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A Shinobi Halloween

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Shinobi Rising". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A ninja twist on Halloween

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Anime > NarutoAlphaBetaFR151227,524610242,61028 Jul 0816 Nov 08Yes

Chapter One

Author note: This is a co-Authored by me AlphaBeta and my friend King Hawke . I know this type of story has be done before, but it has been in my head for around a year, but with the help of my friend, it has finally been written down. This is my first story, and even though King Hawke has written before, this is also one of his first stories to be put on a big site like this. So please be kind to us.

Author note 2: Saddly, I do not own Naruto or Buffy. If I did, I would not have to work anymore.

Prologue 1: One month before Halloween; Boston, Massachusetts, police station.

“Hey, Jack! I’m heading home. Another late night, huh?” the detective says as he passes his fellow detective’s desk.

The other detective nods solemnly, “We got another bad one today, but it could have been worse, I suppose.”

The first detective walks over to the desk and puts down his cup of coffee, “How so?”

“Well, Bill, some officers found a beat-up girl the other night while on patrol,” Jack explains while glancing over the report. “They saw how young she was and offered to give her a ride home since it is dangerous to be walking those streets alone at night.” He takes a sip of Bill’s coffee absently, oblivious to the other detective’s glare. Jack continues, his eyes never leaving the report, “Her face and arms were covered with bruises. The officers were able to coax an address from her when they asked where she lived. They found drugs, alcohol, and a drunken boyfriend of the mother at the house. Child Services were called in, and she is currently in protective custody.” He lays down the report and looks up at his coworker, finally noticing the glare. “What?”

“Jack,” Bill says with a deceptive calmness, “You did it again.” Jack stares at him blankly. “The coffee!” Realization slowly crosses his face. “That’s right, Jack, my coffee.”

He looks at the coffee than at his friend, “Sorry! It’s a habit!”

“So break the habit or buy yourself a cup of coffee!” Bill demands angrily.

Jack shrugs sheepishly, “I will do my best.”

“Anyways, here is the interesting part of the report!” Jack says quickly, hoping to change the subject. “The welfare workers are going to put her in a new program to see if they, in this case, she, can get back to normal faster, by putting her in an entirely new environment so she can grow up and have a normal life, hopefully.”

Bill raises an eyebrow curiously, sitting on the edge of the desk, “So where are they sending her?”

“A small town in California,” Jack replies slowly, “I believe it is called Sunnydale.”

Standing up from the desk, Bill inquires, “Does the girl have a name? Or do I have to guess?” He picks up his cup of coffee to leave.

Jack puts down his report. “They say her name is Faith.”

End Prologue
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