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Heads or Tails- The Longer Version

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Summary: Slightly longer version of my drabble Heads or Tails. Disclaimer: Not mine, never have been, never will be...damn it.

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Firefly > Spike-CenteredAngelskuuipoFR71401151,19129 Jul 0829 Jul 08Yes

“Heads you live, tails you die,” River murmured, watching the blond man across the room repeatedly flip a coin. The stranger looked up at her. She whispered, “The killer in you wants out to play. I can show you a proper playground.”

He raised a scarred eyebrow at her. River ignored Mal and Jayne’s calls as she crossed the bar to him. He watched her with hooded blue eyes and she could feel him inside her. A slow smile curved her lips as she held out her hand. He took it, placing a gentle kiss on its back, his eyes never leaving hers.

“Name’s Spike, luv, but you already knew that. Got a bit of the sight, eh?”

She nodded. “I’m River.” She sat down next to him, their hands still entwined. “You can’t hunt here, but I know where there’s plenty of prey. We can dance in their blood and save the innocents from the other monsters. It’ll be fun.” Her eyes were alight with anticipation. Here was someone who wouldn’t be afraid of her, who could keep up with her, who would understand her like no one else.

Spike studied her for a long moment then glanced over her shoulder at the scowling men she’d left behind. “Don’t think your boys like you talkin’ to me.”

“They don’t need me anymore. They might miss me a little, but they’ll be relieved I’m gone. I’m not safe to be around.”

Spike smirked. “Neither am I.”

“I know. You deal in death, the same as I. We just go about it differently.” She looked at the coin in his hand, a sliver dollar. “Heads you live, tails you die,” she repeated. She looked at him earnestly. “I’m not really crazy. I just get mixed up sometimes.”

Spike nodded slowly. “You really don’t mind givin’ up the life you’ve got?”

“They’ll be safer with me gone. Trust me, Spike. The Alliance won’t find you.”

Spike pondered her offer. He was getting tired of constantly looking over his shoulder. The Alliance had really made his un-life hell. This little slip of a girl reminded him of Dru and Dawn all rolled into one pretty, crazy, and powerful package.

River grinned at him, knowing he was going to take her with him. This was right, what she’d been waiting for. Then she frowned. “Who’s Peaches?”

Spike laughed. Oh, she was gonna be fun.


The End

You have reached the end of "Heads or Tails- The Longer Version". This story is complete.

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