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To Stay or to Slay

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Summary: The Pop Star who tries to keep a normal life is about to deal with another secret. What will she do when the demands of the spotlight and the nightlight both become too demanding.

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Television > Hannah MontanaStardustFR744,3600164,0969 Aug 084 Sep 08No

Hannah Montana is a what?

Notes and Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to either Hannah Montana (Disney gets the glory of that one) nor do I own the rights for any Buffy related stuff (Hail to Joss) The best I can say about this is that the bunny bit at random and it made me giggle. Post Chosen for Buffy, and after Hannah starts High School for Hannah Montana.

A quick rundown for anyone who hasn't figured out the premise of Hannah Montana - Miley Stewart is a pop star in secret by the name of Hannah Montana. Miley's bestest friend Lily hangs out with her backstage as Lola (wigs are wonderful things), Dad Robbie Ray is also her manager and her brother... well Jackson is the entertainment factor. How does any of this factor into the story? Miley's got a big secret that she hasn't told anyone about, not even her bestest bud. But someone's noticed the bruises and someone is looking to help Miss Montana out.

fic here -

The dreams had gotten weirder, and Miley wasn't really understanding anything other then someone had done something in the past few months involving glowing lights and special effects and a wicked looking blade. "I came I saw I slayed? What the heck?" She sat up in bed and looked at her alarm clock and frowned at the fact that it was only 5 in the morning and she was feeling majorly restless and rested at the same time. Sun wouldn't be up for another hour and a half, gave her a chance to go work off some excess energy.

Later at breakfast time Miley stifled a whimper as she felt the bruised muscles complain, Jackson looked up from where he was working on a large bowl of cereal, "What's the matter Miles? You don't look like you got a fresh morning bucket of water." He paused as he noticed that her hair was wind blown and there was a scratch on her neck, "Miley did you get into a fight with your hair brush?"

Miley glanced up from where she was contemplating the pattern in the counter, "Yeah I guess you could say that. Do we have any orange juice?" She asked changing the subject, "Couldn't really sleep last night so I went for a jog this morning. Taming my hair was interesting and I probably didn't get it completely smooth." She smiled brightly, "I better get going. I want to meet Lily at school."

Jackson watched as his sister jumped up from where she had been sitting and headed for her room and then out towards the school. "Didn't you want anything for breakfast?"

~later that morning at the local high school~

Dawn looked at the information she had gotten from Willow, there wasn't much to go off of other then the girl was a local to the Californian town, brunette or blonde, the vision wasn't very clear about the hair coloring. But she had a magic tag that would attach to the right one so that Dawn could track her using the computer that Willow had sent with her. It wasn't much, but it was something. Plus it would give her a chance to finish up the last of the classes that she hadn't finished in Rome, and be a teenager. Of course since Willow had found a way to open up her knowledge of the Key, there really wasn't much of a need to be a teenager. But it would be fun to pretend for a while.

Of course pretend seemed to be the tame thing at the moment, since there was a rumor floating about the unfortunate death of some student named Rico. Poor kid, she made a note to find out if there were unusual circumstances surrounding his death, maybe she and the local slayer could take care of it.

~lunchtime, half the classes are over for the day~

Lily and Oliver cornered Miley in the lunchroom to ask about why she was being so aloof. "It's not like you to not wait for me to show up at your house. Did something happen involving Hannah?" Lily asked in confusion. "And why are you wincing, you have been fine with a back slap before."

"Would you believe I've been exercising early in the morning and went a little overboard the past few days?" Miley asked trying to look like that was the real reason she hadn't waited for Lily.

~An empty science classroom with spell components~

Dawn made plans to cast the spell while everyone was distracted with class changes or lunch, it wouldn't do for it to be obvious there was magic being cast, especially with all the fuss over the death and Hannah Montana's odd behavior, apparently she'd gone a little crazy after one of her concerts the night that the Sunnydale Hellmouth was closed. Interesting.
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