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Summary: “We can’t just tell Buffy ‘Hey, your dad cheated on your mom more than once and this time, he got someone pregnant. Congratulations, Andrew’s your brother!’ It doesn’t work that way.”

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Andrew-CenteredsupernaturalfanaticFR131319,92935117,99828 Jul 0814 Feb 11No

Who Wants Tacos?


Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon

Spoilers: Post “Chosen”

“I’m just saying, there’s a Taco Bell down the street,” Carolin argued, “We could run there, get some tacos and be back before any of these vampires rise. Or better yet, teleport with the potion no one knows I stole.”

“We should stay here,” Adrienne shook her head. “And besides, I have never actually had Taco Bell. Now is not the time for experimenting.”

Grabbing her chest, Carolin back away from the younger slayer in shock, “You’ve never had—We have to fix this! Now!”

“Carolin!” Adrienne snapped. “Vampires first, questionable beef later.”

“Fine,” Carolin whined as she sat on a tombstone. She didn’t think whoever this “Goldman” was would mind. He was quite dead. “I’m just happy to be home and if I can’t see my parents, I wanna do other stuff.”

“We get that, but the mission comes first,” Adrienne reminded as a hand finally popped up out of a grave, followed by two more from neighboring graves. “Showtime.”

“Finally,” Carolin sighed. “Come on, Mister Horowitz, we don’t have all night.”

The four slayers had been split into two groups; Carolin and Adrienne had been assigned to patrol the Clover Hill Park, a Jewish cemetery in the city of Birmingham, while Ali and Janelle were in Beverly Hills, at the Acacia Park Cemetary. There had been a lot of deaths lately, too many for the Metro Detroit Slayer house to keep up with.

“Got him,” Adrienne nodded as she staked Mister Horowitz before he could even step out of his grave. “Rosenbaum is making a run for it!”

“Over my toned ass!” Carolin yelled as she ran after the newly risen vampire, confident that Adrienne could handle the last vamp. Rosenbaum was quick as he made his way for the gate, the gate that would put him on Fourteen Mile Road. If he managed to escape to the neighborhood across the street, tracking him would be difficult. “Not happening.”

Gripping the stake, Carolin positioned her arm and let the state fly. She let out a very unslayer-like whoop when it struck the vampire in the back, hitting his heart. The vampire was dust before he reached the tall gate. The victory was cut short as her phone rang.

“Our vamps are dusted,” Janelle’s voice spoke.

“Same here,” Carolin answered, seeing Adrienne jog over to her.

“We’ll head back after getting food. Ali sees a Taco Bell.”

Knowing full well Adrienne could hear the conversation; Carolin gave her a pleased look, knowing she had won. If the others were going, albeit to a different location, they’d be going as well.

“We’re doing the same, see you back at the house.”

“So how far is this place,” Adrienne rolled her eyes. She had lost the battle, though to be honest, she wanted to try it. At least once.

“Not far,” Carolin spoke, treating the situation like it was life and death. “We’re at 14 and Coolidge, Taco Bell is 14 and Crooks. Like, a mile away!”

“This definitely has to be one of the better slayer houses,” Buffy commented. The house they had chosen has two kitchens. TWO KITCHENS. And numerous bathrooms. They pretty much had to have it, in Buffy’s opinion. Five slayers living under roof and they didn’t all have to share a refrigerator? Perfect. Oh, and according to Xander the location was good because of its place in a quiet neighborhood and the house had a natural defense with it being located on a dead end street and surrounded by trees. Buffy was really just happy about the two kitchens.

“You aren’t getting a Mercedes-Benz,” Andrew reminded. Again.

And did she mention that a Benz dealership was located right outside one of the entrances to the neighborhood. No? Well there was. And she wanted one. Or a few. They were in a very affluent part of town. It only made sense to have one to fit in, right?

Pouting, Buffy turned back to her map of Oakland County. Sixty-two cities, townships and villages were in the county alone, not to mention two of the worst cities for crime on both ends, Flint to the north in Genesee County and Detroit to the south in Wayne County. The five slayers had their work cut out for them that was for sure. Fortunately, the counties had a simple road system that made making patrols simple. The mile road system had been a blessing in determining which cemeteries to send the girls to, as most sites are located right on the street.

But unfortunately, the mile road system essentially went from 0 to 50 mile. Five slayers weren’t going to cut it, especially with the recent uprisings. More and more vampires were being made. Not to mention a slight influx of various other demons. That was why Buffy and Andrew and their team were there. But they couldn’t stay for long. They would need to pull others in, make another house somewhere.

“How about two additional, smaller teams?” Buffy asked. “A team of three outside Flint to patrol there and a team in Detroit?”

“You might be on to something Slayer Prime,” Andrew gave a slight nod, most of his concentration on preparing dinner. “Flint isn’t as a big as isn’t close to the rest of the cities the current team patrols. And Detroit, while closer, should have its own protectors.”

Andrew had a habit of forgetting to NOT refer to his sister by those ridiculous nicknames when his mind was elsewhere, such as cooking, but she let it slide and continued with her idea. “Exactly, set up a team of three in each of those locations, and keep the five here. They patrol the suburbs and get the occasional help when the demons feel like getting uppity. Or apocalysey.”

“We’ll have a meeting about it with the Cleveland Council when we get there and after their problems are solved,” Andrew said.

“Good. And after I finish making this patrol schedule, you wanna go check out downtown Birmingham? See a movie, do some shopping and other brother-sister type bonding stuff?” Buffy asked, putting a pin on the map. The White Chapel Memorial Cemetery in Troy needed to have a walk through, as did the Roseland Park Cemetery in Berkley.

“Sure, but can we make a short little trip to a store in Clawson?” Andrew finally turned to face his sister with his biggest wide eye pout. “It’s called Warp 9 and it’s a—“

“A comic book store, I know,” Buffy snorted. “I had one of the slayers here check out any of those stores within a 50 mile radius after we landed. And yes, we can go. And hey, do you smell Taco Bell?”

Seconds after the words left her mouth, their team of four could be heard running down the stairs and stumbling into the kitchen, hands full with numerous twelve packs of tacos.

Rolling his eyes, Andrew put the lid on his new creation, knowing they wouldn’t be eating it that night.

“Who wants tacos?!” Carolin yelled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Wells-Summers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Feb 11.

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