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Summary: “We can’t just tell Buffy ‘Hey, your dad cheated on your mom more than once and this time, he got someone pregnant. Congratulations, Andrew’s your brother!’ It doesn’t work that way.”

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Andrew-CenteredsupernaturalfanaticFR131319,92935117,98428 Jul 0814 Feb 11No

Repeat That


Disclaimer: Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon

Spoilers: Post “Chosen”


Thank you PyroDeScorpio for the artwork!!!

He hadn’t looked at the briefcase in five years. Not since before Sunnydale went under through his heroics. But he couldn’t take all the credit for saving the world and possibly all the dimensions in the multi-verse. Buffy, the Scoobies and the potentials turned slayers did their parts, as well.

But before that all went down, they were all still planning their attacks against the First Evil. It was during that time when he was given the briefcase. His mother had given it to him when Buffy had allowed him out of the house one day to do whatever, under the threat of a serious maiming if he tried to run out of town. Of course he wasn’t going to leave the slayer to deal with this threat. He came back specifically to help her out and join her gang.

When he had found his parents, they were packing. This was before the general populous decided to get out of town, but they must have known in advance. He didn’t really know that much about his parents as he was never really close to them, but he assumed they had some ounce of magic in them. He could do spells of a certain level, and his brother was at a level higher than him, so it made sense that his parents were the same. They were all born and raised on Boca del Inferno, after all.

They weren’t exactly happy with his choice to stay in Sunnydale, but after hearing about his plan to help the slayer, they gave in. And after taking a few of his possessions, his mother handed him the briefcase, making sure his dad didn’t see it. When he got back to Buffy’s house he had every intention of looking through the bag, but things kept happening that distracted him.

It wasn’t until now, five years later that he was given a chance to finally breathe and take a look at it. Running a multinational corporation took a lot out of a person. Well, the rest of the board might argue that he wasn’t running the whole operation by himself. They helped, but he was very important at what he did.

“Here goes nothing.”

He had found the briefcase one morning when he was looking for something else he thought he had lost. He still hadn’t it, but he did find the briefcase.

Flipping it open, Andrew pulled out several papers and pictures. A lot of them were pictures, actually, but they weren’t of him. They were of his mom, but when she was younger and with her was a man, who was most certainly not his dad. After sifting through the pictures, he found a piece of paper, what looked like might be a letter.

“Holy bejesus!”

Coughing wildly, Andrew tried to wave away the smoke that appeared when he teleported in.

“Those are only used for emergencies, Andrew,” Willow sighed.

“It is one, I swear!” he yelled, using his other arm to wave the papers in her face.

“Stop being so spastic,” Dawn snapped as she tore the papers from his hand. Straightening them out, Dawn read. And read some more. And after taking a second to look at Andrew in disbelief and back at the papers, she looked at the pictures. “Are you—You can’t—How?”

Squirming under her gaze, Andrew tried to answer. “Well, when two people love one another--”

“I know that, you dweeb!” Dawn snapped again, this time regretting it when she saw Andrew’s sad face. “Sorry, Andrew, I’m just—This is just weird, you know?”

“Well how do you think I feel?” Andrew shot back. Off Dawn’s smirk, he continued. “Well, alright, this is very cool, but still, it’s weird.”


“What is everyone talking about?” Willow frowned. The entire exchange had confused her. Taking the papers from Dawn’s hands, Willow read them and almost fainted. “Is this for real?”

“You don’t believe me?”

“I do!” Willow assured Andrew. “It’s just, wow.”

“Yea,” both Andrew and Dawn said.

“When do we tell Buffy?” Dawn asked. “I mean, she has to know.”

“How do we tell her?” Andrew asked, nervous. It wouldn’t do well for Buffy to react badly to the news and kill him.

“He’s right, Dawn,” Willow sighed. “We can’t just tell Buffy ‘Hey, your dad cheated on your mom more than once and this time, he got someone pregnant. Congratulations, Andrew’s your brother!’ It doesn’t work that way.”

“Andrew’s my what?!”

The three spun to see Buffy standing, clearing the smoke from her abrupt appearance.

“I guess it can work like that,” Dawn muttered.

“Does no one listen to me when I say those teleportation potions are for emergencies only?” Willow groaned.

“This is an emergency, a shopping emergency,” Buffy defended her reasoning. “And I repeat, Andrew’s my what?”

“I found some papers and pictures that my mom had,” Andrew answered. “I guess your dad, or I guess, our dad, had an affair with my mom. Sorry?”

“I feel like I should be upset or even surprised, but I can’t bring myself to feel those things,” Buffy sighed. “What does that say about my life?”

“So you’re not going to, um, kill me?”

Rolling her eyes, “No Andrew, I’m not going to kill you, my half-brother. I might make a visit to Spain, though.”

“You do realize what this means, right?” Dawn smiled. “The three of us have all fantasized about Spike!”

“Dawn!” Buffy glared.

Coughing, Willow raised a hand in the air. “Make that four. What? He had a mysteriousness about him! I wasn't doing anything wrong!””
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