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Resident Willow

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Summary: The T-Virus has decimated the Earth and it's population, human and demon alike. Magic has become stagnant, yet Willow suddenly finds herself drawn to a great power. Where will it lead her?

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Title: Resident Willow
Author: Ignotus
Timeline: Takes place six years post Chosen and during the events of Resident Evil: Extinction (which is set five years post 'Apocalypse').
Pairing: Alice/Willow.
Summary: The T-Virus has decimated the Earth and it's population, human and demon alike. Magic has become stagnant, yet Willow suddenly finds herself drawn to a great power. Where will it lead her?
Notes: A response to the Resident Willow (#3328) challenge posted by HiltonK.
Disclaimer: I do not own any rights nor do I have any type of permission from the lucky people who do. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are the property of, the brilliant, Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Inc. The Resident Evil film series, and a few lines in this story borrowed from the movie, are not mine. If I had to hazard a guess at whose it was I'd say, Screen Gems in connexion with Constantin Film, Davis Film, and Impact pictures; written by Paul W. S. Anderson. Based upon the CAPCOM video game "Resident Evil"... Just a guess.

Resident Willow Title Art
     The world is far older than you know. It was anything but the biblical Eden. In the beginning, demons walked the earth, bringing death and destruction down upon themselves in an almost endless cycle. Over time, the humans began to multiply and eventually took over. The monsters and demons were still there, but relegated to the shadows and myth. Not all were bad. Some were good, and some were just trying to live.

     We, my friends and I, fought the forces of darkness for nearly a decade. We sacrificed so much for the protection of the earth and the human race as a whole. Some sacrificed more than others. And some didn't have a choice.

     After the closing of the Sunnydale Hellmouth, we packed up the mini-slayers and went to stay with Angel in LA. We didn't stay long. Not after we found out that he was the head of an organisation of such power, blood, envy, backstabbing, and corruption, that it put Microsoft to shame. We really had no other place to go. Our finances were in tatters with the collapse of Sunnydale and what we could scrape together barely lasted a week. Giles came through for us though. He wasn't rich but he definitely wasn't poor, so we were able to have enough to get by.

     After a year we were able to unlock the funds from the old Council and relocate to a more permanent place. We chose Cleveland, as Giles said there was another Hellmouth there. Nowhere near as big or powerful as Sunnydale, but a Hellmouth all the same.

     It was another year before we finally got comfortable. Kennedy and I hadn't lasted that long. Only a few months before the constant moving around and nearly no privacy had taken a toll on our ‘relationship’. The one relationship that did actually last was the least expected one.

     Faith and Robin. They were together right up until the end.

     When we first heard about Raccoon City, we thought that maybe we had another Hellmouth on our hands. One that had opened and released the terrors within. We had no idea at the time that it was a man made virus. It’s ironic how we fought and died to protect the human race from evil when it was human evil, or more accurately greed, that was our downfall.

     We had around a seventy girls training in Cleveland at the time. And when we heard about what was happening, we sent in a team of twenty. The best we had, most of them survivors of Sunnydale.

     We lost contact with them after a day. When we sent reinforcements, which Buffy led herself after coming back from England with Giles, we found out why. They were overwhelmed and it didn’t matter how many you killed there were just too many.

     Buffy and her slayers eventually found the first team. They had been turned into the zombie like creatures. They had to kill them, all the girls she helped train. By the time Buffy realised it was a lost cause and ordered a retreat, it was too late. The same thing happened to her slayers one by one until it was just her and the scythe. I had ‘enhanced’ a bunch of regular mobile phones so we could communicate constantly and the last thing she told me over them was that she wasn’t going to let herself be turned into one of those things. I could hear the creatures getting louder through the connection before it was lost. I can only guess at what she meant by that comment but I think I know.

     It wasn’t long after that that the city was destroyed.

     The Umbrella Corporation dropped a nuclear bomb on the city. They claimed it was a meltdown at the local power plant but few believed. But nothing could be done because the disease was spreading. It spread to the whole of North America in only a few months. And then it spread to the other continents. People were dying and then getting back up all over the world.

     One bite was all it took and you’d be infected. The really big surprise came when we found out that not even demons were safe. The virus killed them outright, no getting back up. When that little fact came out, demons everywhere started looking for places to hide. A majority took refuge in some of the demon dimensions and others tried to hide; going off to a secluded location. Even vampires, who should not have been able to contract any disease were susceptible, though not directly. The moment they drank blood from an infected person they turned to dust and it wasn’t long before they too found a new home in other dimensions.

