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To Stay or to Slay

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Summary: The Pop Star who tries to keep a normal life is about to deal with another secret. What will she do when the demands of the spotlight and the nightlight both become too demanding.

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Television > Hannah MontanaStardustFR744,3600164,0969 Aug 084 Sep 08No

Fresh Meat.

Disclaimer - same as always, Don't own it, only wish I did.

fic here ~

The concert had gone well for Hannah, "Thanks guys you were great." She waved to her audience as she ran off stage. "Lola let's go out back, I would so kill for some fresh air. Maybe wave to the fans and take some pictures."

"Don't you want security with you?" Lola asked, "or even Roxy? I can go get her or even send someone for her."

"We'll just be going out for fresh air. Nothing bad will happen. Really, quit worrying." Hannah grinned and headed for the stage door handing off her microphone to one of the stage hands.

"Nothing bad you say? After the weirdness from earlier today? Yeah I believe you. Besides you're Hannah, who would do anything bad to you?" Lola snorted with a smile, "I still think it's a bad idea."

In truth it really was a bad idea. Probably one of the worst that Hannah could have made when she wasn't even sure what the weird dreams and excess energy indicated. A better idea would have been to go back to her dressing room and open the window there. Or have gotten some of her security force to walk out with her just for the safety measure. But no one really argued with Hannah when she wanted to do something. With the exception of her manager, who was otherwise occupied.

~outside the concert hall~

Once the girls had gotten outside, Lola was the first to notice the oddness of the gathering. "What's wrong with their faces?" She asked.

"Something not good." Hannah replied, "something really not good. It might have been a better idea to bring security with us."

"Look boys, the slayer finally puts in an appearance. And she brought an appetizer. Doesn't look like there's a lot of meat on either of their bones." The acknowledged leader of the gathering said with a vicious smile.

"Hannah, what does he mean the slayer? And why did he refer to me as an appetizer?" Lola asked as she backed towards the door quietly.

"Quit asking questions and get back inside. Now." Hannah turned to her friend, "I'll try and answer your questions later."

She watched as Lola worked the door and then screamed for Roxy as the door shut. "Catch me if you can boys." She took off running away from the venue in hopes they would follow her and not hurt anyone who came out of the building later.

"After her." Came the command as they all started racing after Hannah. "We can always find more appetizers later."

~a deserted stretch of beach~

Hannah hadn't really known where she was running, other then lead them someplace soft that wouldn't cause more bruises should she fall. Or be tackled to the ground by two of her chasers as the case turned out.

"Slayer fall down, go boom." Said the leader as the rest of them caught up with Hannah, "let her up boys. I want to see if she can work up a full bodied taste. Fear is okay, but without that touch of adrenaline it just falls flat. Sort of like she did."

The group laughed as they fell back a bit letting Hannah gain her feet. Not really noticing that she had picked up some driftwood near where she had been tackled. Or if they did notice, they didn't say anything because they were certainly expecting a good bit of fun out of this encounter.

"Go for it boys, let's see if she has had any training. I doubt it though." The leader certainly was being a jerk, picking on a defenseless pop star. After all he hadn't heard anything more about the one blonde slayer, Summers being around the area recently. In fact last he had heard was that she was in Rome. Which meant that this fight was going to be highly amusing and he wished he had a video camera to record the fight. What you think of after the fact.

~about half an hour into the fight~

Hannah seemed to be holding her own fairly well in the fight, at least with the wrinkled faced human looking assailants. The non human creatures were another story all together. Then again they seemed to be holding back and watching the fight with a smile. Or something sort of like a smile. Hard to tell on a non human creature. But what she wouldn't give for assistance, or even Roxy to come and get her out of this fight.

She certainly wasn't expecting for back up to come so quickly, and in the form of the new girl and her older red headed friend.

Dawn smiled at Willow as they quickly checked out the fight, "I guess we found one of the two girls. I think we may indeed end up having to brief both of them. I'm thinking that we'll have to find out more about why we weren't told there were two girls here who had been tapped."

"Visions can be misinterpreted Dawnie. You know that as well as I do. How many times were we told things were going to be one way when it was something completely diferent." Willow paused looking for the one in charge of the attack, "oh man, this won't be fun. He's almost as bad as Drusilla and Spike combined." Willow sighed, "let's go help the slayer out. You might want to do a tag team thing. I don't really know."

"I've got two swords, I'll get her one as well. We so need to brief her a.s.a.p." Dawnie grinned, "heads up, I think the bad guys noticed that we are here."

"Lookie, more appetizers. And they even have toys for us." The leader of the group sneered as he noticed that the fight was about to be evened out a little more. "Encounter and distract boys."

Dawn sighed and ran through some of the small gaps that had been left, cutting and decapitating as needed until she was beside Hannah, "Here's a sword, you'll need it later."

"This fighting thing is easy, just need to do like I saw in my dreams." Hannah shot back, "Names Hannah, do you have a name?"

"We'll do the meet and greet thing later. Keep your head in the fight or you may find said head missing." Dawn stated, "First rule of being a slayer, don't die."

Willow smiled at the interaction. It was almost Buffy and the younger slayers all over again. Now if only the other slayer would show up and they could get out of the briefing and initial training over with.

The leader frowned as the troups were either slaughtered or ran off for another day. Only a few of the obvious demons were sticking around to watch the end of the fight. "Perhaps another day slayer we'll meet in battle. I prefer different odds, and less weaponry." He smiled and headed off, leaving the remains of his cannon fodder duking it out against the three girls.

"So does cutting off the head always work?" Hannah inquired as she watched another three wrinklies turn to ash.

"That or stabbing through the heart. It depends on the creature." Willow said as she walked up to the two girls. "We'll walk you back to where ever. You really shouldn't be out here without some form of back up."

"Oh that's good, Roxy and Lola will probably be worried about me. I don't know if my manager has already started searching." Hannah said with relief.

"Wait a tick, Roxy Lola, your manager?" Willow was confused and shared a look with Dawn. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm Hannah Montana, teen popstar. Roxy is my personal bodyguard or something like that. Lola is my very best friend. And my manager is like my father." And by like she meant indeed. "I didn't take a cell phone with me on stage because I was doing a concert. And then after the concert I wanted to go get some fresh air. That's when they attacked."

The girls started walking back towards where Hannah remembered running from earlier in the evening. "What was all that talk about the slayer?" Hannah asked, "And you never did tell me who you guys were."

"I'm Dawn Summers, and this is Willow Rosenberg. She's officially part of a Corporation of a sort that resolve issues similar to the one that you just encountered. She also tracks down those who are indicated as being best suited to positions in that field." Dawn grinned, "I'm going to be researching once I graduate."

"Yeah, only if Buffy doesn't find out." Willow said with a grin. "Anyway, we'd like to do a briefing with you and another girl who was identified as being a potential. I think a few days so I can double check the request I put in for an extra packet of papers and that way we can let the other girl now."

"Sounds fine. Can I ask who the other girl is?" Hannah asked, curious about the whole Buffy thing as well as why Dawn was friends with an older girl.

"Sure, I doubt you know her anyway. Some girl named Miley Stewart, she goes to the local high school which minimizes the searching quite a bit." Willow said with a smile.

~end part~

The End?

You have reached the end of "To Stay or to Slay" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Sep 08.

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