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Watch the World Burn

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Summary: What if Faith's life had taken a different turn after the events of season 4? What if she found herself in Arkham Asylum? Faith/Joker. AU. Spoilers for 'The Dark Knight'. (darkFaith)

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DC Universe > Batman > Faith-CenteredFaithLestrangeFR18720,555198313,5514 Aug 0813 Jan 09No

Queens, Kings, and Knights

Disclaimer: Not my characters. And suing me would be silly.

A/n: Hey guys! Sorry about the delay, I've had a bit of writer's block, so I apologize. This chapter isn't very long, but I felt obligated to give you something after such a long time, and because someone out there nominated this fic for the COAs! :)

Thanks, to whomever nominated this fic, it really made my day to see that message in my inbox. And I got it for three of my fics, which made me feel really good. So if you like this fic, be a dear and vote for this fic in the Unfinished Movie Crossover category! :) Or...if you could...I don't for another fic..... *sniff* *sniff* ;)

Anyway, I think its really important for all of us to get to voting on the CoAs as it lets all us writers know how much you appreciate us. And I don't know about other writers but even getting the nomination gives me that inspiration/kick in the butt to write more! So get voting guys! And thanks again!

Batman stepped up toward the bar as the Joker crawled to his feet with his usual manic grin. He had draped a white towel over his shoulder and was holding a partly broken champagne bottle in one hand while cupping a wine glass with a missing stem in the other.

"Oh, hello! So glad you could make it." the Joker shook the broken bottle enticingly and then poured the meager remains of the champagne into the glass, "Care for a drink?"

He wasn't in the least bit amused and reached out to grab the Joker by the lapels and pulled him toward the center of the bar, "You're going back to Arkham, Joker. Where scum like you belong."

The Joker simply looked amused at Batman's threat. Not that he had really expected anything else from the deranged madman. Bruce threw him back against the wall shattering more bottles. The woman, Hope, was advancing on them as people were rushing toward the exits. Bruce made sure to keep her in his sights. He wasn't about to let himself forget the very real threat she presented.

"And who are you to decide who belongs where?" she crossed her arms as she came up next to him. In the school girl uniform the gesture made her look like a petulant child. "Cause you're not a judge. You sure as hell ain't a cop...." she stopped and eyed him up in down, "near as I can figure the only thing you actually are is an amazing tailor." She unfolded her arms and reached toward his chest plate appreciatively, "What is that, rubber? Kevlar? It's nice."

He backed away defensively from her hand, "You don't understand what you've done by helping this man escape."

"And you don't understand me." Hope chuckled. "See, you're under the impression that I care."

"Batman, I'd like to introduce you to my new...friend." Batman growled in frustration as the Joker got back to his feet, "What a deliciously cruel irony that you lost your little crush...Rachel, hmm? And I gained-" the Joker let out a guttural sound when he looked in Hope's direction. "You have nothing, and yet, your need for this thing you call... justice remains. And then I, someone bound by no such restrictions, get what you wanted but no longer have. Not that you had her when she was even still alive. Harvey Dent had that...pleasure. Didn't he? Makes you see just how pointless your little rules are, doesn't it? Makes someone wonder of the two of us...who's the crazier one?"

The brunette, while he hated to admit it, reminded him of Rachel. Her fire perhaps. But then, ever since Rachel's death any woman holding even a remote likeness to Rachel reminded him of her. The loss still stung like a gaping maw in his heart. This woman was nothing like the pinnacle of light and good his Rachel had been. She'd shone through the dank and corruption that tainted this city. This woman stood a testament to that darkness's persistence in Gotham.

Hope's voice caused him to break his death glare at the Joker, "Aww..." she cooed, "You lost your guwl-friend?" she pursed her lips playfully, "come give us a kiss and I'll make you forget all about her."