     It was a mass exodus, one that many in the Council were tempted to join. But our connexion to the Earth was too great and we refused. Besides, we couldn’t if we wanted to by that time. All the magical energy from so many portals being created all over the world caused something in the dimensional barriers to snap. The dimensional bridges were ‘burned’ for lack of a better term. Our dimension was suddenly isolated from the multiverse. I could feel it when that happened. The magic that permeated all the multiple universes was staunched. Like a dam was placed in a raging river.

     Earth based magic still worked but it was quickly becoming less and less powerful until one day it just stopped working altogether. That’s when we knew that the Earth was dying. There was nothing we could do. After all that we had done and fought for over the years in the end the apocalypse came and we were powerless to stop it.

     By that time, communication was down everywhere. The enhanced cell phones I made that let people communicate went dead when the ambient earth magic stopped responding. Just like the magic throughout the multiverse, I could still feel the magic of the earth only now it was turned inward on itself trying to combat the destruction it was facing. The slayers were still slayers, and I could still do magic only it was now from my personal reserves which would quickly leave me tired if I attempted anything big. I was still quite powerful and could get away with a lot of little things, like telekinesis, a bit of pyrokinesis (which came in handy when a couple of those things came too close to me), and a couple other tricks, but not much else.

     We lived in a manor-like house well outside of Cleveland. It was an old house, it even came with a good-sized bomb shelter. We found out that the previous owner had been extremely paranoid and had it built at the beginning of World War two. It was essentially another basement underneath the house. It was done in two levels. We decided better safe than sorry and kept one level as the original shelter and stocked it with provisions to last a long while. The next level we partitioned off and turned into a ‘control’ room which housed all our electronic equipment and a mystical laboratory.

     The things stayed in the city mostly, we’d only come across one or two every couple of days, but that changed. All the other people that lived around us had packed up and left weeks before. They were probably smarter than us in that regard.

     We considered staying in the shelter, after all that’s what it was for, but we knew that once we went in we most likely would never come out. There were eighteen of us left when we decided to leave. Me, Faith, Robin, Giles, and fourteen junior slayers. Our number had been cut in half in the six months since the virus spread to us.

     We had four SUV’s so we packed each one up with all we would need, food and water, clothing, and weapons. All the weapons we could carry and anything else that would fit. We knew guns were effective against them if you got a head shot but we never used them. What we did have was just as effective and wouldn’t run out of ammunition. Well, the crossbows would, but we could usually recover the bolts. Swords, axes, knives, and machetes, were our main weapons though.

     I wanted to actually be able to fight properly so I had started practising with the girls and working with a Katana when we settled in Cleveland. I wasn’t anywhere near a slayer, but I was still pretty good. Though not much talent was actually needed to take the head off of the undead things.

     It was only a week later that we lost Faith, Robin and four of the girls. I don’t remember where we were. What happened was we stopped for the night in a secluded place. It used to be a forest but everything around us was dead. One of us always stayed up to keep watch and it was Kara‘s, one of the first slayers we found after Sunnydale, turn to keep watch. I don’t know how it started but we were all woken up by her a short time latter. We got our bearings quickly and saw that the a small army of the things were approaching us.

     We had been sleeping in the cars so it didn’t take us that long to get on our way. We drove right through the line of undead and sped away. Or at least three of us did. Robins car had gone off the side of the road and was stuck up on a boulder. Faith stopped her car, as did Giles and I, and we got out to see the mass quickly converging on the car. Robin and the four girls with him jumped out of the car when they realised they couldn’t get free and started hacking away at them. Faith was at Robins side quickly, leaving a path of limbs and heads behind her thanks to the broadsword she carried.

     The rest of us started to attack the creatures but we were too late to get to three of the girls. Robin was in charge of the youngest slayers of the group. Three fourteen year olds and a thirteen year old. They were barely into their training and were down quickly. Robin was livid when he saw them fall and jumped right into the centre of a large group of the infected with Faith close behind.

     There wasn’t anything we could do. We just watched, barely able to keep the undead things away from the three vehicles we still had. We saw Robin go down and heard Faith’s rage filled yell. She shouted at us to get going when there were too many of the creatures separating her from us. We tried to push them back and get her a clear path but it was no use; if we stayed any longer, none of use would survive.

