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Knight Life

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Summary: Dresden finally finds a wielder for Fidelachius, though strangely enough it's a young man with an eyepatch in Cleveland. Xander becomes the new Knight of the Cross and this is his story.

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Literature > Dresden Files, TheglmagusFR1533,22812713,9553 Aug 086 Aug 08No

First Blood

True Story: I own none of the copyrighted stuff in this story. I sometimes wish that I did, but I don’t
Summary: Response to White Knight of the Cross Challenge in which Xander becomes the newest Knight of the Cross.
Setting/Spoilers: Set in Cleveland post Chosen, may contain general spoilers for most of Buffy. Set post Small Favor for Dresden and may contain spoilers for Death Masks and Small Favor.
Rating: 15+, just for the violence, always for the violence.

I decided not to give the vamps any warning that I was coming, so I managed to behead the first one without any warning. The second turned to me and laughed, and it was only then that I realized that the vagrant was also a vamp and had just been bait to lure me into the alley. I backed off three steps in a defensive stance, but as I did I bumped into another person, and knowing my luck it wasn’t Sanya or Dresden come back to help. “Come on now boys, I wasn’t interested in a foursome tonight. Okay, maybe if it was Angie, Lindsay, and Megan Fox, but since you guys ain’t them, how’s about we just call it a draw?” I joked.

“This one talks too much, I say we shut its mouth,” one of the vamps said to his comrades.

“But the fun is in hearing beg for mercy Gregor,” one of the others answered.

I figured now might be a good time to try out some of my new powers. I pulled out an old iron cross and held it forward, while trying to hold the concept of faith in my mind. The vamps laughed at me and swatted my arm aside. They spent a minute or two batting me around a little, taking care to knock Fidelacchius from my hands, not that my faith had done me any good so far, and surround me so I had no hope of getting it back. As the head vamp grabbed my throat and lowered his fangs to my throat, an image came, unbidden, into my head. For the first time in a long time I remembered Jesse. Jesse had been my best friend, other than Willow, and it had been his death that had given me a reason to fight. Keeping Jesse firmly in mind, I lifted my arm and a bright light burst forth from my hand, causing the vamps to jump back in blind agony. I scooped up Fidelacchius and turned to face the recovering vamps. “Time for round two,” I said, this time with the conviction of my belief backing me up. The first vamp sprang forward, arms open to grab me in a bear hug. I sidestepped and with a single stroke of my katana, removed his head from his shoulders. “Come one, come all. Witness the amazing Fidelacchius. It slices, it dices, and it even makes julienne fries!” I called out, turning to the other vamps.

“The sword, can it really be?” one of them asked.

“He’s a Knight. But even Knights are only human Logan, now attack!” the second commanded.

They split up and moved to flank me, and when they launched themselves at me, I ducked and the two of them collided in mid-air. I took advantage of their momentary body to floor connection to decap the second one. The third stared at me as it got to its feet.

“This is not over Knight! I shall gather my hordes, we shall overrun this city, and when I find you, I will take my time in making you scream,” the vamp promised, as it turned tail and ran.

“Everybody promises personal torture, but no one ever delivers. I hope your ‘hordes’ are dust proof asshole!” I called after the fleeing vamp. “Lo, like the underdog Rocky I have sent the enemy fleeing from my sight!” I continued to quip.

“That’s odd, I would not have thought that the Host would allow an idiot to wield one of the swords,” a low voice came from behind me.

I spun to see a man standing there dressed in a suit and tie. He was about as tall as I am though a little skinnier, I doubt he works out as much as I do, and looked exactly like an urban professional on his way home for the night, except for the frayed, tattered noose hanging around his neck. That right there made me really who exactly this was, “I know who you are Anduriel. There’s no point in trying to hide who you are,” I told him.

Anduriel‘s eyes flashed in anger, causing Nicodemus‘ face to glow as he spoke, “Oh, I wasn’t going to do that my dear boy, I just wanted to meet the young man who thinks he can fill the shoes of my old nemesis Shiro. I must say though, you don’t look like much even if you can handle the sword fairly well,” Nicodemus said, as he turned to leave.

“You’re not getting away that easy Anduriel,” as I moved towards him, sword in front of me.

Nicodemus stopped walking and turned to look at me again, “Are you really going to attack me, the oldest of the Denarians, while I am protected by three of my most powerful Lieutenants?” Nicodemus asked, gesturing to the shadows. It was only then that I saw three other pairs of glowing eyes staring at me from said shadows. I lowered my sword and spoke.

“This time Anduriel, you can go. But next time we meet, the Knights are going to be finished with their oldest foe,” I promised.

“Ah, the naiveté of youth,” he said wistfully, as his hand dipped into his coat and shot back out. A dagger hit me in the shoulder, and though it didn’t drive in deep it still hurt and bled. “Looks like first blood is mine, young Knight. Until we meet again,” he said, giving me a mocking little bow and walking off, his minions quickly falling in behind him. I stood there for a moment realizing how close I came to dying, before I started again for home. I made it as far as the foyer of our town house before I collapsed, apparently I’d lost more blood than I thought. I was lucky, Buffy and Willow had been having a late night gossip session and heard my fall. They came running in, I saw the looks of concern on their faces, and I heard Willow as if I was all right before I fell unconscious.

To be continued….

The End?

You have reached the end of "Knight Life" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Aug 08.

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