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Xander in LA~AU

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Summary: Basically a oneshot most likely of Xander settling in LA after Africa and if the Fang Gang never fell apart and/or died.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralLilJeiFR71516041,8607 Aug 087 Aug 08Yes
Xander in LA
Fandom: BTVS
Pairing: Undecided
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:Not Mine

Xander pushed his way through the crowd, heading back to his office he pulls up short. He hadn’t seen these people in over 2 years and now he was to explain himself and the life he had been living on his own turf, in his own fucking bar for cripes sake. He wipes away the sweat that was beading on his forehead, clouding the vision in his one good eye. The club was never hot like this. It was probably the pressure and the stress that had him sweating bullets.

Then out of the blue there had been a bar fight, he had no idea at the time that he had stopped two warring demon clans. Stupid bastards brought the attention of the entire community down onto him and his place. It was days like that he wished he had never settled in L.A. It was too close for comfort on good days now it was just damn annoying. Of course, the stupid demons had to be clients of the blasted Wolfram & Hart, which meant now he had a meeting with the former good guys aka the fang gang. Hmph! He might have been in Africa for a year but he wasn’t stupid enough to ignore the new council rumors.

Now after a breath or two he has to go in and face the people he had essentially hid from upon his arrival back to the states. Damn Giles and the council, just couldn’t leave things well enough alone. Now he was going to shock Angel and the others into action. After he had heard of the fiasco that Andrew caused between the two groups, Xander had no idea on how to approach the group let alone no new info. He really had been playing the ostrich for too damn long. And, now I have to tell them I’m the council head for the states, not only are they going to laugh, they’ll probably try to kill me too.

“Here goes.” Xander pushes the door open with a smile on his face, which he loses just as quick when he sees “Spike!”

“Ello pet, looking well you are” And with that Spike moves to the front of Xander and just waits.

Xander stands up straight and tries not to look phased. He scratches at his dead eye, or tries to but his hand is snatched up from him and is held seconds too long. “Why Spike?”

He wants to look at him but he just can’t not after everything…

“Hey now none of that luv, I had no idea you were even here until the scent caught up to me tonight.” Spike gentles his hand that clutches Xanders. “I would’ve come if I’d felt it.”

There’s a throat clearing. The two still holding onto each other look down at their hands and glance up. There’s a hand waving and it’s green, Xander looks into the face of a “Demon.”

“Oh Angelcakes it’s...”

“Xander.” And with a simple glare from Deadboy Xander gulps knowing it may be well past the time for explanations.

The End

You have reached the end of "Xander in LA~AU". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking