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Dreamy Drabbles

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Summary: The Scoobies experience an attack while sharing another crazy dream with the Infamous Cheese Guy!

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Games > Other Genre > Super-MarioSithicusFR7114,975152,6515 Aug 0821 Dec 08Yes

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Sneak Peek

Author's Notes: Well I couldn't let this die, here we have a special sneak peek at the sequel posted here for your reading enjoyment. I trust it will be to your liking and if the rating needs to be changed or something then let me know and I'll get on that ASAP.

Sneak Peek

Willow stared up at the curious castle still clutching her invitation in her hand, she had no idea where she’d been teleported, but it certainly looked impressive and almost out of the distant past judging by the languages she couldn’t decipher written on the sign in front of her. Before she had a chance to begin exploring a great flash of light filled her vision and a tall regal looking blue haired man appeared in front of her on the drawbridge of the castle.

“Pray maiden what brings you to my lands?” he asked. Willow blinked and glanced at her invitation, lacking anything else to do she opted for the truth.

“I, ah, got this letter in the mail inviting me to something called a Brawl Tournament.” The man frowned and brushed his long cape away, he was dressed rather regally, perhaps he was the king of this castle.

“Strange, I have heard no word of such a Tournament, what is your name?”

“Willow Rosenberg.” The man bowed to her formally.

“I am called Marth Lady Willow, come take my hand and we shall determine if your invitation is genuine.” Smiling at the gallantry of the man Willow accepted and in a brilliant flash of light she and Marth were teleporting through a shimmering sea of energy beyond the vast lands of this dimension, which she caught only glimpses of.

Dana beamed as she followed the tiny pink puffball through a world imagined only in a child’s wildest fantasies, the creature inhaled his enemies spitting them out as glowing stars, occasionally he would swallow one and gain a new ability. He used a sword, hurled bombs, cooked them all up in a giant pot, blew fire, spewed bullets and sang badly off key. She could get used to this place, but she had to get to the Tournament and Xander, he’d be helpless without her to protect him. Clapping her hands the insane Slayer followed along pointing out a funny little creature trying to sneak past them unnoticed, the pink puffball became a rolling stone of needles and ran over it and Dana cheered with an almost demented gleam in her eye.

Dawn sighed as she stood next to the Pokemon Trainer guy as he demonstrated how to catch the funny looking monster things, she didn’t think she needed to have any of them to help in that Tournament thing her invite had been for, but Pokemon Trainer disagreed.

“Don’t you have an actual name?” she demanded rolling the Pokeball around in her hand.

“Nobody’s given me one, unless you want to, you can choose between Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Ash or make up one,” he told her before ordering Squirtle to use some attack called Rapid Spin to knock out the Pidgey he was fighting.

“Fine, I’ll call you Spike, how’s that for a name?” Spike grunted a ‘whatever’ kind of noise and quickly pointed at the Pidgey.

“Ok Dawn Summers of Sunnydale now’s your chance, throw the Pokeball,” he instructed. Flipping the ball through the air without aiming she watched as it conked the Pidgey on the head and popped open sucking it into the ball as a beam of red light. The ball shook a few times and then the light in the center shone brightly.

“You caught a Pidgey,” a disembodied mechanical voice spouted from the Pokedex Spike held, “do you want to give a nickname to the captured Pidgey?” it asked.

“Sure whatever, I’ll call it Oz,” she decided in a bored tone. The Pokeball flew back to her and smacked into her hand.

“Great, now you can start your very own Pokemon Journey, we’ve got eighteen weeks before the Tournament to build up Oz’s stamina,” Spike stated with a big smile, “just enough time to capture five more Pokemon and train them.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Dawn blurted in stunned disbelief. This world was way strange.

Giles stood in the center of the crumbling temple with a rather mystified look on his face, none of the written language was familiar to him in the slightest, curious he approached the empty pedestal and traced the engravings with his hand.

“What are you doing in the Temple of Time?” a woman demanded as she and a green clad youth wielding a sword and shield appeared suddenly before him.

“I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest idea, one moment I was opening this letter the next I was here,” he replied indicating the curious engraved invitation with the spidery black ink he was still holding. The young man quietly approached him and took the invitation from his hand.

“What does it say Link?” the woman asked. In response Link passed her the piece of paper with a serious and unhappy expression on his face. “Another one, Peach didn’t mention this the last time Daisy and I visited,” she remarked in a subdued tone. Link rolled his shoulders and began to swing his sword in hand as though practicing. “I agree, Rupert, Link has decided to help prepare you for the Tournament, and I will help him as best as I can.” Giles eyed the two curiously.

“Well that’s smashingly good of you, but what precisely is a Brawl Tournament?” he asked, “and what is one expected to do at this function?”

“Come with us to Hyrule Castle and we shall explain everything,” the woman replied.

“That sounds like a brilliant idea, the only bloody option I appear to have for the moment,” he muttered under his breath, “what should I call you young lady?”

“I am Princess Zelda, please come quickly we haven’t much time to prepare,” she insisted, Link nodded encouragingly and quickly headed for the temple’s exit. Giles followed the pair out of the Temple eyeing Link as he did so and ignoring the breathtaking scenery around him.

“Does Link ever speak Princess Zelda?” he asked curiously. Zelda smiled and shook her head.

“Not exactly, Link enjoys the silent determined warrior façade, you’ll learn to interpret him soon enough Rupert given time,” she stated. It was then that Giles noticed Link and Zelda had pointed ears like an elf’s; he was stunned and impressed by the sight.

