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A Shinobi Halloween

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A ninja twist on Halloween

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Anime > NarutoAlphaBetaFR151227,524610242,61028 Jul 0816 Nov 08Yes


Authors Note: Last part of the story! If you want it to continue, please say so now!

Disclaimor: See beginning of story.


That Night:

A vampire chases after someone. He thinks about how stupid this person is, walking through Sunnydale’s graveyard at night. “This victim has some stamina!” he growls as he runs. A few more vampires notice the person running away and give chase. The vampire notices the others and growls, “I hate sharing! I guess I’ll just have to take him down first!”

The person runs down an alley that the vampire knows for a fact is a dead end. He beats the others and growls, “I got you now!”

An arrogant smirk crosses the person’s features. “No, I got you.” The vampire tilts his head in confusion as the person’s hands start making weird signs. Their lungs expand and he hears, “Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!” The other vampires push past him and scream as they all explode into flames. Once the fire dies out, Xander observes his handiwork with satisfaction.

Buffy drops from the roof with her fan in hand. “The plan was for you to lure them here, than we both wipe them out! You didn’t leave any for me!” she protests.

He lowers his hand from his mouth and dusts off any ash, “Sorry, Buffy. I got carried away. You get the next batch.”

She grins, “Good!” Her fan slides back into its holster, and they take off to the next section of town.

Elsewhere in Sunnydale:

“I can’t believe I got stuck with you! This is so lame!” Harmony shrieks.

Willow retorts, “I know! You’ve already said that about twenty times!”

“If you hadn’t insisted so loudly about going with Xander, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament!” Harmony screams in her face.

Willow pushes her back, “I remember it differently, Pig! You were the one insisting to be with Xander! I deserve to be with him! I’ve been his friend his entire life!”

A vampire notices their loud bickering and laughs quietly to himself at the apparently easy kill. He sneaks closer to them and Willow’s hand snaps back, turning him to dust instantly as his heart is pulverized by the stake in her hand. “Stay away from Xander!” she yells back at Harmony, barely noticing that she dusted the vampire.

“Over my dead body, Forehead!” Harmony snaps.

“You’re getting the idea!” Willow says, pouncing on Harmony. They yank at each other’s hair and punch each other, rolling around in the street. They are surrounded by more piles of dust as they come from any vampires stupid enough to try to interrupt their fight.

Southern Sunnydale:

A fist impacts a vampire’s face, sending the head flying which turning to dust in midair. The body follows suit into a dusty pile. “Wow, this is what my daughter’s been fighting for all this time?” Joyce says, dusting off her fist. “These guys are wimps!”

Spike scowls, “These are new, weaker vampires. The Slayer would’ve taken them out easily too. It’s the older ones like I used to be that you should look out for!” He sheathes his huge sword, stepping over the piles of dust surrounding him.

Kendra slips a dusty kunai into her pounce and nods in agreement. “Very true, Joyce. These are some of the weakest vampires there are.”

The former vampire glares at Joyce, “Call off your Anbu. I don’t like the feeling that I’m being watched.”

“You first,” she responds calmly. He frowns and snaps his fingers. Drusilla appears next to him with her scarred Anbu mask on.

Joyce nods and Tara appears behind her on one knee. “I apologize for being noticed, Lady Joyce,” Tara says quietly.

The older woman keeps watching Spike warily, “Just Joyce, Tara. Stand up.” Tara and Drusilla exchange icy stares when she stands. “So why are you here instead of your assigned area?”

Tara states, “There weren’t enough vampires to hold our attention. I was also concerned about your safety, La—Joyce. I don’t trust Missing nins.” Spike glares at her, but she easily matches his killer intent.


The vampire hums as he walks down the street lazily on his way to meet his friend. The friend waves as they near each other. They both stop in midstep as Tara appears behind the first vampire. She clicks her sword into the sheath and smirks, “Too easy.”

Drusilla appears behind the second one, “Far too easy.” Both vampires in the street collapse into dust. Sebons clatter onto the street near the second vampire. “There isn’t much activity here.”

“No, there isn’t,” Tara agrees reluctantly, avoiding Drusilla’s gaze. “Perhaps we should check on the others?” Drusilla nods and they both disappear.

End Flashback

Joyce raises an eyebrow and orders, “Make another sweep of the area. When you finish, you are free to go home.” Both disappear again. “They’ll be back?” Joyce says idly.

Spike confirms, “Yeah, they’ll be back.”

Unknown location:

In a dark room, the computer monitor shines. Ethan taps on the mouse and mutters darkly, “They will suffer for that humiliation!” Names and costumes scroll down on the bright screen. “Normal tricks won’t work on them now, but the devil is in the details.” A name catches his attention. He reads out loud: “Madara Uchiha.” A grin slowly crosses his face.

Warren’s House, Ten Minutes after He is asleep:

The dark-haired boy’s eyes snap open and quickly narrow into yellow slits. He sits up in bed and flexes his hands almost experimentally. Warren hisses, “It worked!”

The End?

The End

You have reached the end of "A Shinobi Halloween". This story is complete.

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