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Where Humanity Lurks

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Summary: Between Death & Demons Life is Found. Xander in CSI Vegas. Will be Slash.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasLilJeiFR1821,3520186,2565 Aug 085 Aug 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7


Chapter 2~
After he’s done packing AGAIN Xander drops down onto the bed in his little flat, plain exhausted. Looking at the ceiling he thinks to himself “Am I crazy?” Xander can’t decide if, after 5 years in the African killing fields and spending his teens fighting demons whether or not his plan to catch human bad guys had merit. He knows he could do it, he has a ton of experience in a ton of different areas all of which could potentially make him one badass cop, but he just didn’t know. Maybe he should talk to the Scoobies before heading back into danger and death once more. But in reality he couldn’t care what they’d say, they hadn’t been close since graduation 10 years ago. War had made them brethren and brothers in blood but hadn’t done much for the compassionate or carefree natures that none of them had ever really had. Their friendships had fallen by the wayside for the good of the cause and none of the gang had ever sought to change that, including him. Giles kept them all in touch with each other via being a physical touchstone for them but other than that, there was just too much bad blood for him to think their opinions of much worth.

Wondering about it now Xander thought maybe his hesitation was just the fear of change cropping up again. When he’d left for Africa, he hadn’t felt fear or much of anything at all. So numb and wounded in just about every way inside and out Xander was determined to find a dark place to escape, and what better hole than the Dark Continent. His opinions of what he needed and wanted in life had changed over the 5 years in Africa because his body and mind finally had a chance to heal. He’d spent months wandering the wild lands by himself and it wasn’t until a year into his stay that things had changed. With his, rescue of Nintair the village boy and the subsequent return of his 2nd eye his outlook and attitude had changed. A positive outlook and compassion became his mainstay in life; he forgot the pity and brought on sympathy. People all around him were dying of nasty diseases and starvation; he had no time to pity himself or others.

He had found and worked with slayers over his 5-year stint but that had never been his focus. He had wanted to help save humanity by daylight and human means as well. He was finally sick of the darkness that had been a constant intrusion in his life since his birth on the Hell mouth. While he saw the human pain and despair, all around him he had been determined to help. Working with aid organizations and any village he passed, he used whatever skills necessary to improve life wherever he passed through. By day he was a recognized humanitarian and by night a feared hunter. And now he had a choice, it was a simple one really. He had gotten sick and tired of Council politics and wanted a change. And now armed with his new eye he was looking for a new fight, why not make it a human one Xander has to wonder to himself. And as he looks around his Council flat Xander makes another one of those life changing decisions and as he stands up and grabs his boxes readying himself a bit he can’t help but mutter “Las Vegas here I come” while he works his way down the stairs to his new destiny.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Where Humanity Lurks" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Aug 08.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking