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Where Humanity Lurks

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Summary: Between Death & Demons Life is Found. Xander in CSI Vegas. Will be Slash.

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CSI > CSI Las VegasLilJeiFR1821,3520186,2565 Aug 085 Aug 08No

Chapter One

Where Humanity Lurks: Between Death & Demons Life is Found
Author: Lil_Jei
Fandom: BTVS & CSI but totally AU and mashed timelines
Characters: Xander etc
Rating: PG 13 eventually
Word Ct: 1000+
Author Notes/Summary: The show and characters are not mine but in my mind, Xander needs a new life. After 5 years on the African plains, he is now on a Council mandated sabbatical. Bored out of his mind a vacation infomercial gives him all he needs to choose his new path. PS: Please Leave a Review w/ a suggestion for the CSI Hottie you’d like Xan to hook up with.

Chapter One~
Xander wiped at the sweat dripping into his eyes. He had to smile at that one, having 2 eyes again was such a mind trip. Africa had been one long torturous and amazing adventure after another. It was after saving a young man from a nasty monster who liked to munch on virgins that he’d been given the gift of his sight back. The village shaman had been very grateful for the boy’s rescue and had taken it upon himself to give the hero of the hour a gift of worth and what a gift it was. Waking up and blinking with both eyes had been such a treat. It was his goal now to always treasure his life and his restored sight, and all of that clichéd nonsense that he seemed to thrive upon.

Now nearly 6 years after Sunnydale’s demise he had finally been given a break from the wilds of Africa. Or so Giles thought, it was for his own good he’d been told. It was something about the council being worried about him going native. Only the properly stuffy British could call it that and not think themselves racist at the same time. So now, here he was staring at the bottom of a glass in a cloudy bar trying to figure his life out. He was almost 30 for god sakes, what was he supposed to do now? He had thought of sitting around in his council flat being bored all day but had quickly slapped that idea down hard.

He was not going to go all Buffy when it was still his watch or up to him at all. No, no, no, no shoe shopping or lazy days for this old man. But that still didn’t help him plan his life out for the next year or so of required rest. The council now gave each of the new founding members a mandatory sabbatical that had to last a year or more. There hadn’t been any time limits placed for how long after that but Xander doubted that it would ever matter to him. Buffy might’ve given up the good fight but he never would. Demons and death that was the hands the fucking fates had dealt him. And he’d long ago given up on changing things now or had he spoken too soon Xander thinks bemusedly.

He had looked up at the bars one TV and been mesmerized by the infomercial playing on the screen. It was something about Vegas and how much fun it could be at any time of the day. “Hmph” Xander had to snort at that one, even during the day the world wasn’t safe. But even the smartest and richest people could delude themselves. Xander had never been one of the delusional. First his parents had taken away his childhood and then Sunnydale’s nightlife had taken his innocence along with everything else. In the end that wasn’t the point, what had actually caught his eye in the commercial were the cops working in the back round. Now why hadn’t he thought of that Xander has to wonder to himself? With 2 good eyes, his chances at working in any field were much improved. And thanks to the New Council’s manipulations, he had the equivalent of a PHD in multiple fields, including criminal justice. He had thought that part the funniest, considering the Dale’s PD back in the day. Who’d have thought that Xander or any of them really could be qualified in any field other than death? Now here he was more than 10 years since he had first found out about slayers, demons, and his favorite of them all vampires and he was more than qualified to any number of things. The options he now favored was the human equivalent of what he already did. “That does it,” Xander says, now determined to change his luck he pushes himself away from the bar and after leaving a tip heads out into the black night.
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