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To Stay or to Slay

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Summary: The Pop Star who tries to keep a normal life is about to deal with another secret. What will she do when the demands of the spotlight and the nightlight both become too demanding.

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Television > Hannah MontanaStardustFR744,3600164,0969 Aug 084 Sep 08No

What is wth all the special effects?

Disclaimer - same as first chapter, I don't think I own any of the rights to my brain anymore either. It's a scary place indeed and I live in fear of what will come next. *cuddles the reviewers* You made my day this afternoon, big time. (little note: adding scene breaks for some decent flow.)

fic here -


Miley frowned at the orange light that had appeared and then lobbed itself at her, or rather at her general area. It had hit Amber and Ashley as well as Lily and herself and she still wasn't sure exactly who it was aimed at. "All the special effects are major freaky." She muttered to Lily, "I'm really not sure what to make of it, it's not like Jake is in town or anything. And I'm totally certain Hannah isn't at the school doing a video shoot or whatever."

"Like Hannah would want you in any video shoot. You are too much of a freak for her tastes." Amber sniffed condescendingly.

Ashley nodded, "Whatever Jake Ryan sees in you is probably the blinders talking." She added, "And ewww that light stinks." She started rooting through her purse looking for her body spritz, "C'mon Amber we have to get rid of the freak ooze."

Oliver watched the two walk off and shrugged, "It was kinda cool though, especially since I've got news for you Miles." He grinned with delight, "There's a new girl in town and she is totally looking this way."

"What? No way. Why would the new girl be looking this way? Normally Amber and Ashley have first dibs on the new kids." Lily asked, "unless they were otherwise distracted with their personal smell."

"And as a bonus she's coming over." Oliver grinned and cleared off one of the extra chairs hoping that the new girl would sit next to him.

"Hi. Mind if I sit with you guys? What was up with those two?" She waved her hand at the door where Amber and Ashley had just left. Dawn smiled, "You guys look pretty cool."

Miley and Lily exchanged glances and then back at Dawn, "Are you sure you want to sit with us? You'll totally be last page on Amber and Ashley's cool list."

"Puh-lease, I'm happier not being considered cool or anything. I'd far rather be friends with you guys. Besides I'm just here to finish up some of the courses that I couldn't take online in Rome." Dawn laughed and sat down beside Oliver, "so I would like to know your names... other then you guys and general descriptions."

"Oliver Oken at your service. The brunette beauty is Miley Stewart and the blond is the lovely Lily." Oliver paused, "So what's your name?"

"Dawn Summers, I haven't heard yet how long I'll be here. It really depends on some errands that came up." Dawn paused, "I think I saw you out running early this morning Miley, Let me know when you plan to go running again I'd like to go with you."

Miley was confused, "you look really fit so why would you want to go running with me?"

"How do you think I keep fit? I used to do a lot of running in Sunnydale, and when we moved to Rome my sister insisted on joining a private fitness center. I thought I'd go back to running twice a day to keep in good condition." Dawn paused, "or is this a totally random thing that you started doing?"

Miley grinned weakly, "I had a massive bunch of energy and couldn't sleep a minute longer. So I went for a run. I'm not sure how much more often I'll be doing it." Miley racked her brain for a good reason for the excess energy, "It was probably just because there hasn't been as much evening activities to keep me occupied." Miley lied through her teeth, "If you'll excuse me I think I smell what Amber and Ashley did, and it's totally eww." She stood up, "Lily you coming?"

Dawn watched the two of them race off for the bathroom arguing about something, "So Oliver, how long has Miley been nervous around new people and her exercise regiment?"

"It's a brand new thing for Miley. Lily will probably explain what is wrong with her. Where are you headed?" Oliver asked in confusion as Dawn stood up.

"Oh Computer lab, I've got to type up some stuff and check on some other things." Dawn said with a smile, "I'll see you guys around."

"But we don't have a computer lab." Oliver protested as she jogged off herself. "What is it? Do I have that funky smell that Miley and the girls were talking about?" He checked his body odor and frowned, "Whatever."

~Out in the student parking lot~

Dawn dug out her cell phone and hit the button to auto dial Willow, "Hey Wills, I think I found her, I just want to double check some stuff. How fast can you teach me to hack into the school system." She dumped her jacket and shoulder bag into the passenger seat of her loaner car. "I'm on my way to the house right now. I'll meet you there. Think you can bring some takeaway with you?" Dawn laughed and started the car, "meet you there Wills." She ended the call and tossed it to join the rest of her belongings before heading to her temporary home. She was going to learn more about Miley Stewart and start tracking the local slayer.

end part.

Author's Note: Thanks DaveT for the review with the concern about the flow of the piece. I should have done the scene breaks while writing it initially.
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