Batman noticed an odd expression pass over the Joker's face at her words, but he didn't have very long to dwell on it. Hope reached out to touch his face and he grabbed her wrist stopping her, "Hope, I'm taking both you and the Joker back to Arkham and I'm going to make sure you both stay there."

"If you say so. But just so we’re both on the same card here, Hope is not my name. I want our relationship to be one founded on truth and open-ness." She mocked as she tugged at her wrist lightly, testing his grip.

Apparently, Alfred had been right about her identity being a fake one. "Faith." He corrected.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "I'm impressed," she nodded appreciatively then looked bored before adding off-offhandedly, "sort of."

Batman heard one of the Joker's lackeys advancing on him from behind. Bruce shoved Faith backward in order to deliver a kick to the midsection of the masked man. He made quick work of the man knocking him unconscious.

He turned around quickly to see the girl helping the Joker over the bar. The majority of the club patrons had emptied on his and the Joker's arrival. There were a few of the more inebriated patrons either still hobbling toward the exit or simply passed out in their chairs and booths. When Batman advanced on the Joker and Faith, the girl shoved the Joker behind her in a protective motion. Apparently, the Joker wasn't above having his new girlfriend fight his battles for him. In fact, if he didn't know any better he looked almost giddy as Batman inched ever closer to the girl. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet preparing for his attack.

Batman had seen the tapes and knew she was no slouch in the fighting department. He'd be cautious, she had extensive training and was impressively agile, but he had training as well and all her impressive acrobatics would mean nothing if he could get in close. He was stronger and if he could get in a punch or grab hold of her, he'd be the victor.

The Joker was giggling and watched on like an excited child on Christmas morning. Clearly he thought the girl had a chance against him. That alone was enough to make him wary, but he knew he could take her if he didn't take his guard down. The Joker probably just assumed he would be the chivalrous type, afraid to hit a girl. That may have been the case, if said girl wasn't a psychopathic killer that had helped Gotham's worst villain escape the confines of the Arkham Asylum.

Faith made the first move delivering a round-house kick toward his face. Batman dodged quickly and countered with a jab to her side. The hit found its mark and she made a grunting sound, but only fell back slightly. Faith dodged his uppercut and spun from his followup attack. This went on for a few more frustrating moments until he got in a hard punch right across her face. She fell to the ground at the Joker's feet and stopped moving.

"You can't hide behind your friend anymore, Joker." Batman growled. The clown pulled a face as he looked down at the girl and sniffed. Batman felt relief sweep over him, it was over.

Then, to Batman's utter surprise, the girl began to get back to her feet. This caused the Joker to give Batman dark maniacal grin, "That's where you're wrong, Bats."

The Joker helped Faith to her feet, giving her a chaste kiss on the top of her hand. She gave him a girlish peck on the cheek and then turned her head in his direction. Her eyes turned deadly, "That..." she rubbed at the spot on her cheek where he'd hit her, "kinda hurt."

Batman's eyes widened. He'd delivered that same punch to men over three times Faith's size and knocked them out cold for hours. It wasn't something anyone just rolled off like a slap to the face. If it hadn't knocked her out it should have at least dazed her, if anything. Maybe he'd simply misjudged how hard he'd hit her. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Tilting her head she looked at him thoughtfully, "I get it now. I know why it is you think you can boss people around. Run this city...or whatever it is you do. You think you're better than everyone else. Cause let's face are," she practically purred, "I mean look at those big man-muscles of yours."

Faith slinked ever closer to him and Batman got into a defensive posture again. She continued her speech. Faith seemed to like to hear herself talk almost as much as the Joker, "and you're fast...clearly trained in ninjitsu- not my favorite by the way, but to each his own."

The Joker was inching toward where his gun lay on the floor and Batman in a swift motion sent a batarang splitting the gun barrel in twain. The clown looked up toward him and gave him an overly theatrical sigh.

"It's about power." Faith stood in front of him casually. Batman had a very bad feeling about this, "Who has it, who doesn't, who is brave enough to use it."

