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Doctor's daughter

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Summary: Willow's Real Family: Response to Pezgirl's challenge: Our redheaded witch finds out that Ira and Sheila Rosenberg aren't actually her real parents; when she asks them about it the responce & her relation to a Doctor in the SGC opens up a new world to her

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherXsaraFR1334,13425611,4417 Aug 0813 Aug 08No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, only David- but he's only in 1 chapter so...

*Early 1981*
*Location: San Francisco*

Sheila Rosenberg tapped her pen against the surface of the table, staring out the window; lost in thoughts that, for once, didn’t involve the subject of Psychology. She was thinking of her baby brother, David and the mess that he’d gotten himself into.

God, he was SO immature; a typical, self-absorbed sixteen-year-old boy who had commitment issues; meaning that he often cheated on his girlfriends.

The redhead shook her head amazed as she looked at the family photo of her, their parents and her brother; “You’ve really screwed up this time, Davy.”

Sounds of fighting and yelling floated up from downstairs; their parents had thrown a fit when they’d found out that David had knocked-up his current girlfriend, the current girlfriend that he’d also been cheating on.

Sheila sighed and closed the Psychology book, making sure that the pen was in between the pages; she didn’t want to lose her place. She stood up from the chair and walked to her bedroom door.

Sheila and David’s parents had been so angry that they’d told him to leave the house, of course they’d call him back eventually, but for now he was staying with her and her husband Ira- who was out at that moment.

She opened the door and walked down the stairs, she already knew who it was that was yelling at David; it was his girlfriend…or ex-girlfriend, rather.

“You’re not going to do anything about this?!” exclaimed the girl upset. “This…it’s your baby, too! You have to AT LEAST take responsibility for THAT!” she screamed at him.

Sheila watched them silently, they failed to see her standing there; she looked at the auburn-haired girl’s face carefully and saw that underneath the anger there was also fear and hurt. She was fourteen years old, four months pregnant and very scared.

“Damn it! Janet, it’s not mine, okay!” snapped David angrily. “It’s somebody else’s, not mine!”

The boy’s older sister watched him and saw that he was firmly convinced that he was right; the boy was full of denial, fear and was thinking only of himself at that moment.

“It’s yours!” said Janet, face flushed with anger. “See, unlike you I DON’T CHEAT ON PEOPLE!”

David went red, “Get OUT of my house! You’re LYING, it’s got nothing to do with me…stay away from me!”

The fourteen year old glared at him, “I can’t believe you…you…you’re the most SELFISH HUMAN-BEING ON THE PLANET!”

Sheila had had enough, “Hey, no yelling in my house!”

Both teenagers glared at her and then turned back to each other, the boy shook his head in anger, “You ruined my life!”

“YOU’RE life!?”

“My damn parents chucked me out because of you!” David said incensed.

“HEY!” yelled Sheila losing her patience. She was about to continue but was interrupted by Janet Fraiser.

“You know what?” said the girl coldly. “Fine, you would have been a crappy father anyway. We don’t need you, just don’t ever talk to me again…if you do, you’ll be sorry.”

David just glared at her as she turned to the front door and disappeared out of the house, “Can’t believe she tried to blame it on me.”

Sheila shook her head in exasperation and pushed past her little brother, she walked out of the house and looked around for the girl. She saw Janet walking along the street and ran to catch up with her, “Wait!”

Janet stopped and turned around, “What?”

The girl had tears of anger, pain and fear in her dark eyes as she stared at Sheila, she was looking as though her entire world had fallen apart around her.

“H-how are your parents taking this?” Sheila asked concerned.

Janet sighed, dropping her head slightly, “They think I should give it away…I don’t have much of a choice, do I?”

“No,” conceded Sheila. “I suppose not.” The twenty-year-old redhead felt a stab of jealousy. At least Janet COULD have kids, she couldn’t; apparently her womb was an ‘inhospitable environment’. What a laugh…usually, she was pretty hospitable.

“The thing is, I’m never gonna see her after I give her away,” Janet’s voice was thick with emotion as she struggled to hold back tears. “A-And I won’t know what kinda family she’ll get; what if the family moves to France or something…that’s so far away.”

