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Why now, why this?

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Summary: Set after 'Chosen', what if Buffy and the gang were there for the big fight in 'Never fade away'....will be coming in parts. i do not own any of these characters, they belong to the brillant mind that is joss whedon

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Why Now? Why This? By Ravenclaw

The End Is The Beginning

The final battle was over. There had been injury, death among the dearest and victory over evil.

"You're not the one and only Chosen any more. Just gotta live like a person. How’s that feel?" Faith said in her usual blunt way.

"Yeah Buffy, what are we gonna do now?" said Dawn thoughtfully to her sister who almost didn't make it. Buffy said nothing but simply smiled as she looked at the road ahead of her and the opportunities that the big empty road ahead her would bring her way. Each of the Scooby gang was lost in thought, love or grief. First Xander was silently mourning the death of Anya, who like Xander at the end had begun to question what life would be like if Xander hadn't left her at the altar. Kennedy was lost in awe and love for Willow who had amazed her with her Wiccan powers and of how much she really cared for her. Last of all Buffy was lost in thought about what Spike had just achieved for the world and the last thing he had said to her, "no you don't but thanks for saying it." A single tear ran down these faces, just one.

"So B where to now?" Faith said a note of urgency in her voice. She was worried about the state of some of the girls on the bus. Buffy looked up at Faith and the thought communicated itself to Faith immediately. LA.

"You sure you wanna do this B?" said Faith carefully. She knew to tread carefully around the history of the Slayer and the Vampire.

"I'm sure I wanna do this," Buffy said to the dark haired Slayer, "let’s go see the City of Angels." Buffy finished loudly so everyone was sure of what was to happen next. Everyone who had got off the bus was looking happy to be finally leaving Sunnydale for good apart from one guy Xander. When Buffy had said City of Angels he knew what that meant and his eyes first of all widened in surprise but the look quickly turned to one of anger.

"I should have known you'd say that Buff. Typical. Save the world, watch the people you love die and then when its all over run straight into the arms of your first ex-dead boyfriend." Buffy visibly flinched at the harshness of Xander's tone, she turned to Willow for support and the look on her face said to her you don’t think that of me too do you?

"Xander that is out of line and not fair, you know that?" Willow said disbelievingly, "she's just risked her life for us again and that's the thanks she gets? Goddess how can you be so-?" Willow simply couldn't find the words to finish her sentence. Xander looked away then back at Buffy, his gaze tearing her apart from the inside if looks could kill thought Buffy I'd be dust.

"Xander I'm sorry about Anya, I really am, "her voice full of sympathy, "but if we don't leave now more girls are gonna die. Please Xander." Buffy finished lamely. He gave her a curt nod and walked back towards the bus, Faith took his cue.

"Okay everyone back on the bus!" yelled Faith, "well that got your attention," she muttered to herself. The gang got back on the bus and Giles floored the school bus to LA.

The night had well and truly fallen when they reached the City of Angels. When they reached the hospital Giles swerved into the accident and emergency department, "Everyone grab someone and go in now!" he said very much the man in charge. Giles himself had come away virtually unscathed I got off easy Giles thought. He looked away, disgusted with himself for even thinking that. The Slayers meanwhile were grabbing friends and Slayers alike and rushing into the emergency ward. Faith helped Wood off the bus and into the hospital. Buffy hung back and made sure everyone got off. Then she melted into the LA night to find her beloved Angel. Before Faith went reached the ward she turned around and saw Buffy creep off into the night.

"Go find your Angel B,” she whispered, "because I think I've finally found mine." She gazed longingly at the injured Wood maybe this time it'll work she thought wistfully. However she was shocked out of her reverie when suddenly Wood stumbled forward she grabbed Wood before he fell to the ground and increased the number of injuries he had. With all the strength she had left Faith lifted Wood into her arms and ran on into the hospital hoping she wasn't too late.

Buffy was walking the streets of LA looking for Angel and she was also glad to be away from the chaos of the hospital. She stopped; a familiar feeling had just arisen inside her. She slipped Mr. Pointy from inside her mangled jacket. She kept going; the presence she felt was getting closer by the second. The presence she felt a lot like a Slayer's presence, which Buffy knew to be wrong because all the Slayers' were all at the hospital. What is going on? She thought logically for a moment, wondering if it could be Angel.

"Angel?" she whispered to the night, hoping he really was there. Nothing, the presence had gone. Buffy sighed and let her feet guide her to wherever they wanted to go.

Meanwhile chaos reigned at the hospital; it was finding it hard to cope with the arrival of at least twenty odd girls. Faith carried Wood over to an empty bed and yelled for a nurse. For what seemed like an eternity until one came, Faith was getting restless waiting had never suited her and this was eating away at her. The nurse told her that he would be all right but he would have to stay overnight. Faith nodded and walked over to Giles who looked beside himself with worry for Buffy.

"Faith, do you know where Buffy went?" he said getting straight to the point.

"Yeah she went to try and find Angel," Faith said as if she thought Giles were a complete moron.

"Some of the girls can leave tonight but I honestly don't know where we are going to find accommodation for 20 odd people in Los Angeles at this time of night and I know Kennedy and Vi just want to get out of here," Giles said obviously frustrated, "can you help us Faith?"

Faith's eyes lit up, "Ya know what Giles, I think I can help y'all out." She got out of the horrible moulting chair next to Giles and began to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Giles called after her.

"To make a phone call." Was the answer she gave him.

Xander, Willow, Dawn, Kennedy, Rona and Andrew came over to where Giles was sitting.

"Where's she going?" said Xander roughly.

"Calm down Xander she's gone to make a phone call to see if she can get us a place to stay. Or would you rather stay here overnight?" Giles replied coolly. This time it was Willow's eyes that lit up. Kennedy looked over at her girl and wondered why she suddenly looked so happy.

"Um Will.... why the extremely happy face?" she said sounding very confused.

"I know who Faith is calling," said Willow, "Angel."

"Who's Angel?" questioned Kennedy, Rona and Andrew.

"He Buffy’s first boyfriend," explained Dawn, "but it didn't work out because he's a vamp with a soul."

"Like Spike is...was," said Andrew.

"Yeah like he was. After Graduation day he simply left without saying goodbye. But deep down Buffy still and will always love him. No matter who else comes along,” said Dawn emotionally.

"Well you so sure bout that?" asked Rona, “she and Spike seemed pretty intense whenever I saw them."

"It'll still always be Angel for B," said Faith coming back to the gang looking pleased with herself. What was said on the phone she never told anyone. But everyone felt that she'd had a heartfelt talk with Angel assuring him that Buffy still loved him.

"What did Angel say?" Kennedy said.

"That I'm afraid is private. His gang is coming over in bout," she glanced at her watch, "10 to 15 minutes." I hope Buffy's here when they come Faith thought.

Unexpected First Meetings

Buffy's feet had led her back to the hospital great just what I don't need. She walked towards the lit entrance and walked into the back of a brown haired woman.