"Get to the point." He growled out and she smiled back ferally.

"Men. Always so impatient. You never stay in for the looong haul," Faith swayed her hips suggestively and the Joker started to laugh.

Her eyes darkened and Batman suddenly felt as thought he were looking right into the eyes of a hungry lion.

"The point, Batman, is when it comes to power…boy you and me aren't even in the same league. I'm like the queen on the chess board. The most powerful piece of the entire game. And you, well, I'd like to say the knight because it would feel so fitting...but really? You're like the plastic checker piece someone used to replace the knight because some jackass lost the real one."

Batman gritted his teeth and went to take a swing at her. He was done playing games. Fast as lightning she dodged out of the way of his swing and he felt her grab hold of his shoulder with one hand. Before he knew what was happening he felt his shoulder pop clean of his socket and a kick that felt like a wrecking ball to his stomach sent him flying across the room. He hadn't even had time to register the pain enough to scream before she was back on him. How could she possibly be this strong? Some sort of mechanical enhancements? He hadn't seen any, maybe they were concealed. But she wasn't really wearing enough to conceal much else but her dignity.

He attempted to push her off of him, but she didn't budge. Punching her in the face seemed to only succeed in making her hold onto him tighter and every other defensive maneuver he tried she countered like it was nothing. Her thighs started to clamp tightly onto his chest and he felt a few of his ribs crack. This time he had time to scream.

Despite his haze of agony, his thoughts were clear enough that he was able to activate the enhancements in his armor and gloves. He usually only used them to such things as bending gun barrels and punch through walls. He didn't like to use them directly on people, for fear he may kill them accidentally. However he had a gut feeling that it wouldn't kill the girl. His options for survival were also running very thin.

She was going for another punch when he tightened his fists and pushed her in the chest roughly. The wind was knocked out of her and she fell backward. Batman slowly stumbled to his feet; he needed to get out of here. He had to regroup and discover just what he was dealing with. Find out how she'd advanced her strength; perhaps use that technology against her. He couldn't win the fight here. He had to concede until next time. Then he would have better hope of defeating the Joker and his newest pet.

Stumbling toward the exit he pulled out his controller to call the Tumbler to his position. He'd made it half-way to the exit when a force tackled him to the ground. His face slammed into the wooden floorboards of the bar and he could feel shards of broken beer bottles cutting him in the exposed areas of skin near his mouth.

Faith spun him around and slamming his head into the ground making him see stars. She pulled out a rather large knife and brought it to his neck, murder in her eyes. She looked ready to go for the killing blow when a voice cleared behind her. The Joker was looking at her sternly and she slumped, visibly disappointed.

She turned to glare wistfully at Batman and knelt down to whisper in his ear, "You're just lucky J want's you alive. You're weak. Not even worth the minuscule dulling it would do to my blade to slit your throat." Faith winked at him coyly, "Doesn't mean I won't, though. You remember that."

And just to prove her point she took the knife and stabbed him in the shoulder with a manic glee, "Faith!" the Joker scolded her and she pouted. "I made sure I missed the vitals!” she shouted, “Keep your pants on!" the girl turned to give the Joker a wink, "For now."

She got to her feet straightened out her pleated skirt. The Joker came up next to her and hooked arms with her like he was her date to the high school prom. If Batman wasn't in such complete shock, he would have been furious with his current situation. Faith absently picked at the Joker's jacket cleaning it off, and then she laid her head against his shoulder and looked up at the man lovingly. It was making Batman sick to his stomach.

The Joker gestured to him as though he were giving him a tip of his hat and the two psychopaths strolled right out of the bar.

Batman made to stand-up, or at least tried to, so he could stop them. Instead he fell right back down to his knees in exhaustion. His head was throbbing in pain from where she'd slammed it into the floor and although he did his best to fight it, he drifted unconscious.

How did he let this happen?

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The End?

You have reached the end of "Watch the World Burn" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 13 Jan 09.

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