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Stopping Jem, Saving Katie

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Summary: When James Potter's sister is turned into a Vampire and murders Severus Snape's sister will an unlikely bond form or will it just add fuel to fire? And when you add new girl Scarlet into the mix what will happen then?

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Harry Potter > GeneralMoonlitFaithFR1511,129013774 Aug 084 Aug 08No
Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling and Buffy belongs to Joss Whedon. I'm just playing with the characters for a bit.

"Oi! Snivellus! Careful you don't slip on the grease that's coming off your hair." I spun round to find 4 boys strutting towards us.

"Do you know them Sev?" I asked. Sev reached up and wiped what remained of his tears away before turning his face cold.

"What do you want Black?" Sev sneered in a voice I'd never heard from him. I looked towards the one he called Black and recognized who it was instantly. Sirius Black. His resemblance to Regulus was uncanny. Long black hair, grey eyes, tall with well toned muscles, but unlike Reg, Black's eyes were filled with happiness and mischievousness.

"To humiliate you and embarrass you but I've already done that a million times." I took a look at the boys behind Black. A short blonde boy with watery blue who was practically drooling over the show Black was putting on. Right at the back of the group was another black haired boy but his hair was shorter and he had glasses; a tall and lanky frame but the thing that stood out for me where his eyes, hazel in colour but empty. They once held the same look that Black had but something had happened to him. I took a quick glance to the last boy who was watching Black and Sev intensely and recognized him instantly by just the flash of sandy hair.

"SHUT UP!" Sev screamed causing me to fling back to the action. Tears where appearing in his eyes.

"Oh, did I hit a nerve? So your family doesn't love you." The other black haired boy said. That was a low blow. I stepped in front of Sev and jabbed my finger into the new boys chest.

"Shut the hell up about stuff you don't know."

"Oooooh. Got yourself a girl Snivellus. What is she, blind, deaf, under the Imperius?" With that comment I flung round and without even thinking my wandless magic threw Black into the wall. I smiled sweetly at him and his clutched his head.

"Who on earth are you?" the standing black-haired boy snapped.

"Me? I'm Anna-Marie, but most people call me Scarlet or Scar." I glanced at the sandy-haired boy as I discreetly watched recognition dawn on his face before turning back to the boy.

"So why are you here now?" came Black's voice from the floor.

"I lived with my uncle. I couldn't live with my parents as they had another child who had certain ... problems and said it wouldn't be fair on me. He died about 3 years ago. Then I was bitten."

"By a werewolf?" The blonde boy asked.

"No. By the mortal enemy of werewolves. The mortal enemy of my brother." They still looked confused.

"Vampire." The sandy-haired boy stated. I didn't meet his eyes but nodded. I turned back to the raven-haired boy in front of me.

"And you are?"

"James Potter" he said running his hand through his hair, not releasing the strong grip on his wand.

"Potter? Where have I heard that name before?" I thought aloud. I was sure the name was somewhere in my past. Then it hit. "Jessie." I said aloud. I noticed the shock and hurt implant themselves onto James's face.

"How do you know my little sister?" he croaked. Black strode to his side.

"I'm sure Jem's original name was Jessie Potter." I pondered aloud.

"Is she still alive?" he asked in a whisper.

"No, she's not alive. But she's not dead neither. She is not the Jessie you remember so forget about her and live with the happy memories you have."

"How am I supposed to forget her. She's my little sister. If there's any chance to save her then tell me." he demanded. I looked away from him.

"I loved her." The statement shocked me and I turned to the sandy-haired boy who was staring at his shoes.

"You really want to know?" I asked. James looked me in the eye and nodded.

"It's not a nice tale." I warned him.

"Just tell him" Black snapped. I waited for James to nod again before continuing.

"On June 7th, as you know, Jessie was taken by Death Eaters and they took her to America so the Ministry couldn't find them. They met up with two people there who turned out to be vampires. They saved her life by biting her. But it changed her. They where blood-thirsty creatures like I was once who didn't care who they bit as long as they had their food and got to torture people. They renamed Jessie, Jemini or Jem for short. That night they went out hunting. The older female vampire saw a girl Jessie's age across the street and decided she wanted her. Jessie then said she'd get the girl so wandered across the road and lead the girl into the waiting teeth of the vampire. The girl was Katie Snape." they all looked at Sev who had tears rolling down his cheeks. "Katie died alone and in pain. Remembering her brother touch, how he read to her at nights. She died without hopes, dreams, a chance to be free. Katie was Jessie last connection to her old life. The one you knew her from. So when Katie died that night, so did Jessie Potter." James was frozen, tears rolling down his face. Black turned to him and gathered James into his arms, allowing him to sob on his shoulder. The sandy-haired boy fell to the floor and the blonde haired boy ran and patted him on the back. I turned to Sev. "Come on" I turned to follow him back to the common room.

"Scar." I heard a voice come from behind. I turned to see the sandy-haired boy on his feet.

"Just because I'm a werewolf and your a vampire doesn't mean I don't love you. I always have and I always will." I dropped the cold mask and allowed my face to break into a grin. I ran and launched myself into his arms. The familiar smell of chocolate overwhelming me. I buried my head into his chest. When I finally pulled away a little I looked into his golden eyes.

"I'm so sorry. I tried to save her. I really tried." I said through sobs.

"I know you did." he muttered and kissed my head. I gave him a watery smile. I took all my strength to step out of his arms. Out of the safety. I nodded and turned back towards Sev. As I was nearly at his side I heard Sirius ask.

"How do you know her?" I turned slightly.

"She's ..."

"Anna-Marie Lupin." I replied before slinging my arm round Sev and walking off leaving them all in stunned silence.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Stopping Jem, Saving Katie" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Aug 08.

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