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Dreamy Drabbles

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Summary: The Scoobies experience an attack while sharing another crazy dream with the Infamous Cheese Guy!

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Games > Other Genre > Super-MarioSithicusFR7114,975152,6485 Aug 0821 Dec 08Yes

Chapter One Cheeses & Dreams

Author's Notes: My Videogame kick is all consuming apparently. I wanted to make a cross with Mario, but couldn't figure out how to avoid making it another uber fic or multi-story arc. Then I hit upon the idea of this, a series of Drabbles surrounding the experiences of another Shared Dream that the Scoobies experience. It's random insanity for the most part. Someone has cast a spell, or made a wish, or something I'm not sure yet and the villainous denizens of Subcon are out in force attacking the Scoobies in their dream. Each character get's a drabble detailing a tiny portion of the dream. That's the basic plot of this drabble fic. I can't classify it as a Ficlet since it's not a series of scenes with no connection to one another so in the words of Mario. Herea-We-Go!

Disclaimer: All Characters appearing in this fic are not the product of the author's imagination. They are the product of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions for Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and Shigeru Myamoto and Nintendo for the Mario Brothers characters. I claim nothing else. Please don't sue me and I hope you'll laugh yourself silly with this one.

The Cheese Guy smiled innocently enough as he offered his selection of various cheeses to the group of four individuals and their friends, he always came to visit and proffered a selection of wonderful and delicious cheeses, Brie, Gouda, Camembert, Swiss he was thrilled to offer such delectable morsels. But they never had the chance to accept still he was always there with the offer, but tonight’s shared dream wasn’t going very well.
Someone was trying to hurt them and all he could do was watch, well that wasn’t true; he had the cheese tray on hand in case anyone needed a pick me up. Except he had a feeling they could use something with a little sharper kick to it, but he was the Cheese Guy not the Weapons & Arsenal Guy, that was his brother. Suddenly one of the attackers marched over his large nose sniffing at the tray; the Cheese Guy smiled pleasantly and lowered the tray. The four foot three mouse with dark shades smacked his lips and promptly gobbled it all up at last fulfilling his purpose, he would miss the Scoobies, but once someone actually sampled his wares it was time to move on.
Even if said someone was a creature from the Other Side of the Dream.

“Mouser get back here and use your nightmare bombs already!” a three headed snake called Tryclyde ordered speaking through all three of his heads at once.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’m coming,” Mouser complained adjusting his shades and plucking twin bombs from nowhere, “ya know since Wart got taken out by those plumbers and their pals we just can’t catch a break,” he grumbled. And then he launched his nightmarish assault on the so called Vampire Slayer of Earth wondering why she had that odd gleam in her eye and why she also happened to be totally nude.

To Be Continued

Scene One-World One
The Cheese Guy
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