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Bar flies

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Summary: What better reason to drink is there than loosing your hometown, several of your friends, and having to learn live somewhere that isn't the mouth of hell?

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Sad Francisco

Disclaimer: I own nothing. I'm just in it for the good times, people.
Author's Note: This is not necessarily canon compliant. Definitely not comic book compliant.

Xander was drinking. Not uncommon these days. He’d lost his eye, his sort of girlfriend, and his hometown in a matter of days. He had every reason in the world to drink.

No, the odd thing about Xander drinking now was that he was bracketed by his two best buds in the world while Faith and Dawn writhed on the dance floor. It couldn’t be called dancing because it was closer to having sex with their clothes on. Giles was back at the hotel trying to get the Council to pony up the cash it would take them to get…wherever they were going. Andrew had been left with him to *ahem* assist.

Willow was drinking because the Empowerment spell? Had worn off. Was apparently only supposed to be used in case of emergencies. Which it had been. It had been the end of the world, thank you very much. But did Kennedy get that? Nooo. Kennedy was mad because she wasn’t a big bad Slayer anymore. She was just a potential again. And she’d decided it was all Willow’s fault. So she’d flown home to her rich mommy and daddy when Willow wouldn’t cast the spell again. Because that was an abuse of power. And if Kennedy couldn’t see that, then she, well, Willow couldn’t think of a punishment bad enough that didn’t involve flaying someone alive. Maybe she shouldn’t have had that last Sex on the beach.

Buffy was sad. Spike hadn’t believed her. He was supposed to believe her. It wasn’t like she threw the words around like a Frisbee. She tossed back her jell-o shoot. Xander was sad and Willow was upset and Giles was angry and Andrew wouldn’t go away and Dawn was pretending that everything was fine and Faith was trying to get used to living somewhat normally. Damn, but being the hero sucked.

Xander looked blearily around, hand curled protectively around his whiskey shooter. P³ was an awesome club. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to dance. Or to party. Or to even really breathe. He couldn’t be sure but he thought maybe the bartender knew. Not just that they were from Sunnydale (which she did because she carded them) but that there really were things that went bump in the night. She’d been giving them free drinks all night and had promised to make sure they got back to the hotel alright. She was attentive to her other patrons but she hovered around their end of the bar. She was pretty, curvy like Cordelia but earthy like Tara. Xander tossed back his shot. Both of which were as good as dead because somebody hadn’t been paying attention.

Willow turned to Xander and blinked. “I think it’s time I left.” Then she slid off her barstool.

Xander fought a grin as he looked down at her. “You’re a cheap date, ya know? Two cocktails and you can’t even stand up.”

“Well, well,” She slurred, then blew a raspberry at him. “Poo on you.”

Buffy snorted. “Booze bad.” Then she cackled.

Xander snickered and started waving down the bartender. “Hey, hey! Pretty lady! We need to go home now.”

The woman’s mouth twitched. “My name’s Piper. My sisters and I’ll get you to your hotel.” She turned away and shouted to the other bartender that she had to leave.

Faith and Dawn ambled over, sweaty from the night’s exertion. “Time to split?” Faith asked, hauling Willow up off the floor then supporting her when her knees buckled.

Xander bobbed his head and stood, wobbling only a little. “Piper’s gonna help us to the hotel.”

Piper came back with her coat on, two other women following her. She carefully pulled Buffy to stand and supported her when she wavered. “Come on. Our cars are in the parking lot.”

Xander slung his arm over Faith’s shoulder, knowing it wouldn’t slow her down, and said, “Thanks for doing this.”

She smiled at him sadly. “We know what it’s like to lose someone.”

Xander’s arm clenched and his grin became fixed. He turned his face into Faith’s shoulder, causing her to stiffen and her breath to catch.

“Thank you,” Buffy said solemnly.

The two sisters not supporting anyone took point, hurrying them to a Jeep Cherokee and gently pushing them all into the back seat. A combination of being really drunk and really comfortable in one another’s spaces meant they managed to easily fit, Dawn on Xander’s lap, Buffy and Willow sharing a seat, and Faith keeping an eye on their unknown driver and her sisters.

“Why’d you want to take us to our hotel?” Faith finally asked, suspicious. It just wasn’t in her nature to get into somebody’s car when she didn’t know them.

One of the sisters turned and said, “I had a premonition. There’s a demon waiting for you there. We just…we want to make sure you’re okay.”

“Step on it,” Dawn ordered. “Two of ours stayed behind.”

Xander’s stomach rolled as Piper took the corner on two wheels. The hotel appeared far sooner than Xander would have thought possible. “I’m not sure how much good the three of us are going to be to you,” he warned.

Faith patted his arm. “Don’t worry, Xan. We got this one.”

The others took off for Giles’s room leaving the three inebriated to make their own way. Xander, Buffy and Willow managed to stumble to a halt in the hallway when a small boom and a squishy sound erupted from the room. Dawn came out, pulling goo from her hair with a grossed out expression on her face.

“Except for my one outfit being totally wrecked, everything’s fine,” She sighed.

Xander grinned even as Willow sank to the floor. “Talk about being bombed.”
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