“I see,” he remarked as they exited the Temple grounds where a pair of horses were waiting.

Xander groaned as he sat up nursing the back of his head, at first he couldn’t remember what caused his injury then it all came back to him and he rolled his eyes as he glanced up at the hunched figure nearby, a fairly familiar sight for him.

“Is it always hit first ask later?” he groaned.

“Sorry about DK, he get’s possessive when anybody falls into my lap out of the blue,” the female gorilla apologized for her boyfriend.

“Candy’s my girl chump,” the male gorilla grunted pounding his hairy chest in Xander’s face.

“Donkey Kong you stop being mean to that poor human!” a female chimp with a pony tail snapped angrily, “that’s how Cranky got in trouble with the plumber’s father,” she added poignantly.

“Don’t tell Cranky, please, he’ll be on my back about it for weeks,” Donkey pleaded cowed by the chimp.

“Right, sure thing DK ol’ pal, Dixie and me won’t breathe a word,” a male chimp with a red cap and shirt vowed. Xander got to his feet confident Donkey Kong wouldn’t attack him again.

“Thanks Diddy little buddy,” Donkey said.

“Mister, uh, you dropped this when DK hit ya,” the little guy said holding up the mysterious invitation with spidery black ink.

“What’s this?” DK asked snatching it before Xander could react, his eyes shone with excitement after reading it and he pounded his chest vigorously causing several birds to flee terrified out of the trees from his yell. “Oh boy another chance to pound on that plumber!” he crooned, “they can’t be serious, askin’ a one eyed human to compete, what can a little pipsqueak like you do?”

“Quite a lot more then you can I’d wager,” a grumpy voice declared as a wrinkled old gorilla with twin canes marched up to the group.

“Oh no, Cranky,” DK wailed.

“In my day Junior we didn’t go around hitting people for landing on your girlfriends lap, then again in my day we didn’t waste valuable training time going out on dates either,” the old gorilla rambled whacking DK over the head with a cane.

“Ouch, no sir Cranky, sorry Candy,” he apologized before he and Diddy headed off down a jungle path. Still a little confused Xander watched them go; suddenly someone had him by the ear yanking him along.

“You too young man, Junior could use some barrel pitchin’ practice at the old tower against a live opponent and you need to bulk up for the Tournament too looks like.” The old gorilla was surprisingly strong for an old timer, but what he’d said really made Xander nervous.

“Barrel pitching practice!”


The time has come. Lightning Flashes.

They come from across creation. To do battle in the Ultimate Tournament to determine the Greatest Warrior of All-Time. Lightning Flashes again Thunder Roars.

A varied eclectic assortment of Warriors. A group of shadows stand in a row as the camera pans across them.

But, when new Warriors appear from outside the Dimensional Gateways. A smaller group stands across from the first.

Will they spell certain doom for one of the Heroes of Light? A larger shadow rises up into the sky.

Or will they manage to join forces, to save both Universes from the forces of Evil? “Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” A pair of shadowed people appear in the center of the two groups.


Mario “Mamma Mia It’s-a the Shadow Queen!”
Luigi “Marrrrrio!”
Link Sword Slashes are heard as Link clashes with Marth.
Kirby “Poi Oi.” Kirby Inhales Pikachu.
Pikachu “Pika!” Thunderbolt attack strikes a Koopa Paratroopa.
Princess Peach “Oh Dear, help me Mario!”
Princess Zelda “You never learn Ganondorf.”
Wario “Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie. COINS RAHHH!”
Samus Aran Save Load Tune is heard as Samus materializes.
Pit The winged hero flies onto the scene with his bow.
Meta Knight Meta Knight and Link clash with swords drawn.
Fox McCloud The Great Fox hovers above the stadium raining fire down on hoards of enemy creatures.
Captain Falcon F-Zero race cars speed down the Mario Raceway track.
Marth, Marth raises his sword ready to fight.
Ness The hero of Onette swings his baseball bat creating a satisfying crack as he sends a Goomba flying.
Mewtwo We must gather the forces of light to stop the Shadow Queen.
Yoshi “Yoshi.”
Diddy Kong “Try a Peanut Popgun Blast Kremling creeps!”
Pokemon Trainer Spike “I am not dying my hair Dawn!”
Solid Snake, Snake opens up with twin machine guns.
Sonic the Hedgehog “Too fast for ya.” Sonic laughs.
Ganondorf “Rahh I want the Triforce of Wisdom Princess Zelda!”
Bowser “Hah, hah, hah, looks like I kidnapped ya again Peach.”
And… The Shadow Queen “Kill the Plumber!”

NEWCOMER; Willow Rosenberg Willow hurls a fire spell at a Moblin.

NEWCOMER; Dawn Summers “Pokeball go, Angel!”

NEWCOMER; Dana the Vampire Slayer “Xander is mine Shadow Bitch, MINE!”

NEWCOMER; Rupert Giles “I believe that incantation worked like this.”

NEWCOMER; Alexander Harris “You think this is tough, try training for the Tournament with Cranky Kong hovering over you.”


Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast Starring IN…



“I’ll kill Andrew for this.”

“No Kennedy, we can’t, but I think I know how we might be able to save them from this Shadow Queen person.” Buffy holds up Birdo’s Crystal.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dreamy Drabbles". This story is complete.

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