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Glory to the Sin'dorei - Redux

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Summary: Another YAHF, cause hey the possibilities. Xander and his new friend dress as Blood Elves. What will Sin'dorei bring to the Hellmouth? And how will their being there change things?

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Games > Fantasy > WarcraftMicahFR2143,5350113,7211 Aug 088 Aug 08No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything but the plot. Buffy and her peeps belong to Joss Whedon and their other creators. Sin'dorei, Blood Elves and all related content and back story belong to Blizzard. No harm intended, this is just a testament to my being a fan boy geek and bringing two of my favorite things together.

Warnings: Nothing in this first chapter, but believe this is coming in like a lamb but going out like a lion. It will get wilder.

**A/N: I realize that WoW wasn't released in the year the Halloween episode would have happened. But for the purposes of the story, it came out earlier. Live with it. If you can buy vampires and demons, early release of a computer game shouldn't be such a stretch. Enjoy.

** A/N 2: I am re-using parts of my first version of this story, including Author’s Notes, because while there are some changes, the premise and some key points will stay the same. Deal.

Giles stood in the library, idly thumbing through a text on possessions to see if the effects of Ethan’s spell would be long reaching. Xander still hadn’t shown up and while Buffy’s sudden ability to speak French was not dangerous, there had been several very dangerous costumes out there and if their wearers retained anything, it might develop into a situation the “Scoobies” would have to deal with. And *Good Lord*, they had him thinking like they talked Giles thought with a grimace. A small noise in the back of the library drew his attention and his hand slipped down to grasp the axe he kept hidden under the library counter.

“Whoa, G-Man, no need for the axe, it’s just me…well us,” Xander said from the shadows of the stacks.

“Xander? My word, what happened? We couldn’t find you last night. The girls and I were worried sick…and what do you mean ‘us‘?”

“He-he, G-Man, you’re babbling. And by us, I meant me and my friend Alex. And he’s here because, well, just look…” Xander explained. Then he stepped from the shadows.

“Good Lord…”

Xander was taller than before. If you counted the tips of his longed pointed ears that stood straight up off his head, he stood at almost seven feet. Xander’s formally shaggy hair was now impossibly spiked and a russet red color instead of black. He was broader too, more muscular. But the most striking features were his glowing green eyes. He wore the same costume clothes as last night, only where there was once plastic and nylon, there was now gleaming metal, leather and good linen.

“My word, Xander, what happened?” Giles was in shock.

“I was hoping you could tell me. We were caught as our costumes last night too, but when it ended, we stayed changed,” Xander said coming forward to sit at a table. He had to turn the chair around to accommodate the great big sword hanging in its scabbard on his back. Giles noticed another figure with green eyes still standing in the shadows of the stacks.

“Alex, you can out, it’s ok, G-Man won’t hurt you,” Xander said softly.

“I dunno Xan, you told me about him and the Slayer and their kill anything non-human attitude, which after last night, we both qualify as. Besides, you know what humans of the Alliance have done to us,” a soft voice answered him from the shadowy figure, who made no move to come forward.

Xander sighed. “Alex, there is no Alliance here. Don’t let the memories rule you. And Giles won’t hurt us. He can help.”

Giles watched as the figure moved forward slowly. Another young man, with features similar to Xander’s, was revealed. But unlike Xander, the youth, Alex as it were, was more lithely built. He was swathed in a red and black robe and, where Xander had a sword strapped to his back, this Alex carried a staff made from a wood Giles couldn’t identify, topped by a glowing green jewel.

“My word. You’re elves.”

Xander laughed, but unlike his normal cheerful laugh, this laugh had a dark edge to it.

“Giles, we aren’t just elves, we are Sin’dorei, Blood Elves.”

A gasp signaled the arrival of Buffy and Willow and suddenly a strange ball of glowing black and green energy was in the hands of Xander’s friend. Giles could feel the malevolent energy flowing from the boy and was suddenly very afraid.

**A/N 3: For those not very familiar with World of Warcraft, use the following links to learn more:
World of Warcraft Community Site:

For more info on the two classes, Paladins and Warlocks, use these links:
Paladin class info:
Warlock class info:

And for information on the Blood Elves, the Sin'dorei:
Blood Elf Race info:
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