"Sorry. Sorry, you seemed to appear outta nowhere," Buffy apologised to the woman.

"The woman turned around, "Its okay," she had a Texan sort of accent. The black guy standing a few feet away came over that guy looks sooo full of himself Buffy thought laughing to herself.

"Would you watch it?" he said.

Buffy raised an eyebrow at the newcomer, "Hey I apologised okay? No need to get hostile bout it."

"Vamps you never get that subtly is the only way to survive in LA,” he said as he rushed Buffy with a stake in his hands. Buffy sidestepped just in time it had caught her off guard shouldn't have. The black guy began moving around assessing Buffy. Then he leapt into the air and did a jump front kick, Buffy blocked it easily with one hand, swatting it away. As he landed she aimed a sidekick at his midsection that got him he doubled over. Buffy pressed the advantage and as he was doubled over she came in with a jump front kick, which caused him to fly across down the road. She pulled back into a fighting stance surveying her handiwork. The brown haired girl ran over to him, shouting his name. Then she turned around. When she turned she was looking into what she thought looked like a younger version of Angel. Buffy was almost hypnotised by this boy she frowned. With her off focus the boy ran about two steps then did something that amazed Buffy. He placed one foot on a box that lay on the floor leapt up and used the dumpster to get even more leverage then did a flying roundhouse at Buffy's face. Buffy's head snapped back and she fell to the ground breathing, clutching her wounded and now bleeding face. What is he from the Matrix or something Buffy found herself thinking. Groggily she got to her feet.

"B!" yelled Faith running out of ward with the rest of the gang not too far behind, "B! You alright?"

"Yeah I think so. That boy is unnaturally good at what he does. Who is he?"

"Name's Connor. Let’s just say I've got good hearing like my dad."

"And that is who?" Buffy said. Faith's and Willow's eyed went wide as if to say oh crap I know what's about to come next. Willow looked at Faith; they were the only one's who knew who the dad was. Willow used her highly attuned powers to talk to Faith distract Buffy get her inside or something now! If she finds out that Angel had a son with Darla it'll destroy her.

"Connor what are you doing here, I thought I told you to stay at the hotel," said Angel who'd just walked over to Connor.

"Sorry Dad, but she attacked Gunn," Connor returned. Buffy's face became contorted with pain and anger. Too late thought Willow.

"What's he talking about Angel? You don't have a son, you can't you're a vampire. They can't have children can they?" Buffy said quietly almost to herself. Giles looked at Xander who in turn looked at Dawn who looked Willow who looked at Faith, as they seemed to know what was going on. Angel looked down ashamed with himself for not telling Buffy earlier, now realising it would destroy her. She doesn't deserve that kind of pain not after what she's just been through...oh well here it goes. Buffy looked at Angel in absolute disbelief, the hatred on her face was tearing Angel apart. Buffy turned to Willow with the look of 'I thought you were my friend and you never told me' kind of look.

"Buffy I'm sorry but I had promised Angel that I wouldn't tell you about Connor because he knew it would destroy you." Giles moved to Buffy and put her arm round her, his feeble attempt to comfort her and to his surprise she didn't flinch instead she moved into his embrace. They stayed like that for a few minutes whilst the others looked on, Connor looked bored and started to melt into the night this wasn't his ideal party place however Angel held him in place with a single look. Giles whispered comforting words into Buffy's ear then suddenly he broke away from Buffy started to stride over to Angel, he pulled his fist back...and was stopped by Connor.

"Don't even think about it," he snarled.

"Connor its okay, let him pass," Connor stepped aside, "I deserve it," Angel finished quietly. Taking his cue Giles back fisted Angel with all the strength he had left, Angel's head snapped to the side but he took the blow. Giles continued to wale on him and never once did Angel block or hit back.

"Stop it the pair of you, this is doing nothing to help!" shouted Buffy, as she separated the two of them. The gang looked gob smacked at what Giles had done.

"What's his deal Will?" said Kennedy looking across to Willow who was looking so ashamed that she looked to Xander to answer her question.

"Giles has a darker side that only comes out if someone has hurt Buffy badly; he was called nicknamed Ripper back in his day. I think that sums it up for you Ken," said Xander non-too kindly.

Angel started towards Buffy who instantly looked at the floor, "Buffy I think we need to talk privately, away from all this."

"Alright lets talk, I think we need to."

Angel turned to his gang and said, "Guys can you take all the Slayers who are okay to leave the hospital back to the hotel and Buffy and I will meet you there later. That includes you to Connor." Connor rolled his eyes, he'd been planning to follow them and catch up on his history.

"Fine with us Angel," said Gunn.

"Let's go guys, I'll get some extra food on the way," said Fred shyly; she didn't really like being the centre of attention.

Giles noticed that someone hadn't turned up to help them get them back to the hotel and that was Wesley, after what he had just done to Angel he decided not to voice his thoughts. Angel turned to Buffy and inclined his head towards an alley by the side of the hospital; two souls intertwined and about to see whether they could face the ultimate situation, their one time love having a child by the sire they thought was dead. Together they walked towards the inclined alley to talk out or fight out the worst possible problem they had ever faced.

Where Do We Go From Here?

The gang and only about 10 of the new Slayers, since the others had to be kept in the hospital over night, arrived back at the hotel. The Slayers looked around in awe at the hotel. Finally some proper rest and a goodnight’s sleep thought Kennedy gratefully. Kennedy tried to convey this slow rising feeling of anticipation to Willow but Willow did not seem to be on this plane of earth at this specific time. Oh Goddess what have I done to one of the most beautiful relationships I’ve ever seen thought Willow. Wesley looked up and saw the troops arrive; he got up silently and went over to Fred, even though Gunn was already cracking his knuckles. He whispered something in Fred’s ear; Gunn strode over to Fred and put his arm around his girlfriend’s waist. Wesley raised his eyebrow at Gunn then shook his head in disgust and walked back into the office and resumed his work.

“Okay guys…I mean girls Gunn and I will show you to your various rooms and then we can all get a goodnight’s rest. I see that we all need it,” Fred said with kindness as she saw that most of the Slayers’ were near dropping with exhaustion.

“This way then guys and girls,” Gunn said leading the way up the stairs to the various rooms of the hotel. Willow lingered awhile to try and see if she could ‘feel’ where Buffy was and what her feelings were towards herself. Willow did not like the feeling she received, pain and anger towards the ones she had thought were nearest and dearest to her, the feeling was tearing her apart inside Buffy forgive me, I never meant to hurt you Goddess I never meant for this to happen. Kennedy felt the shame and despair from Willow and went over to her and tried to comfort her, she gladly let herself fold into Kennedy’s embrace. Kennedy led Willow up to their room for a night of comfort and to heal wounds on the outside and on the inside. Kennedy had got Fred to light the room with several candles, to try and calm Willow down.

“Close your eyes Will”

“Argh Kennedy I am not in the mood for this tonight,” she opened her eyes and gasped, “Oh…you did all his for me?”

“Well not exactly but I wanted to surprise you. Fred did it for me…I see it had the desired effect.” A tiny smile played across Willow’s face and she gently pushed the door closed behind her.

Meanwhile the talk of the century was going on in the alley by the hospital. Buffy was a few steps ahead of Angel; she couldn’t bear to be in the same personal bubble as him at the present moment. Angel started toward Buffy but she moved away from him, Angel saw this subtle move and it was killing him. He wished he had told her before.

“Buffy…I am so sorry; I know how much this must be hurting you.”

“No Angel you have no fucking idea what I am going through, you lied to me. You had sex with someone and you had a kid even though you’re a vampire, how can you have any idea what I am going through?!” Buffy yelled at Angel completely losing her cool.

“Buffy the woman I had sex with was…” Angel hesitated, “the woman was Darla.”

“What! She’s dead, you killed her yourself I saw you do it! This can’t be happening.”

“Yes Buffy, Wolfram and Hart brought her back as a distraction for me…that she was. She was tormenting me, hoping to get me to turn evil it almost worked but she has her ways of getting what she wants. I had sex with her,” Angel kept that part short and sweet to keep Buffy from being hurt anymore than she already was “I had an epiphany. I made her leave and I thought that would be the end of it, as it turns out it wasn’t.”

“But how did she get pregnant, vampire’s are technically dead. I guess it was that wonderful woman Fate.”

Buffy turned toward Angel, tears running down her face. Will we ever get past this? Oh God Angel, I still love you with all my heart but how can I now I know this? Buffy I am so sorry can you forgive me? Can we still make something work? Without warning Buffy turned and ran past Angel to the opening of the alley, she couldn’t take the tension and emotions of the situation.

“Buffy…” yelled Angel turning to face her back. She stopped, looked to the side so she didn’t have to look right at him, “I love you Buffy, nothing can change that even though I know you probably hate me right now.”

“I can’t trust you anymore Angel, not after this…were you planning on ever telling me?”

Angel shifted his weight. Buffy’s jaw dropped, “you weren’t planning on telling me were you?” said Buffy slowly, coming to slow realisation, “I can’t deal with this, I’m going now.” She flung her hair and started to walk off, when Angel ran after her and softly touched her arm to stop her, it worked.

“Buffy you have to believe me; I never wanted it to go that far with Darla. I love you, it’s always been you. Does that change anything you feel towards me right now?”

Buffy turned slowly for maximum effect, she achieved it, and she had Angel’s total attention.

“Yes Angel it does,” Angel’s face lit up with hope “but how can I forgive you after this. One thing that will never change, however much I try to change it, and that is that I love you and always will. Where do we go from here?” Buffy smiled internally saying that had made her think of Spike and the sacrifice he’d made so the world could keep turning and when he had saved her life from imploding literally, when Xander had accidentally summoned the singing demon.

‘Look Buffy I think we had better get back to the hotel before Wesley sends out a search party or gets Willow to home in on us,’ Angel said trying to say it with a small smile on his face. Buffy realised this and returned his smile, even though it was mostly show but inside Buffy’s heart was beginning to take in everything Angel had told her. They made their way out of the alley together despite everything that had just gone down.

‘Alright let’s head back to the hotel,’ Buffy stopped, ‘Angel…what do you think the future holds for us now?’ She looked straight into his eyes, wanting the response she always had we can be together Buffy we can over this and start fresh you, Connor and I…a family. Angel looked at Buffy hoping he would give her the response both of them had wanted.

‘I think, I think that we can…we can start a family if you can forgive me for what I’ve put you through. I mean there are now all these slayers so it means you can finally try for that normal life you always wanted where we could be together,’ Angel finished cautiously.

‘Angel,’ said Buffy breathlessly, ‘oh yes. I’ve wanted this for so long, oh god yes,’

The two most famous demon hunters of the 20th and 21st century walked tentatively hand in hand out of the alley to face the world together as they know they would have because Fate had predicated, two star crossed lovers together forever. However if I wanted us to be together forever could and would I be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for my soul mate, confidante, lover and be an Immortal Slayer/Buffy’s undoing and risk (her) becoming what I feared the most? This question weighed on The Slayer and The Vampire Lover’s mind as they walked out the alley.

Pain Comes In All Shapes and Sizes

Later that night…

Most of the Slayers’ and friends were fast asleep no surprise since it was about one o’clock in the morning. However, the people Buffy loved the most were hampered by the betrayal they’d given her. Angel and Buffy had returned just over an hour ago and she had asked him to leave her be for a while, since there was “something I have to do”. Angel had agreed

Faith had just returned to the hotel after making sure that Wood had fully fallen asleep, she hated to leave him but in her gut that thought Faith darkly. She knocked on Buffy’s room and went on in to find Willow there already and a very awkward silence greeted her.

“Glad you came Faith,” said Buffy quietly without looking up at the dark haired Slayer.

Faith looked up at Willow, “We,” much emphasis on we, “owe you an explanation B.” thought Faith.

Buffy got up, tense with emotion, and walked over to the balcony and opened the doors. The wind blew her hair from behind making her look like a movie star or a painting set-up. She sighed and turned, her eyes full of sadness and confusion despite her body being as tense as a bow ready to fire.

“All I wanna know is why. Why did you keep something so important from me? Did you just want to have one up on me Faith?”

“It wasn’t like that B, and you know it!” Faith said, her voice rose.

“Will?” questioned Buffy, “I trust you most of all.” There was the unspoken question there

“I don’t know how to say how sorry I am for not telling you Buffy, I really am. I knew how you’d react…I didn’t want to destroy what was destined to be. You and Angel together.”

You almost did Will!” Buffy yelled starting towards the witch, her knuckles cracking. Faith stepped in front of her restraining her from going anywhere near the witch. “You came close to destroying the one thing I have wanted for so long!” Buffy’s anger finally boiled over. She backhanded Faith in the face causing her dark side to fall to the ground clutching her face . Buffy somersaulted over Faith’s form and starting to shake Willow Willow thought. Faith, now recovered, flipped onto her feet, grabbed Buffy and threw her onto the desk that shattered on impact thought Faith as she blocked Buffy’s oncoming spinning roundhouse. The fighting continued for several minutes both Slayers’ fighting flat out. The commotion was so loud that it had brought Angel and Connor running down the corridor to Buffy’s room. One problem was Faith had locked the door for privacy so no one would burst in. Working as father and son they kicked the door in and stood absolutely shell shocked at the scene they saw before them, two of the most powerful Slayers’ in recent time kicking the crap out of each other.

“Um Will,” said Angel quietly, “fancy separating them anytime soon?” thought Willow to herself.

“Separate,” Willow said slowly, Buffy and Faith were thrown apart by forces unknown. Faith was now supporting a bruised jaw and Buffy, a bruised cheekbone.

“You feel better now Buffy?” asked Willow coldly. Buffy swallowed, looking ashamed at the carnage she’d wrought. For the first time since leaving Sunnydale she broke down in tears.

“Will, I’ve screwed up. I’m sorry, please forgive me. I never meant to…oh god I understand why Will, it just made me so angry and upset,” pause, “can we hug and make up?” The two young women embraced. “Faith I’m sorry for bruising your face and using you as a punch bag.”

“No prob B, needed the workout anyway,” they both smiled.

“Buffy can we talk?” Angel whispered in Buffy’s ear.

“Yeah sure…um Connor do you want to come to?” Buffy asked nervously to Angel’s son.


Buffy worked her way over the broken desk, table and chair to the door paused, then turned to Willow and Faith saying with sincerity, “I’m sorry to both of you,” and followed Angel and Connor down the corridor to Angel’s room.

Supernatural Family

As with Willow and Faith, there was an awkward silence however this didn’t carry any of the tension that the last awkward silence had. It was more a nervous silence as if no one really knew how to start the conversation. In the end, it was Connor who broke the silence.

“I’m sorry about your face, didn’t mean to hit you quite that hard but I thought you were a vampire,” he said sheepishly.

Buffy shook her head, a thin smile playing on her lips, “don’t worry bout it, comes with the territory I…sorry we work in.” Angel shot a glance at Buffy to see if she really did want to get along with Connor as a family

“Dad says you want us to be a kinda family,” Connor said bluntly just Connor shivered that prospect delighted him

“There is one thing that’s been bugging me Angel” Buffy said quietly, “how come you didn’t lose your soul with Darla…well I assume you didn’t because no one called me or Willow.”

“That’s the thing Buffy, I didn’t lose my soul…I guess there is only one woman who can do that to me and that’s you Buffy. Perfect happiness for me is you.” Connor moved over to stand by the door seeing if he could sneak out with no one seeing him because he had had enough with the smooching atmosphere developing in the room between the two lovers.

“Hang on Connor,” Buffy said covering the room in about three strides and taking his hand in her own, “you don’t have to answer this question now but do you want me to become part of this supernatural family for want of a better word?” For what seemed like an eternity there was silence in the room…the seconds appeared to Buffy and Angel as hours till eventually Connor said that one word which would unify this family with its strange history.

“Yes…as long as I could learn to fight like you,” said Connor looking sheepishly at one of the strongest women in the world. Buffy simply smiled at Connor and walked over to Angel and leaned into him, after everything they had each learned, Angel that Buffy had been with Spike and Buffy that Angel had slept with Darla they were back finally in each others arms and now they were a family.

“Everything is as it should be,” said Buffy and Angel in unison. They smiled like knowing lovers do, that smile reserved for the one your soul is meant for.

“I hate to interrupt this moment you guys but we still have to decide to do with the twenty something girls we now have sleeping in various rooms here? Do they stay here? Or do we spread the forces of good around the world?” Connor’s sense of foreboding made Buffy look up at Angel with one eyebrow raised as if to say ‘wonder where he got that from’. Angel laughed at Buffy’s little dib and amusingly shook his head. Then he went back to business.

“I’d love to bask in this moment of finally being together, the three and of us, but Buffy Connor has a point what are we gonna do now?” Buffy looked sharply up at Angel with memory . Buffy wandered over to the window, Connor started to wander over to as if to sorry for bringing that up but Angel stopped him with a fatherly gesture a hand on the shoulder. He whispered to Connor with compassionate patience towards his son, “she needs to do this alone.”

“I disagree Dad she needs someone to help her make this decision, its too much responsibility for one person to carry even if she is the Slayer.” . He started to walk over his soul’s other half when she turned around, they looked at each other they frowned, confused whether that thought was coming from the other, then realised they were hearing the other’s thoughts. The Powers That Be had at last realised that they wouldn’t be able to ever truly separate them, despite being on both sides of the balance, were slowly allowing them privileges no other supernatural couple had . They embraced, knowing their love was at last now accepted, “I’ve got it but we’ll have to wait till morning since most of the Slayers are either asleep or still at hospital but I know what we are going to do now”.

Difficult Decisions, Different Demon

Buffy had come to a decision at last, she just hoped it was the right one She had had another talk with both Willow and Faith after her heart changing conversation with Angel about whether it was right or not, they had simply smiled and nodded. For Willow had told them that in time they would be needed here, when questioned further by both Buffy and Faith she had simply replied, “there is still evil in the world that you have to face, and believe me when the time comes you’ll be grateful you came to Los Angeles when you did.” This message had greatly ruffled Buffy’s feathers’, she felt that after what had happened in Sunnydale she deserved a break, but she knew there would always be more work for the Slayers’ to do…there would never be any let up.

The new Slayers’, who were now all back from hospital since they in the doctors’ opinions had all miraculously recovered some from deaths door were now gathered in the main foyer of the hotel. When Buffy came down the stairs followed by Angel and Connor, she noticed that somehow they all looked older than they were Indeed Buffy did see this reaction from the girls’, they all fell quiet and turned to face her as she descended the stairs as is she was some sort of god. She stood at the front, Faith came and stood behind her along with Giles’, Xander and Willow . The older generation shared glances with their fellow peers then as one body almost they turned to face the new generation.

“We’ve come along way, and I’m afraid there’s more to come. We,” glance at friends, loved ones and family, “have come to a decision that I know will change our lives…have any of you heard of the law firm Wolfram and Hart?” questioned Buffy.

“Isn’t that like some evil law firm or something?” piped up Kennedy, “my watcher told me whisperings of them, what they have done and who they dealt with before he was…before he was murdered.”

“Yeah that’s right. Believe it or not…I am the new boss of that firm, well the L.A branch of it anyway,” Angel addressed the group of young girls, “and we’ve come to the decision that…you, all of you should come and work for us.” The Slayers looked at Angel as if he had suddenly grown two heads, they didn’t believe him and they didn’t believe that Buffy, the symbol of good their heroine, would choose to work for a firm so rooted in evil.

“I know what you’s guys are thinking,” Faith said “but think of it this way, we work with Angel and his crew here, we’ll have decent food, a roof over our heads in whichever part of the world we want and we’d be able to destroy one of the most evil firms in existence right under their noses, now is that good because if that ain’t…well I don’t know what is.”

“Of course we will give you time to think about this decision,” said Giles’, “but I’m afraid we can’t afford to lose that much time we will have to act quickly once the decision has been made…”

What would happen after the decision was made the girls never found out, for with a loud CRASH a portal rent through the middle of the foyer, causing the girls to scatter. As calmly as if it was just a summer stroll in the park, a figure came through this gaping portal, wearing what looked like a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of combats and a hat, which shadowed his face. He turned to face Angel, who had gone into a battle stance ready for anything which might try to attack his supernatural family, tilted his hat drew his head up and addressed Angel directly in an instantly lovable broad Irish accent

“Well if it isn’t our runner-up champion, long time no see Angel; see you’re still playing the game then.” Angel’s eyes widened to inhuman size and he just stared at their newcomer, shaking his head and backtracking from him muttering to himself, “We saw you die, I saw it happen. What is going on?” Buffy saw that her lover was overcome with emotion

“Don’t I get a hug from me old boss…figuratively speaking o’course boss.” Buffy stepped forward to confront this newcomer.

“Who are you? What do you want? I’d fight you right now but I’m as you can kinda see I’m tired and exhausted of fighting evil right now, so could we just do this another night?”

“Well we could but I wouldn’t be able to take you on…well not anymore anyway.” Angel finally found his voice.

“What do you mean not anymore? What’s happened to you Doyle, it’s been too long. I forgave but never forgot what you did all those years ago.”

“Well you would never have imagined what happened after I died saving those guys? The Powers That Be decided that I should have a second chance. They made me human…with a few tweaks, still got my demon strength and my visions but I am a walking, talking human being how bout it?” Angel was just being blown away, the last time he had ever seen Doyle alive was now replaying in his mind in bold Technicolor multi angle cinema viewing.

“I don’t quite understand…this is just too much. I mean do you know what’s happened since you…too much has happened. Since you’ve been with the Powers, do you know about Cordy?” Doyle shifted from side to side, “Yeah I know what happened, what she did, and what happened because of it,” he stole a glance over at Connor, “but it was just a one in a series of many tests to come in the next year and believe me, you are gonna be challenged.” Buffy’s eyes widened as this was chilling familiar with what Willow had said to herself and to Faith earlier on. She hated being in the dark or one step behind evil when it was brewing.

“Oh wait, one more thing,” said Doyle, and with that he threw an amulet onto the floor. It immediately started to glow; the hotel began to shake as if it was the epicentre of the world’s largest earthquake. A magical cloud appeared above the amulet and lightening came out of it; “Hit the deck, up to the first floor!” yelled Buffy. The Slayers, tired as they were ran straight up the stairs. A yell, a body collapsing on the floor She ran back down the stairs, yelling his name, not hearing Angel shouting at her to get back up as it was too dangerous…too late. A lightening bolt threw her across the room and she was unconscious before even hitting the ground. The figure emerged from the amulet with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He looked disorientated and confused; he turned to Angel and growled as if this was all his fault.


Spike just turned his back on his sire and his gaze fell on the two bodies on the floor… He walked over to them and realised one of them was Buffy. He knelt gently by her, lifted her head into his hands and stroked the hair out of her face. This was hard for him, he had been observing everything that had happened in the last few days in a front row seat up there and even though he knew she was with Angel now, it didn’t stop him from wondering. She had said it to him before he had died, just as Cassie had predicted but had that all changed now? He felt her coming round as he was stroking her hair…as her eyes and brain registered who it was, tears sprang to Buffy’s eyes…this moment was for them and them alone. It was as if everyone else in the room had just dissolved away and it was only Spike and Buffy. She sat up and trembling touched his face as if to make sure he was real. Angel walked over and grabbed Spike and threw him across him causing the vampire to land with a crash in Angel’s office. There was not a flicker of emotion on Angel’s face as he did this He was about to do further damage to his offspring, when he heard a faint sound behind him, in a tone that she knew only he would hear.

‘Angel, don’t. He doesn’t deserve it; we both did what we did for a reason. We loved each other. Hey he has just saved the world; I don’t really think he deserved to be wailed on right now. No matter how I much I actually want to.’ As she was saying this she had pushed herself gently to her feet and given Connor a hand.

‘Ouch, that is one piece of killer jewellery…literally. Who the hell is this guy? Urgh my head really hurts; this is all happening too fast for my head’

‘I know sweetie, me too’ said Buffy gently resting a hand on his shoulder in a very mother like way. As this exchange was going on Spike picked himself up and brushed himself down looking rather pissed off. He cracked his knuckles in a menacing way and began to make his way over to his sire, obviously looking for round two.

Connor seeing what was about to go down between the two vampires walked over to them, blocking Spike’s way. Then Buffy walked in front of Connor saying, ‘if anyone is going to hit him it is going to be me’. Spike seeing Buffy at the front of this queue instantly stopped seeing red and calmed down…ever so slightly.

‘I saw you die…I told you I…why are you back. I don’t need this. I’ve made my choice Spike, I’m sorry. I still love you, I always will but you know we can’t be together. It didn’t work then and it certainly wouldn’t work now. I have a family who I love and would never leave. We’ve been given…they’ve accepted us. What else can I say?’ she shrugged her shoulders and raised her hands miming her last words; ‘I’m sorry’ she finished lamely. Spike reached for her hands, she took them trembling slightly He started to walk backwards away from father and son, as if trying to block what he was gonna say from the other vampire. She didn’t resist, she let herself be led, glad that someone else was guiding her; if it had been anyone else she knew she would have probably drawn back, but Buffy trusted Spike with the whole of heart and soul, despite what had happened in the past. He knew Buffy wouldn’t like what he had to tell her as it would leave her with a decision she had to make which might threaten her newfound family and decision for the rest of the Slayers.

‘Buffy, I don’t like this. Whatever he says, he’s probably lying to you,’ said Angel, glaring at Spike but more importantly looking at the look Buffy gave when he said this. One very icy glare.

‘Angel, don’t do this to yourself. He won’t lie to us, he wouldn’t lie to me,’ Buffy said softly so only he could really hear, as Spike led her away to a quiet corner.

‘Yeah, so shut up you great poof!’ Spike said, smirking, loving every minute he was able to get under his sire’s skin…so to speak. Spike led her outside to the little garden outside the hotel and gently sat her down on a little concrete bench and told her what he had seen would happen when he had been granted a place Up There.

‘I don’t even know where to begin Buffy. After what happened in the Hellmouth, I thought I was over, done…I mean I had done this massive good thing yet there wasn’t much light at the end of my tunnel considering. Anyway, complaining aside, the Powers That Be or whatever buggers run wherever I was, came to me and gave me this knowledge in like a vision form. The poncy gits put some sort of whammy on what they had told me and I can’t physically tell you, but I can show you,’ at this point Spike looked directly into Buffy’s eyes with that look that melted her heart, ‘if you trust me?’ Buffy had to look away for a second as her eyes threatened to give away the love she so deeply held for him. Buffy started to tremble through fear of Spike’s vision and the intensity of her love – she stroked his face and nodded her head. With her permission granted Spike laid a hand on the side of her head and let the magic the PTB had granted him do its work. Buffy gasped out loud at the shock of the images running through her head – the end of the world, an evil law firm, Angel giving away some sort of prophecy, the death of Wesley, the deterioration of Fred and the overwhelming stench of pure evil in numbers that far outwitted the resources Angel had. However, when she tried to pull away, the images came thicker and faster; past and present. Buffy yelled in pain as she and Spike were locked in a magical binding spell; the PTB wanted Buffy to see everything that had happened in the last year of Angel’s un-dead life – the Beast, Angelus, Faith, Connor and Cordelia. Upon hearing Buffy’s yell of pain, Angel and Conner came bursting through the glass doors. Connor got there first, as Angel was struck by the physical intimacy between the pair of old lovers, and he wrenched Buffy and Spike apart.

