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Into Insanity

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Summary: Xander goes clubbing and meets a hot blond and an old friend who likes Kittens.

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Television > Kindred: the EmbracedNikolaosFR131416021,90329 Jul 0829 Jul 08Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Kindred the Embraced or Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Vampires the Masquerade Bloodlines.

Into Insanity

Xander couldn’t get it. One hot girl in front of him and another hot one at his back. One was blond and the other was dark but both were hot as hell. And they wanted him! The Zeppo! The one who hadn’t any luck with girls other then demoness who wanted to mate with him and then eat him or who wanted to eat him and then mate with him! And wasn’t that a disturbing thought.

So here he was on a dance floor. In a club he wouldn’t normally go. But here he was and that all because Giles needed a book and couldn’t come and get it himself. He wouldn’t have come into the club but the hot chick who was in front of him had seen him in the street and had asked him if he wanted to go dance with her. Okay, he was lightly spooked by her but when would he get a new chance like this?

’Hi kitten do you wanna come with me and let us glow like thousands of fireflies?’

It wasn’t every day that this happened and so he followed her into the club ‘Asylum’.

And now he was in heaven! The blond was so hot and kissed like there was no tomorrow even if she was a little cool to the touch. The dark girl behind him did things with pieces of his anatomy that only himself had had contact with in a long time.

“Do you wanna come up to my rooms, Kitten? You could like up the milk off of me like the sweet kitten that you are!” asks the blonde sex bomb.

°Oh god! This can’t get any better!°

“You could play with us both, Kitten!” continues the brunet.

°OH MY GOD! It can get better!° thought Xander, even if he had the feeling, that he should know the voice of the one girl.

As the three of them get out of the elevator and into the other room, Xander sees a big heart shaped bed.

“My name is Jeanette, Kitten! And together we will buzz like fireflies in a summer night!” says the blond sex bomb in her schoolgirl uniform as she pulls him atop of her on the bed.

“You know me, Kitten! And now Daddy isn’t here and so I can have you!”

°Shit! It’s Drusilla! But, then, what is Jeanette?° Xander tries to cry but Drusilla holds her hand before his mouth.

“Welcome, Kitten, welcome into insanity!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Into Insanity". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking