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Bar flies

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Summary: What better reason to drink is there than loosing your hometown, several of your friends, and having to learn live somewhere that isn't the mouth of hell?

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Bargaining with the devil

Disclaimer: I don't own the Buffyverse or Cupid

Xander wasn’t certain why they had to spend a week in Chicago. Joe had, in all honesty, given them enough money to fly straight to England if they wanted to instead of taking short hops across the North American continent. He was privately laying odds on Giles wanting to avoid the land of tea and tweed for as long as possible.

One thing he could say about Chicago, though? It had a lot of bars. Taggerty’s was only the second one he’d been to, but, if Trevor was anything to go by, all of the bartenders in Chicago were nutty.

Xander’d barely managed to sit down and order a beer before Trevor wandered over with a wide smile and said, “So, you look like a guy that could use a little true love in his life.”

Xander yanked the guy half way across the bar to him and hissed, “You know that big hole in California? The one that wasn’t there a month ago?” Trevor nodded nervously. “My fiancé is at the bottom of that hole. So no, I couldn’t use a little true love. Got it?”

Trevor nodded, hand trying to pry Xander’s from his shirt. “Yeah, sure, absolutely. No true love for you.”

Xander’s hand tightened before loosening, letting him slip from his grasp. “No, love’s never done anything for me.”

“Come on,” Trevor scoffed, not afraid now that he got the guy’s gist. “Never? Never ever? Because never is a long time and you’re, what, twenty? Twenty-five?”

“Twenty-three,” Xander sighed, resigning himself to listening to some love sick fool prattle at him about the greatness of knowing one’s one twu wuv.

Trevor grinned. “Twenty-three’s too young to give up on love, man. Yeah, I get it. Now’s not the time. Mourn her, then celebrate her, then do what she would want and move on.”

“Oh, how off base you are there,” Xander snorted. “My Anya would want me to be devoted to her until my dieing day. I’m supposed to wear black every day and weep rivers of tears. She wasn’t the move on from type of girl.”

“She loved you, though, am I right?” Trevor asked and waited for Xander’s nod. “Then she would want you to be happy. And there is no greater happiness than love, my friend. So do as I said. And when you’re ready for love, you look me up.”

Xander shook his head at the persistent man. He looked him in the eye and said, trying to keep his voice steady, “Is it weird that I’d give anything for it to have been me?”

Trevor stepped close, face as serious as it ever got. “No. No, for humans, when grieving, that’s normal. But you’ve gotta realize that maybe there’s a reason it was her and not you. Maybe you’ve got something left to do. Somebody left to love.”

A pretty brunette sat down beside Xander and said, “Trevor, leave the poor man alone.”

“Hey,” the bartender said, cheesy attitude back in play, “I’m just trying my best to help a lovelorn man. That is my specialty, after all.”

Xander snorted, careful of the mouthful of beer he’d just taken. “Who are you, Cupid?”

Trevor looked shocked but pleased. “How did you guess?”

“Trevor,” the brunette sighed. “One of your other customers is waiting.” She watched as Trevor waved a bar rag and went to flirt with a busty blonde. She turned to Xander. “I’m Claire. Don’t mind Trevor. He’s delusional but harmless.”

Xander’s eyebrows rose. “So he actually thinks he’s Cupid?”

Claire nodded. “Fallen from Mt. Olympus until he can successfully set up one hundred couples as punishment for being careless with mortals’ hearts.”

Xander sat and watched Trevor as he drank his beer. The man had an uncanny eye for romance, that was for sure. He laid his money on the bar and turned to Claire who’d been quietly sipping her wine. “Tell him I’ll come back when I’m ready.” She gave him a weird look and Xander smiled. “He’ll understand.” Then he left, hands tucked in his pockets and head full of thoughts.
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