Buffy drew herself onto her feet staring at Spike as if she’d never seen him before. The physical and mental intimacy they had just shared just went to show her deep her love and trust for him went Buffy suddenly realising what she had just thought, looked up at Angel, tears flowing out of her eyes, ‘oh god…Angel I…I didn’t mean to think that. It’s just when Spike and I were together it was in a different way to what we had,’ Buffy finished, looked sheepishly at the ground.

‘Look mate, I think we need to take these discussions inside, so Buffy can decide what to do next and also I don’t fancy bursting into flames again…once is quite enough.’ Angel sniffed the air and could feel the dawn coming and wordlessly turned and went inside. Buffy went over to Connor, and gestured him inside as he looked a bit out of place. With Connor going on inside, it left Buffy free to go over and see if Spike had damaged anything. Seeing he hadn’t she offered Spike her hand and they walked back into the lobby together.

The other Slayers seeing that the situation had finally calmed down, for the moment, started to cautiously making their way back down to the ground floor and upon seeing Spike walking in with Buffy gasped with shock as they thought him dead. But then cheered and waved at him, as they all knew how much he had given and they all trusted him no matter what had happened when he had been the First Evil’s bitch. However their happiness was short lived when they saw Buffy’s face and could tell the next apocalypse was just around the corner – realising that Buffy had one of two choices; to stick around and help but risking what was naturally supposed to happen or leave Angel to whatever would happen taking her slayers away to train the others round the world and come back for the big finish.

In the end, having the knowledge that Spike had given her she realised she would have to leave – as things that were being put into motion could not be tampered with, they were fragile enough already. Buffy had decided to take all the Slayers’ away from LA, to help train the other girls around the world that had been activated due to Willow’s spell. Yet she knew this decision would devastate Angel and Connor, Buffy told herself.

So after much huffing, puffing, the odd tantrum and cries, Buffy and her gang had one night just up and left without a word. When Angel had got up the following morning and realised there was hardly anyone in the hotel, he felt empty inside. This emptiness was filled with rage when he recognised a familiar scent. He followed it and found Spike, in what had been Buffy’s room.

“Great. Out of all the people to have stayed behind, I get stuck with you.” Angel rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Look mate, it weren’t my decision to stay but the PTB know I’ll be needed here so I sort of have to stay. I ain’t happy about it either,” he looked away and at the curtain drawn windows, “I’d rather be out there, heading back to good old Blightly – with Buffy,” he finished quietly. At that statement, Angel growled and pinned Spike next to the wall by the windows, “you do not get to say her name…or stay in her room” Spike began to laugh in his sire’s face.

“Try to deny it all you want mate, but your girl she loves me too. Guess we’re just gonna have to get used to that.”

“Fine but don’t expect me to like it” and he let go of Spike and stormed out the room and headed down to the sewers to find some vampires to kill

2 months later…

Angel Inc were slowly settling in their new premises; the newly re-built (and un-zombied) Wolfram and Hart. Each member had their own apartment…well that was everyone expect Spike. That was until he got rather attached to the girl who ran the combat training and magicks department – Cassandra.

Everything has a dark side…even the Slayer

Back before the world of man had really truly began there was – and always would be Evil – and this is the blunt cruel world that the First Slayer had lived and died in. But working silently to over the next two millennia was the original adversary of the First; her name was Cassandra; originally from what is now known as Mexico, and she was the Dark Slayer. This young woman embodied everything that the Slayer fought against; Cassandra’s values…well they were corruption, power, magick and darkness.

Like the Slayer, she had grown up in the Old World, before the human race had got a firm hold on the demon infested world. She had been approached by the First and given an offer no one could ever dream of. For Cassandra had visions; the Sight as it were and it had shown her that she was destined for a ground shifting future…and the offer. Well, immortality, in a way, and power she could never imagine in all her wildest dreams. You can guess what she said. After accepting, her small life changed forever; she became the First’s eyes and ears, she was granted all the power of the Chosen One with a few twists and born within her was a magickal power that would only grow over time. The First, as an entity was able to travel through time and space – and saw what the future now held for Cassandra now that she was ‘his’.

So over the next 2000 years, at every occasion where man was seen to be falling into chaos and anarchy; you can be guaranteed to know that it was Cassandra pulling the strings. The only down side was that for her to be immortal, she had to endure the pain of reincarnation; never knowing where and to whom she’d be born and the painful recollection of her past lives. For she was human – until the siege of Troy, in roughly 1184 B.C, that is. She’d been born to a fairly well off family; but when she’d been behaving oddly, her family decided to send her to a Watcher named Marius who lived inside Troy and knew the monarchy – who just happened to be a vampire, just no one knew it, not even the Council of the day. Marius sensed this deep seated evil that was only just beginning to awaken inside his young charge so Marius taught her the true values of the Chosen One; as if he were trying to alter her true inner beliefs. Unfortunately for The First, it seemed to have worked. The memories that The First counted on to keep bringing her back to ‘it’ were being tainted. Yet the First knew the value of patience and was not too concerned, as in the end she always embraced the darkness, she had no choice. This instance was the same, as after being badly wounded after patrolling the battle grounds outside Troy, Marius did the unthinkable…he turned his own Slayer thus bringing her back into the arms of Evil; albeit this time against her will. For she had learnt and embraced what the true Slayer had stood for; light, good and a force against Evil. And now she was the epitome of what the Slayer hated, she felt betrayed by the one person she thought she could trust and vowed to herself that one day he would die by her hand. She was now your average vampire - she needed human blood to survive and hated sunlight – with a twist she was Cassandra the Vampire Slayer Vampire.

After being turned, Cassandra’s past and her deal with the First weighed heavily on the newly made vampire’s mind, what path would she choose? Marius had not stayed long after he had turned her; he basically showed her the ropes and that was it. This caused great sadness for the vampire and made her long for a companion. Her decision was made. To help her stay balanced between the darkness and light would be the love of her life ever since she had been moved to Troy itself; Paris, son of Agamemnon. Before the final nights of the Siege of Troy, Cassandra sought out Paris, who by this point had lost nearly everything and told him of her love for him and the future she could give…he accepted, her first ‘meal’ was also the making of her mate. For somewhere inside him, he loved her also; she was braver than any soldier he knew and as beautiful as Helen had been, maybe more so. From then on, it was the two of them against the world. He was her rock and safe keeper from the darkness which was constantly rearing its head deep within her soul and she was his Amazon woman, brave and fierce yet loving and gentle; they both knew there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for each other.