Sheila froze as an idea came to her, “W-what if you gave the baby to Ira and I?”

Janet blinked in shock, “Um…

It was a great idea! “Well, I can’t have kids and Ira, well, he’s older than me and, uh, he’s always wanted a kid. A boy, really. A-And you can see him…or her, everyday. It’s my nephew or niece and-

“Okay,” interrupted Janet, eyes wide with hope and fear. “I get to see the baby all the time a-and you seem like nice people…e-except for David.” She scowled as she said his name. “Plus, Ira’s got money right, so the baby will be okay, right?”

Ira was older than Sheila by several years and was already a Doctor of psychology with a PhD; she was still working on one of her post-graduate degrees.

Sheila shook her head, “We’ll talk about this another time, w-when we’re not out on the streets like this.” They needed to sit down and talk properly, and when Janet was calmer, she didn’t need the kid to go changing her mind at the last minute.

Janet nodded looking deep in thought, “Tomorrow?”

That should be enough time; she’ll be calmer by then.

“I-I’d better tell my parents,” muttered Janet looking dazed. She had a hand on her stomach.

“I’ll walk you home,” offered Sheila.

Janet nodded faintly.

6 months later

Janet choked back tears as she looked into the cot, she was looking at her sleeping one-month old daughter fixedly; had been looking at the infant for last forty minutes since Ira and Sheila had shown up at the doorstep.

They were giving her time with her daughter before she was taken away from her for good and she never saw her again, she pushed the emotions back fiercely- unable to deal with them at that moment.

She didn’t want her baby girl to be taken away from her, but at the same time she knew she had no choice; she was now fifteen and still unable to care for a child. Her parents were dead set against her having any contact with the baby whatsoever.

They hadn't wanted her to have the baby, but by the time she'd found it had been too late to get an abortion- not that she would have done that; she didn't believe in abortion and had planned to carry the baby to full-term.

Maybe if it wasn’t for David and Terrence she’d be allowed to stay near her daughter; why did everything have to go SO wrong?

She put her face into her hands as a sob tore itself from her throat, they’d lost so much since everyone had found out about her child.

She’s lost her older brother, Terrence, and now she was losing her baby. Sheila had lost her younger bother, David, but at least she was going to have the little redheaded baby to hold onto.

Janet sucked in a breath and then let it out in one sigh, “Stupid man.” When Terry had found out just how much of an ass the father of her baby was the eighteen-year-old had taken an instant dislike to David.

She’s seen more fights between those two in the past few months than the ones between her parents in the past fifteen YEARS! The worst fight had been the last one those two would ever have together; they’d never fight again.

Terry just had such a temper! And, David, whilst he had all that bravado, was as skinny as a rail and no match for her older brother. As they’d all found out a couple of months ago.

After Terrence’s being penalized and banged up in prison her parents had announced that they were moving away from San Francisco to a new home, they wanted to get away from the memories of their losses.

Janet lifted her head from her hands and reached down into the cot to stroke the bright red tufts of hair; the baby looked a lot like David…too much like David, maybe.

So much trouble over such a tiny, little thing…

David’s funeral had came and gone a few weeks ago, she didn’t know how it had gone though; her parents had told her to stay away from the service; seeing as at that time she was trying to persuade her parents to stay in San Francisco- instead of moving to Colorado- she hadn’t put up any fight or complained at all.

But that had been for nothing, they were still moving and she was never going to see her daughter grow up.

No, they’d be moving to Colorado Springs. Whilst Ira and Sheila were also moving from San Fran to some place else.

“Janet!” called her mom from downstairs.

Janet winced and whispered to the baby “I don’t want you to leave.” She wanted to keep her so much.

She gritted her teeth, it had to be done; she reached into the cot and picked the baby up, holding her in her arms for the last time.

At least she got to name her baby; although they were using THAT name as a second name, Danielle- Janet loved that name.

THEY named her Willow.

Janet ducked her head slightly and kissed Willow’s forehead, “I’ll try to see you again, Willow Frasier.”

She would always be ‘Willow Fraiser’ to her.

And, as Sheila accepted the baby from her five minutes later, Janet realized that, to them, she’d always be ‘Willow Rosenberg’.

Janet didn’t care, Willow would always be HER daughter.
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