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Dreamy Drabbles

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Summary: The Scoobies experience an attack while sharing another crazy dream with the Infamous Cheese Guy!

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Games > Other Genre > Super-MarioSithicusFR7114,975152,6485 Aug 0821 Dec 08Yes

Chapter Two Insanity & Dead Mice

Dana was an insane Slayer who’d suffered terribly in her youth having been kidnapped and tortured ruthlessly as such she was used to chaotic dreams, this however just seemed almost pleasant and normal to begin with. She was having a picnic with the Watcher Xander Harris and a few friends, she was naked and lying in Xander’s lap at the moment purring while he petted her hair. The strange man with the cheese fetish stood off to one side while Dawn Summers, Willow Rosenberg and Rupert Giles chatted amicably about life not caring about Dana’s nudity. They also didn’t seem to care that Dana had murdered Buffy and Kennedy earlier, the two other Slayers lying in a pool of their own blood eating together and glaring at her unseen by the rest. Then the sky became cloudy and strange nightmarish creatures appeared stepping through a large red door that had appeared as if by magic in a puff of smoke. They attacked the proceedings with strange weapons or parts of their own bodies. Dana discovered that they could not be killed by typical weapons.
They seemed to be vulnerable to each other though as Xander demonstrated when he kicked a funny looking masked bird thing into a short little ninja demon and both of them disappeared into the ground somehow. Dana spotted the big mouse eating all the cheese and then it turned to attack her with some bombs, smiling almost sadistically she plucked one of his bombs out of the air and shoved it back in his face causing the thing to blow up and also vanish into the solid Earth.

“Nice dream,” she said to herself apparently the only one to actually realize they were dreaming, sometimes it was the crazy ones who could be the most intelligent and observant.

To Be Continued

Scene Two-World One
Dana the Vampire Slayer
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