She had warned him about the bargain that she had made with the First all those moons ago – but the deal had changed. The First had come to her one night in roughly 800 B.C, to tell her the terms had changed. The First saw her as tainted, that her soul was no longer fully open to Evil – thus the deal was she was now invincible, well almost, a Day Walker and retaining the magicks she had and would have; but warned her that in the end she would succumb to Evil’s throng in the Final Days where the fate of the world would be decided. What The First failed to tell her, only to her finding out later was that she could be killed but it was one of the most elaborate rituals known to the world. Cassandra knowing she had to be careful here, in case of loopholes, agreed with one condition – that the changes in her would be granted to Paris also…reluctantly The First agreed, for It wasn’t sure what Paris’s future held so decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

They moved through time; history became legend, legend became myth. And the couple descended into mystery; they became a ‘living’ legend…no human, vampire or demon was truly sure of their existence, as they didn’t believe that vampires could live that long. They only came into contact with vampires, who they believed could find out who they truly were – so they came into contact with the most powerful vampires of the ages. Such as the Ancients who had been around even before they had, Kakistos, Dracula, the Order of Aurelius and of course, Angelus, Spike and Drusilla.

The Council shunted Cassandra, and began to deny that she had ever truly been a Slayer but every Watcher was taught about her, Paris and the volatile situation her soul and nature was in…the fact that she could truly turn at any time. Thus whenever one their Slayers’ encountered her, they were to inform their Watcher who would order the kill. But they were hardly seen and only ever whispers were heard, and the true Slayers’ were never told of what Cassandra had been, to them she was just your average vampire who had been around a lot longer than the rest. Only the Watchers’ knew; out of sight, out of mind and that’s how it should have stayed until now that is………

Don’t I know you?

He had begun going down there to let off steam about a month after the gang had moved into the new building. He realised there was something about the girl – she had wisdom beyond her seemly young years. It was during one afternoon, he had just finished some private training that he decided to wonder around the combat area when it hit him, the smell of human blood. Following the scent, he turned into what looked like someone’s private quarters; many of the heads of department lived on the premises. A dark haired girl came out of an adjacent room licking her lips. She inclined her head towards Spike and growled, revealing fangs.

“I’m sure the door has the sign private quarters on it vampire” said Cassandra, who had a faint Spanish accent.

It was only then that Spike realised that he had never let Cassandra see him. With that Cassandra turned around and revealed that time was being good to her. Spike’s eyes widened at her physique; she was about 5” 5, tanned with a typical toned Latina body, she had the Latin spark in her eyes, her hair was shoulder length with a natural wave about it and it was clear from how she stood that this girl was very sexy and confident. She had a very distinct fashion sense – she was in a figure hugging dark purple tank top with black hip hugging combats on.

“Stop gawking vampire – it’ll be the last thing you see before you die” with that Cassandra turned revealing a stake and started advancing towards Spike, her yellow eyes flashing.

“A vampire killing vampire…whoa, whoa, I only came in here because I smelt human blood,” Spike said quickly, his eyes following the stake, “I didn’t mean any harm yeah? So you can out the pointy piece of wood away.”

“So you what? Came to investigate and join in the feast. Sorry but I dine alone – figuratively speaking….” And with that, she shook off her ‘game’ face and her brow furrowed in thought and confusion, “umm this may sound strange…but do I know you?” Despite moving through time and remembering all this history, Cassandra had never been good with names or faces but this vampire stirred memories deep within her.

“Wait…you do seem kinda recognisable, ya know in that whole evil sense. Vampire to vampire.” He cocked his head to one side as the memories began to come back to him. Cassandra suddenly the look of remembrance come onto Spike’s face and realise her cover was blown. (How stupid am I? I should have never this conversation. He knows who I am…oh god. Paris I’m sorry, I broke our promise) Then without warning –

“I’m not evil, okay? I’m just doing my job. You’re a vampire, simple as.”

“Well, well, well,” Spike chuckled, “I get to meet the legend again. Long time no see – Cassandra the Vampire Slayer Vampire” That statement caused Cassandra to stand up a bit straighter and ooze powerful vibes.

“Hello William the Bloody. I meant what I said before, if our paths crossed again it would be for the last time…or don’t you remember?”

“Oh I remember love, but a few things have changed since then. For example you don’t sense something different about me…” It hit Cassandra then – one of the greatest vampires of all time, had a soul. With that discovery, she laughed out loud.

“What a waste” Cassandra looked directly at Spike, “but saying that I’m glad we’ve met again…as…well I’ve got a soft spot for you Spike” Suddenly she gave Spike a mental push which flung him out of her room and unceremoniously made him land on his arse, she looked down at him with a look that made him tremble…then with a flick of her wrist she closed the door on him.

I can’t believe that bitch) Spike thought to himself angrily as he picked himself up off the floor and rearranged his leather duster. (She can’t just throw me out of the room after admitting she has a crush on the old Spikey…well I guess she can) He exhaled and turned to face the now closed door, a smirk appearing on his face. With that he threw a ‘have a nice day then love’ at the closed door and started off towards his sire’s office.

I give you the undying legend…

After shoving Spike out of her office, Cassandra leaned against the door. She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose trying to dispel the growing tension in her head…but it didn’t seem to be working. Focusing on her mate and using the power of will plus the magicks within her, she willed her mate to appear before her. She hadn’t used this much power in a long time and she could feel the affects it was having but she needed Paris with her so badly that she was willing to be weak for a few days. She forced herself into a deep meditation and brought an image of Paris to her mind. The magicks of the Earth responding to her; winds buffeted her where she stood, the ground shook Cassandra opened her eyes, which were now jet black and whispered a single word ‘Paris’. The ground suddenly stopped shaking – there was a cloud of smoke and from that smoke emerged Paris.

‘Anyone else feel that?’ said Angel, looking around his office. The members of Angel Inc. just glared at him as if to say ‘duh’. ‘I take that as a yes then’ Spike appeared in the doorway of the office only greeting Fred with a nod of the head and pointedly ignoring everyone…expect Wesley.

‘Oi, Watcher. Just seen someone you may be interested to hear about.’ Wesley rolled his eyes at the vampire and replied, ‘this better be good Spike. I’m not in the mood for games today, especially after that rather strong earthquake.’

‘Alright, ‘Giles’, ever heard of a chick called Cassandra?’ Spike then sneaked a look at Angel’s reaction. This was down right genuine surprise then pain as he remembered the pain he had caused her as Angelus, ‘that’s right Angel, that little wisp of a girl you tortured, works in this very building. Odds are that was her little earthquake.’

Wesley’s brow was furrowed in concentration and remembrance of his old days at ‘Watcher School’.

‘Spike I said I was tired of games. If I remember correctly from my specific training to become a Watcher, Cassandra was a Slayer who was turned into a vampire. Does she really exist? I thought she was a myth.’

While this little exchange was going, downstairs in Cassandra’ basement apartment Paris was getting his breathe (so to speak) back after being teleported half way round the world. He swayed slightly on the room and then turned around slowly to face Cass. Paris, the son of Agamemnon, the centuries had been extremely good to him. He was 6” 4, tanned, with shoulder length dirty blonde hair; he had kept the traditional Greek look and would always pass for 10 years younger than he had been when he had been turned. He would eternally pass for a 21 year old Greek god.