     With one last yell from Faith for us to leave, I ordered one of he older girls to take over driving my car. I was closest to Faith’s so I took hers over. We rushed back into the cars and sped away, or tried to. Some of the things had managed to get through to the cars and the girls inside were using swords through the open windows to beat them away.

     It didn’t take long for us to drive through the slow and dimwitted creatures. As we were leaving the forest, we saw what we missed on the way in. There was a large compound in the middle of the forest belonging to one of those ‘end of days’ religious cults. With all the cars and undead lumbering about it looked like hundreds of people had flocked there to save themselves. The jokes on them as they ended up infected.

     We made it back to the highway where there was still a car or two packed to the gills speeding away from the larger cities heading out to the sparsely populated rural areas. But again the disease spread. No matter where we went, the virus was present to some degree.

     Giles was next to leave us. Him and two of the slayers he was watching. After a year it was down to me and two of the remaining slayers. Six more months and it was only me.

     Me. Little, timid, babbling, Willow. How the Hell could I survive where those girls could not? How could I be the last one standing? It’s just not fair. I’m not the one with the speed, agility, or strength. Sure, I’m a witch and still have a little power at my disposal but it is nothing that should have kept me alive this long. I’m… competent, with a broadsword, but much better with the Japanese Katana (it’s lighter, that made it much easier to handle, plus it’s made for slashing and cutting which makes it better for beheading things unlike the broadsword which is primarily a hacking, stabbing, weapon). After five years of constantly moving around, I’m the last of the gang alive. Or at least, I think I am. Dawn and Xander were in England when the U.S. went into lockdown. It’s possible they could still be alive out there somewhere.

     It’s doubtful though.

     I don’t even know what happened to the Los Angeles gang. At the same time as all this was beginning, they just disappeared. Not only them, but the entire population of the city. Deserted. We couldn’t spare the manpower (or witch-power as it was) to investigate. So we just left them all to their fate. This incident of course just increased the panic caused by Raccoon City and the first signs of the T-Virus.

     I don’t like to dwell on the past for long. It just brings up too many painful memories.

     The first few months I was alone were the most frightening times of my life. I occasionally came across an uninfected person but it wouldn’t be long before one or both of us would move along. Some people thought there was safety in numbers; others thought that it was harder to keep track of too many people at once and would go off alone.

     Like me.

     There was one time a year or so ago I joined up with a convoy, but it just didn’t feel right; being cooped up with so many people that I didn’t know. To tell the truth, I really wanted company, I craved interaction with people, but it just wasn’t the same now. I stayed with them for a couple months until it became too much and I got off at a small town near the coast.

     It was completely deserted. We found very few undead when we did a quick walk through. They were able to scrounge up some food and supplies to last them a while and gave some to me before leaving. I don’t know what’s happened to Claire Redfield but I hope she and her group are still alive.

     I was able to find some things still left in a few of the stores… and a couple private homes. Unfortunately you don’t stay alive in this day and age without doing things like that. I found one of those hybrid electric cars, and though I really don’t know the first thing about them, I was able to jury-rig some portable solar panels I found into it to keep the battery charged.

     So, I had transportation that would let a tank of gasoline last a long time, some food and other necessary supplies, and weapons—plenty of weapons. Doing what I did for nearly ten years, I was better with and actually preferred the cutting weapons. Not that I enjoyed cutting off the heads of things that once used to be human; men, women… children. God, the first time I had to kill an undead child I cried for hours. It’s a good thing I wasn’t by myself then or I may have done something drastic. I had the Katana Faith had given me; a broadsword; a hundred pound crossbow with razor sharp bolts that was good for distance, but not for speed; and a couple Kukri’s, a gift from a friend.

     I also keep a handgun and a rifle on hand, but don’t like it. When Claire and the others learned I had never had shot a gun before and had been surviving with my cutting weapons alone, they were stunned. But eventually Claire taught me how to shoot and forced me to take the two guns with me when I left. I really don’t like guns. Not since… I know that it makes sense to have them but I will never get over my feelings towards how easily they can just take away a life. I know that the swords and things are just as dangerous but those I’m familiar with.

     I don’t really like what I’ve become, what I’ve had to do to survive, but I what else can I do? After I was alone the first time, I thought about it, just giving up, but I couldn’t. I still think about it every once in a while on particularly lonely nights—or when I come across more undead than I can handle—but I never give in.

     No matter how much I may want to.
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