of these pics as entertainment slash your chance to make me a very happy reader and write a new crossover. *wink, wink* Anyway, I hope you enjoy and please drop a review on your way out!


As far as this pic, it's supposed to be after the destruction of Sunnydale, and suddenly there's a new evil that the B.P.R.D can't handle by themselves (movie-related or not), so they contact the Watcher's Council and send in Buffy to check it out. I love Liz, but I'm also now in love with a Buffy/Hellboy pairing. *sigh* But interpret it any way you want. Toodles!
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