‘Love, never do that again…or don’t try to do it again. Feel’s weird,’ with that he strode over lifted her onto his hips and kissed her hard. The kiss took her by surprise; it was filled with enough passion to make it feel as if they had been parted 100 years instead of a mere 20. She closed her eyes and met fire with fire as she’d always done. He abruptly let her go and looked into her eyes with the look of knowing something was wrong.

‘What have you done?’

‘My cover’s been blown by the most unlikely source…Spike. You remember him?

‘Shit, you’re kidding me?! Well better go and confront our opposition’

‘Huh? Why? I don’t wanna go there. Paris, if Spike’s here that means he’s here. I can’t I see him again after what he did?’

‘The great Cassandra, afraid? Since when did this happen,’ she lowered her eye level, ‘don’t let him know you were afraid. Show them how Slaying is really done’ she brought her eyes to Paris’s, her gaze hardened, determined, a small smirk appearing and with that she grabbed Paris’s hand and started towards the door.

‘I thought she was a myth,’ said Wesley, with that there was a rolling fog out of which strode two figures (the strides themselves demanded the attention of their audience slow and regal) who were whispered about but spoke of as if they didn’t exist…the primary rule forgotten, they were revealing themselves to the world once again. They stopped in the middle of the room, then they turned toward each other vamped out and Cassandra sauntered over to Spike, ‘tattle tale,’ she whispered into his ear which she bit. Spike winced but held his ground, as she seductively licked her lips and walked confidently to the desk behind which sat the person she feared the most. There had once been a possible romantic link between them, not anymore. Cassandra wanted no more than to give him the revenge and pain he so deserved.

‘Hello lover’ she said. Angel stood up very slowly keeping a constant eye on the stake which had emerged from Cassandra’s pocket. The evil inside him growled in satisfaction, as it could smell the fear that was coming off her in waves…

“Cass, you have every right to want to drive that through my heart…but there’s one thing you need to know. And that may change whether you want to drive that through me and stick it into the wall behind me.”

“There is nothing in this world that would stop me from giving you what you deserve, Angelus”

“That’s the thing that has changed…it’s not Angelus anymore, its Angel.” Cassandra’s eyes widened in shock and pure disbelief.

“Oh my God. Is everyone getting a soul? I don’t believe this. Well to stop me driving this pointy thing through you, I have to see what good you’ve done with that soul of yours,” said Cassandra walking around the desk to face Angel. She brought her dark eyes up level with Angel; slowly for maximum effect…Angel noted that her eyes bore nothing but hatred for him.

“If it makes you feel better, then go right ahead…wash my brain out,” he put his hands in his pockets so they wouldn’t rebel and punch her in the face With permission granted; Cassandra raised her right hand, that was slightly shaky and placed it on Angel’s right temple, lowered then closed her eyes.

“Revealae,” she then lifted her eyes back up to Angel…her eyes had gone jet black and empty, there was just a void. A gasp, then a thousand images hit her of what Angel had done with his soul.

“Right, enough,” two voices said. It was both Paris and Cassandra. At that point, Cassandra pulled her hand away With that she just turned tail and stormed out, but stopped at the doorway, “Angel, I’ll continue working here on one condition…you never set foot in my department.” Spike sauntered over to Cassandra and whispered seductively in her ears, “does that include me love?”

“Come on down whenever you want Spike.” Then she turned, gestured to Paris and they both walked out.

‘Well, that was bracing. If no-one objects I’m off for a stiff Sea Breeze,’ said Lorne. Angel gestured to Lorne that it was okay to head down to the office’s bar. Angel paced around; obviously his feathers had been ruffled by seeing Cassandra again. It had brought back feelings of guilt, shame…and worryingly sense of pleasure at knowing confronting him had taken a lot of courage on her part. He parked in front of the windows and became lost in thought and memories…this was a sign for the others to leave his office. Wesley stopped before he walked out the door he said, ‘if you want I’ll do a bit of digging into Cassandra and see if I can find a motive of why she’s here now at this time’. When no reply came, he simply said, ‘I’ll look into it.’ The only person now in his office was Spike. He walked into Angel’s shadow and simply stood there looking at his grandsire. Angel turned his head in Spike’s direction and his eyes were full of sadness.

‘Spike, I can’t believe I’m gonna ask you for advice but I’m asking. What am I gonna do? I wanna apologise but I know her…she’s too proud she won’t accept it.’

‘You can’t blame a girl though…especially after what you did to her. I mean you did do her in right and proper back in the day.’ Angel looked away.

‘You don’t think I know that. But I was a different person back then…,’ a deep felt sigh escaped him. He went behind his desk and slumped in his chair; he closed his eyes and ran his hands through his hair. Spike lent on Angel’s desk and stared hard at him. He knew the next question would either piss him off or…just piss him off.

‘Mate, I don’t suppose that you feel worse as you’re still in love with her?’ Spike prepared himself for getting punched in the face. It didn’t come. Angel growled. He looked Spike straight in the eye, ‘yes’.

A vase hit a wall. An inhuman yell. Fire shot across the room. Then quiet; as a firm yet soft touching hand was laid on her shoulder. A sigh and an audible sob. Paris gently turned her around and brought her into his strong and protective arms.

Well, what happens now?

Paris looked into his girl’s eyes, ‘well what happens now?’ Cassandra just looked into his eyes and walked into her basement apartment and shut the door. The anger inside Paris started to well and he couldn’t contain it. So, he knew he was unable to confront Angel without it getting back to Cassandra; he strode out of Wolfram and Hart into the backstreets and viciously set himself upon several vampires .

Spike took it upon himself to make sure Cassandra was alright after her little public spat with Angel. He went down to the Magickal combat level of the law firm and wondered about the training and lecture rooms finding not a soul. That only left one place…her private apartment; he wasn’t sure whether she’d want visitors . He stopped outside her apartment door, took a deep breathe and knocked.

‘Go away, I don’t want to see anyone’

‘Cass, it’s me…Spike. I’m just seeing how you are after that little performance you gave upstairs. Can I come in, please?’

He heard locks being undone and muttered words in Latin, ‘I suppose you can come in.’ She waved him in. Without even looking at him, she said, ‘what do you want?’ and went over to her fridge and poured herself a cup of blood…human blood. Spike, upon smelling the blood felt his change come on, his eyes flared and he walked over to the fridge where Cassandra was drinking the human blood and without warning grabbed the cup off her and threw it against the wall. All that made Cassandra do was vamp out and hit it hard enough to kill an average human, so all it did to Spike was give him a bloody nose and cartoon birdies all round his head.

‘You still drink human blood? Even though you’re a Slayer…,’ he shook his head in disgust.

‘Unlike you Spike, not drinking human blood is something I can’t avoid – I have to drink it at least once a month; it’s not something I’d like to give up anyway. I’m not living off those revolting blood bags you and that…bastard live on.’ Spike sauntered over to a desk and leant on it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Why now, why this?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Aug 08.

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