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Summary: Bran never expected this [Cross w/ Patricia Briggs "Cry Wolf"]

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Literature > ActionluthienlightFR736650101,41630 Jul 0830 Jul 08No


That first sentence was the longest uttered for over two months.

Bran wasn't much for chit chat and let Sage be “interrogator” over lunch. The one word answers didn't seem to bother her. In fact, they seemed to be the perfect counterpoint to the wash of words she let loose.

“So what's your name, hon? I love the hair. How often do change the color? What do you use? How long have you been a wolf? You got good control, can barely feel you at all, no that's not right, I can feel you all the time, can't I? Nice peaceful feeling, isn't it. Not like any wolf I've met – 'cept Anna and she's omega and then only does that peaceful thing when she's trying, y'know? Are you omega? Na, you can't be, you're a guy. So what are you? Where do you hail from, I'm mean, you're not from 'round here. You gonna stay?”

Oz just had a small smile on his face as he interspersed his few words and lots of shrugs.
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