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Decisions Decisions

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Summary: The reason they were really singing means Penny has a choice to make.

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Miscellaneous > Dr. Horrible's Sing-along BlogTheaZaraFR131196061,0523 Aug 083 Aug 08Yes
The tall demon stood next to her and held out a hand. "So have you considered my offer?"

"Well, gee, let's just look at my options shall we? One totally hot big headed moron who's a complete idiot and who managed to get me killed? OR the goofy, sweet, pseudo evil maniac who provided Captain Screw Loose with the means of my death, and then used my impaling as a means to join the Evil League of Evil? OR door number three."

"And your choice?"

"Yes on one condition. You have to make all this singing stop."

"Er... you don't like singing?"

"Of course I like singing, this whole musical thing was kind of neat, but so help me God if I hear Captain Hammer sing about putting a condom on his 'Hammer of Love' ever again I won't be responsible for my actions."

The two shared a shudder of disgust, then the demon held out a hand. "So you're officially accepting?"

"Yes, Sweet, I'll be your Queen."


Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog and Sweet both come from the wacky mind of Joss Whedon. In other words, I'm just borrowing them for a dance or two.

The End

You have reached the end of "Decisions Decisions". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking